The Sims 4 is a game where players can create and control individuals in a virtual world. It is similar to The Sims 3, but has improved features. The game includes new features such as emotions, a more realistic personality system, and advanced animations.

This is a continuation of my previous blog post. I have added more custom swords to the database, and have updated the translations for the existing ones. You can now use this database with the UE Spanish or French translation if you’re using it, or with the English one if you’re not.

If you are looking for some of the best custom content for The Sims 4, then thinkofgames is the place to be. We have an amazing collection of custom content available for download. We have custom houses, custom clothes, custom hair, custom Sims, custom pets and a whole lot more. We have been in business for over a year, and have built a collection of content that we know you will love. If you are looking for a specific type of content, then browse through our categories, and look at all the different options available for download. If you loved the intro that I wrote for your blog post, then definitely leave a comment and let me know. If you want me to write an intro for you, then please leave

Swords are the true weapons of battle. It is also a nice item to hang on the wall if you like that kind of decoration. From medieval style to Chinese warriors to Jedi, they all use different types of swords for combat. And if you want to incorporate some of that into your game, here are some very interesting CC swords for The Sims 4. Fight with style, weapons in hand!

Great Sword CC

Check out this AC. This sword is a large dagger that can be carried on the back of your Sim. You never thought you’d see anything like this, did you? A great choice for a Halloween costume or just if your Sim really wants to be a real warrior. However, they cannot run or cut. These chopsticks are available in 3 colors, including a luxury gold chopstick with a steel blade.

Medieval Conversion Sword

word-image-11580 Check out this AC. This next sword takes Medieval Sims conversions, converts them to CC, and prepares them for Sims 4. Here you will find 8 different swords, including a wooden sword, a skull sword, a narrow-bladed sword and many more. The wide variety, sleek design, and storyline reminiscent of other Sims games make these swords a great addition to any old-school town.

Longquanjian Sword

word-image-11581 Check out this AC. The creator of Reminisims provides us with the following CC sword, perfect for the Chinese warrior. This sword also comes with a scabbard. If you don’t know what a sword is, it’s a sheath to keep it sharp when you’re not using it. It has beautiful shades of dark black and gold and matches an old warrior’s body (do people do that?). Or even for all anime fans. Get this CC and unleash your inner warrior!

Wall sword set

word-image-11582 Check out this AC. Do you want to show off your famous daggers to your friends and family? Now you can do it with this collection of CC wall swords from SrslySims. This set includes a wide variety of decorative swords, some with dagger-like curves and others with straight blades. Gold or silver, large or small – the choice is vast, the colours and sizes are varied. Perhaps the most unique sword in this collection is the Viking sword, made from a tree branch with a hatchet-shaped blade. And if you want to create a Viking look in The Sims 4, you’ll love our collection of fan items.

TS4 Wall Swords

word-image-11583 Check out this AC. They fit the medieval theme and are perfect for any home looking for the same aesthetic. Here you will find straight leaves with small stalks. This is all very accurate for this early medieval period. Fragile, fast and ferocious are the words that come to mind when you think of this dagger. Again, wall mount options only. Don’t attack your neighbor.

CC Swordmaster

word-image-11584 Check out this AC. Meet the TS4 Sword Set, which includes not only a cool sword, but also sword poses for your Sim to show off his flashy new toy. There are 5 color options in this set, including a black stick with a bloody blade. If you want to have an awesome sword for your simulation (and look cool holding it), definitely download this game. There are 10 unique stances that can be combined with this sword, including several swinging stances and a kneeling stance with the sword planted in the ground. Your Sim can now become a real master swordsman.

Double Sword

word-image-11585 Check out this AC. Studio K tops this list with this extravagant double CC sword that really pushes the boundaries. Attached to the back of your ledge is this sword, accompanied by an ice blue steel staff, polished and hard as a rock. It looks really good. And because you have a double sword, you know that if one breaks, you can pull out the other. That’s cool.There are a lot of custom swords for the sims 4 on the internet, but I have found a collection of them that are truly amazing. With over 30 different swords, this collection is perfect for any sims fan. The swords span many different designs, from a fantasy style broadsword to a simple rapier. The creator of the collection took the time to create each sword to be unique with its own unique look, and all of them look great.. Read more about sims 4 sword poses and let us know what you think.

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