New World is the new big thing in online gaming, and there are a lot of players who want to get into it. It is not easy to do, though, since the skills you need to play are very different from what you learned in the games you already know. The best way to start is to give yourself a new build, which is a collection of different skills designed to be used together.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an introduction to a rapier build, so I thought I’d cover one that is relatively new in New World. This post is going to cover how to build a rapier with an emphasis on the best-in-slot focus of this weapon type.

This week I turn my attentions to a weapon that’s been a staple of many a fantasy setting for some time now: the Rapier. As a weapon, it’s a longsword with an extended blade, meaning it’s nowhere near as versatile as the longsword, but it has its advantages: it’s quicker to use and lighter.. Read more about new world video game and let us know what you think.

The Rapier, along with the Bow, is one of the most popular weapons in the New World, and with good reason. The Rapier is hard to top for raw damage output in the game’s basic DPS-healer-tank meta triangle. If you have strong supports and tanks on your team, the greatest thing you can do with this powerful Rapier build is accept the DPS position.

In the new world, the best Rapier build is

Blood and Grace are the two skill trees available to the Rapier. The first focuses on inflicting massive damage over time by attaching Bleed stacks to opponents and then bursting them down for immediate damage by devouring the stacks. The Grace tree, on the other hand, is more concerned with movement and counter-plays, and therefore needs more finesse.

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It’s recommended to put the majority of your skill points into the Blood skill tree for this New World Rapier build. The Tondo and Flourish and Finish abilities’ one-two punch delivers significant single-target damage in unexpected spurts, which may catch many opponents off guard. This is primarily effective in PvP, although it may still be beneficial in PvE operations against high health opponents.

  • Tondo – Perform a slicing strike with a long range. This strike delivers direct damage as well as a 12 second Bleed effect that causes 100 percent weapon damage. This may be stacked up to three times, with each new layer updating the preceding one. It’s worth emphasizing that Bleed isn’t a debuff, and there’s no simple method to resist it in New World for now.
  • Flourish and Finish – Flourish deals damage to opponents by knocking them back. Making a light attack after Flourish will automatically execute Finish, extending this ability. Finish rushes forward, consuming all Bleed stacks and immediately inflicting 110 percent damage to any target struck.

Tondo with Thirst for Blood and And Again, and Flourish and Finish with all three related perks are recommended active abilities.

All six Blood tree passive abilities, including Bloody End, are recommended.


Because the Grace skill tree is based on mobility, it may be thwarted by crowd control abilities or even server delay. As a result, we’re not counting on it to carry the build, instead opting for the Evade ability and a few other perks.

  • Evade: Take a short sidestep in the direction you’re currently moving, which cancels any current action and gives you temporary invulnerability. During Evade, Light Attacks are executed quicker.

The Allegro, Adagio, and Breathe In perks are recommended active abilities for evading.

Swiftness is a recommended passive ability. This unassuming passive perk will aid you in dealing with enemy slowing effects. As a squishy Rapier user, movement is crucial to survival, and you can’t afford to be immobile.

In New World, this Bleed-focused build is presently one of the finest ways to go while utilizing a Rapier. It’s up to you whatever second weapon you choose to use with the Rapier, but another Dexterity weapon is your best bet. The Musket is an excellent option for longer-range protection.

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