Best weapons in New World

What is the best weapon in New World? You decide. Killers, swords, guns, bows, spears, and even a dragon are standing by for your decision. You can command either a legendary warrior, a brave knight, a wily swordsman, or even a mighty assassin. Or, you can even command a dragon!

In this post I will list down the best weapons in New World.

There are three types of dragons: fire, ice, and thunder. The dragon’s fire breath can scorch your enemies, but it can also melt their armor. The dragon’s ice breath can chill your enemies, but it can also freeze their armor. The dragon’s thunder breath can deafen your enemies, but it can also paralyze them. The dragon’s poison breath can sap your enemy’s strength but it

If you like guns and treasure hunting, then you are going to love this post! Recently, I was given this awesome game to review, and I was lucky enough to receive a copy of it early. A few days later, I was playing, when I got the idea to check out my forums. I was surprised to find that I had been given a review copy of a game that was not even on the site yet. This is a fantastic game, and I found myself playing for hours, trying to find new and better ways to kill my enemies with my friends.

New World is a series of action games that focus on interesting battle scenarios in a fantasy world. One of the main themes of the games is the idea of which weapon is most powerful. In this article, I’m going to show you the best weapons in the series, as well as brief descriptions of each one.. Read more about new world best weapon combos and let us know what you think.

Players in New World are divided into classes and are attempting to conquer various regions on the globe. Weapons are accessible in the game to help players on their regular quests and conquests. Although each weapon serves a certain function, some are more effective than others. We’ve compiled a list of the finest weapons available in New World. These weapons are usable in the New World’s PvP and PvE modes.

The best weapons in New World

Shield and Sword

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The sword and shield is an excellent weapon combo for newcomers to the game. Players hold a sword that is deadly at melee range and a shield that offers protective qualities, as the name implies. The absence of sustained DPS is the sole disadvantage of utilizing Sword and Shield. When you’re up against a swarm of opponents, the weapon combination may be difficult to utilize. Sword and Shield, on the other hand, may offer a self-healing boost as well as a number of damage reduction buffs, making it a highly safe choice to employ.

Shield Bash, Shield Rush, and Final Stand are recommended abilities to employ.


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During the early days of beta testing, Hatchet was thought to be one of the most powerful weapons. Since then, the weapon has been nerfed many times, reducing its overall strength level. Hatchet, on the other hand, is still functional and capable of wreaking devastation when wielded properly. Both the Strength and Dexterity scales on the Hatchet. Hatchet’s damage will increase when the Strength attribute is increased. On the other hand, Dexterity has two skill trees: Berserker and Throwing. Berserker increases Hatchet’s physical damage, while Throwing allows you to wield the Hatchet as a ranged weapon.

Berserk, Feral Rush/Rending Throw, and Raging Torrent are recommended skills to employ.


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Bow is a common ranged weapon that is very powerful. Skirmisher and Hunter skill trees are part of the Dexterity weapon scales. In the Skirmisher tree, damage-over-time spells and utility abilities like Poison Shot and Battle Precision are increasingly common. The Hunter tree, on the other hand, is more feasible since it offers more DPS and more consistent damage.

Splinter shot, Rapid shot, and Penetrating shot are three abilities that should be used.

Staff of the Fire Department

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The Fire Staff is currently the most powerful weapon in the game. It’s a two-handed magic weapon with just Intelligence scales. Fire Mage and Pyromancer are the two skill trees available to Fire Staff users. The Fire Mage skill tree is best suited for end-game content and enables players to efficiently AoE mob farm. Pyromancer, on the other hand, is a PvP-oriented game. 

Incinerate, Burnout, and Fireball are recommended abilities to employ.

Staff of Life

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The Life Staff is mainly a support weapon that scales the concentration attribute. Healing and Protector are the two skill trees accessible for Life Staff, both of which revolve around heal and support characteristics. Life Staff, unlike every other weapon on this list, does no damage and needs a powerful partner to balance off the damage. Ice Gauntlet, a good weapon that adds both crow control and damage to the table, is one of the best options to utilize alongside Life Staff.

Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, and Ice Pylon are recommended abilities to employ.

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