In Breath of the Wild, Nintendo didn’t do a great job supporting their first open world Zelda game. Sure, it has a great main story, but the vast majority of the side quests are terrible. Hey, I’m not saying there are no good ones! Just that the vast majority of them are too easy, or too short, or too bland, or too boring, or too time consuming. I’ve ranked every side quest in Breath of the Wild from worst to best, to help you make educated choices when you’re out and about in Hyrule.

Let’s cut to the chase – Borderlands 2 has a lot of side quests. And not just the “go here, kill this, bring me this, fetch this, come back later” kind of side quests, but real in-depth, replayable, meaningful, and legitimately fun side quests that you’ll probably want to come back to time and time again. There are a lot of side quests in Borderlands 2, and I’ve decided to rank them all.

There’s a lot to love about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but if you ask me, the game’s best side quest is the one that starts off in Chapter II. It’s called “The Sword of Destiny” and it involves you finding Geralt’s long-lost daughter Ciri who has been kidnapped by a nefarious group known as the Wild Hunt.. Read more about best side quests cyberpunk and let us know what you think.

There are side missions!

There are a few in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Some may argue that there are too many, but it is not for us to determine.

It’s up to us to determine which side missions are superior than the others! Because there are so many in the game, it’s well worth your time to pick and select which ones are worth your time.

Let’s take a look at some of the side missions in Final Fantasy VII Remake and see which ones stand out.


10. Just Flew in From the Graveyard (Chapter 3)

The real worth of a quest is often not in the formal prize, but in the additional possibilities that become accessible after it is completed.

One of the game’s early missions, Just Flew in From the Graveyard, is an example of this.

Finishing the mission not only earns you a Star Bracelet, but it also grants you access to the Factory section of the Slums, which you may explore at your leisure.

The factory region is a great place to level up in the early game, and it’s one of the few places where they respawn quickly and consistently enough to grind.

With a little patience, you can quickly level up Cloud and Tifa to level 20, and master all of the materia you have.

Running from warehouse to warehouse, chasing down opponents as they spawn, is how you do this.


9. The Mysterious Moogle Merchant (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8 - The Mysterious Moogle Merchant Side Quest in FF7R

You’ll be collecting these strange tiny moogle medals as you go through chapters one through eight.

I’m guessing you’ll have a bunch of them by the time you get to the Sector 5 Slums if you’ve been adventurous enough in your research.

Helping a few slum youngsters with a few necessary tasks will allow you to get access to their hideaway. There’s also a child costumed as everyone’s favorite mascot in there.

The task she assigns you is simple:

Just a single moogle medal is required.

The goal isn’t the hard; it’s the prize, which is entrance to the Moogle Store.


8. The Wavering Heart (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14 - Wavering Heart FFVII Sidequest

So far, we’ve covered how a mission, such as unlocking a new region or store, may be worth more than the inherent reward.

Let’s move on to the third kind of unique value that a quest may provide: personal accomplishment.

The Wavering Heart mission in Chapter 14 has a monetary reward, but the true prize is the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing it.

The side mission Wavering Heart is the most well-known of the Final Fantasy VII Remake’s side quests.

Tifa is challenged to stand up to the bar and compete in a pull-up battle against Jules, the local gym rat.

To win, you must finish two rounds of the minigame. Best of luck!

Keep your gaze fixed on the screen and repeat the button command aloud.

It’s critical to understand the pattern, speed, and timing.

It’s also critical not to get disheartened.

This is a difficult job that may be very irritating. You’ll be able to accomplish it, however!


7. Kids on Patrol (Chapter 8)

Chapter 8 - Kids on Patrol Side Quest in FF7 Remake

There are many advantages to assisting the children in Sector 5 Slums.

However, Kids on Patrol is the only one who has given us a new weapon – and it’s a beast.

It also unlocks new missions, although they aren’t as exciting right away. You’re on your way after accepting the mission at the Leaf House.

The mission isn’t that difficult.

Search the Slums for sword-wielding children, a simple job, and then battle a hedgehog pie foe in the rear. Simple.

You’ll feel good about helping some kids, plus you’ll receive the Nail Bat weapon as a bonus! It specializes at doing massive burst damage.

But don’t think too hard about the ramifications of a group of kids creating a nail bat weapon. Look, I understand that living in Midgar is difficult.


6. Chocobo and Moogle Materia (Chapter 6)

Chapter 6 - Chocobo and Moogle Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Although this task will not show in your quest log, it is well worth your time since it rewards you with one of your first summon materia.

The more of them you have, the better.

Go backwards a little towards the conclusion of the chapter and go towards the big fans on the rear wall and the service tunnel adjacent to them.

If you’re on the correct track, Barret will suggest a treasure hunt.

Behind the fans are a succession of chambers that you must clear in a certain amount of time.

You’ll be rewarded with Chocobo and Mog materia at the end of it all!

Because it’s not too far away, I’d say this journey is always worthwhile.


5. Tomboy Bandit (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14 - Tomboy Bandit FFVII Remake Sidequest

This is a side mission that will not provide you with any equipment, materia, or anything else… instead of one, there are two extremely essential vital elements.

Return to Aerith’s Church to meet our completely unobtrusive buddy, Kyrie, and begin the quest.

There’s a lot of tension between Kyrie and Corneo, as well as Johnny.

This entails a somewhat difficult battle in the Corneo Colosseum, followed by some light racing about.

Sure, the search will seem like busywork. But you’ll be rewarded with two things at the end of it all:

Johnny’s Wallet and Corneo’s Vault Key

Corneo’s Vault Key unlocks those pesky Corneo doors you’ve been encountering, such as ones in the sewers and Sector 5. It’s also necessary for the next several Chapter 14 tasks, so hooray!

You can return Johnny’s Wallet to him so he may resume his escapades, which will get you a prize.


4. Waste Disposal (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 - Waste Disposal Side Quest in FF7 Remake

Another item that won’t show up in your logs is this.

You could just ignore it and complete the chapter without reading it, but why would you do that?

You’ll begin collecting unique keycards and learn about a terrifying new Airbuster weapon as you go through Mako Reactor 5.

The game will inform you that you may use these keycards to redirect Airbuster components and acquire a plethora of useful goods, as well as to make the next battle simpler.

Not only will this make fighting Airbuster a lot simpler, but if you play it correctly and divert enough pieces to your pockets towards the finish, you’ll be able to play a small timed minigame and get a Magic Up materia.

Hey, maybe this eco-terrorist nonsense is worthwhile after all!


3. A Dynamite Body (Chapter 9)

Chapter 9 - A Dynamite Body in FF7 Remake

You must complete both the Burning Thighs and The Party Never Stops side missions to obtain this side quest.

Return to Chocobo Sam and he will inform you of what has to be done.

You’ll have to battle two explosives in an unique colosseum match.

This battle may be aggravating if you’re playing the game for the first time.

It’s best to equip yourself with fire-resistant armor, cold magic for striking, and as much punch as possible. Summons are very useful in this situation!

Return to Sam after defeating the explosives to get Aerith’s Arcane Scepter weapon.

This has a lot of magic power in it, so it’s always worth the effort.


2. Subterranean Menace (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14 - Subterranean Menace in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So you want to take on a boss?

And one that’s challenging, optional, and rewarding?

I’ve got the mission for you, buddy.

Talk to Wymer in Sector 6 in Chapter 14. He’ll tell you about a terrifying creature lurking deep beneath, and you get the picture.

Return to the labs where Barret and Tifa had fled earlier. Remember that terrifying roaring?

It’s time to confront the proprietor.

You’ll come face to face with a Type-0 Behemoth who wants to battle in one of the large vacant chambers.

It may take a few attempts for you to get it right. You may, however, defeat the beast with enough excellent gear, higher levels, and planning.

And you’ll be pleased with yourself when you do!

It’s a difficult battle, but it’s one that can be won. Look at how amazing that is, too.

Barret’s Wrecking Ball weapon (which turns him into a melee beast) and a Behemoth Horn, which may be used to accomplish another Chapter 14 side mission Secret Medicine, are the prizes for killing the beast and making the underworld safe(r).

Overall, it’s a fantastic experience, both personally and financially.


1. Chocobo Search (Chapter 14)

Chapter 14 - Chocobo Search FFVII Remake Sidequest

Getting guns and supplies is all well and good.

The biggest benefits, though, are those that save you time.

And there’s no better way to save time than with a traditional Fast Travel system!

When you speak with Sam, he’ll inform you that a couple of his Chocobos had vanished.

So, of course, you’d go out into the world and start looking!

The lost Chocobos are strewn around the slums in perilous locations. One of them is even being held captive by a horde of ruthless creatures.

You’ll be OK, however.

Sam is so pleased that you have freed and found all of the lost birds that he has given you a lifetime pass for his porter service.

This implies you may go quickly as much as you like at no cost!

Weapons and commodities, as I have said, are excellent incentives… However, the convenience of saving time is certainly much superior.

There are plenty of side quests in video games, but this list is all about the ones that provide the best experience. Each of these side quests has a unique story, keeps you engaged, and rewards you for your time and effort.. Read more about genshin impact side quests that give primogems and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which game has the best side quests?

The Witcher 3 has the best side quests.

What is the best quest in Skyrim?

The best quest in Skyrim is the main story line. Its a long and difficult journey, but it has a lot of interesting quests along the way that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

What is the best side quest in Fallout 3?

The best side quest in Fallout 3 is the Blood Ties quest.

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