The Ultimate List – 2021

As today marks the final day of the last month of the year, we here at Think of Games have decided it is time to close out the year by presenting our annual lists of rankings of the best—and worst—video games of 2021.

As the name of this blog suggests, this is a list of games. What kind of games? The “ultimate” kind of games. From MMORPGs to FPS to RTS to RPGs and beyond, this is a list of the best games that have ever been created. The games are sorted by genre, and the most popular games are at the top. A link to each game’s review is included, so you can find out more about each title. Some of the games that are listed here are not, so don’t worry. The only thing you have to do is bookmark this page so that you always have the most up-to-date and complete list of games of all time at your fingertips.

So, you’re thinking about starting a blog about games? You’ve probably already come up with a title, and you’ve got a plan of how it will all work. Maybe you’ve even got some content on the site. Maybe you even have a few followers. However, where do you go from here? How do you expand your readership?. Read more about ultimate list danganronpa and let us know what you think.This is the age of social media and Simstagram. Your Sim probably has a best friend (or three) who is just as awesome – or just as cool – as he is. Why not spice up his feed with some new photos that don’t show his face or his dog? I know there are many other reasons to download and install custom beastie poses, but this is the only one I can think of at the moment. Anyway, I’m going to get you started with some of these fun girlfriend poses you can get for free!

1. 4ever Sistar Pose Set by Flower Room

The Ultimate List – 2021 Check out this AC. Unleash your inner K-Pop fan (and your Sim) with a set of 4ever Sistar poses from Flower Chamber. There are two poses in this set, and both are very soft, sweet, sunny, feminine. The creators accurately captured the vibe of most K-pop girl groups, and they did so impeccably. And they’ve included reference photos of the actual poses they tried to recreate, so you can see it’s incredibly accurate! I also give points for versatility, because you can reduce these poses to duet poses and they don’t look heavy. That is, they’re not interdependent (i.e. there’s no crazy coupling between the arms or leaning dominopose), so they’d be good as two-person poses too.

2. Simsgami friendship postures

word-image-9706 Check out this AC. For cute friends taking cute pictures, this cute set from simsgami is just right. There are lots of hugs, hugs and half hugs, and sometimes a peace sign. After all, you take pictures. Facial expressions also help sell these poses. Very sweet, very affectionate and very loving. The atmosphere is that of two people who know each other, love each other (platonic or not) and are overjoyed with each other. Fits well with almost any gender couple, no matter what the vignettes say. Don’t forget to download the accessories listed in the comments for your phone and language!

3. HELLASIMAttitude for child’s best friend

word-image-9707 Check out this AC. I had to include this article because yay, age inclusion! But really, I don’t often see baby-to-baby pose packs in the Sims 4 CC community. High quality custom poses like this are a rarity. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places …. It doesn’t matter! These poses are worthwhile. There is no doubt about that. They can be appropriate for best friends or siblings and are completely gender neutral (regardless of what the vignettes say). I prefer the third pose. The perfectly filmed failed jumps, where one person still hits the ground while the other has already fully taken off, are my strongest point.

4. Friends of the Remembrance Sculpture Time

word-image-9708 Check out this AC. If you’re looking for group poses that perfectly capture the chaos of group selfies and the awkwardness of unexpected photos on location, then memoriesplasticine has your best interests at heart. His series Times of Friends is a perfect and realistic example of what happens when a group of friends try to capture a moment. People are repressed, overshadowed and sometimes pushed into the background. Some people even do squats to get everyone in the picture. It’s cute, elegant and great for backstage photos.

5. Besties Pose Pack by HELLASIM

word-image-9709 Check out this AC. For the sexy, stylish girlfriends who know they’re all that (and more), HELLASIM offers this simple set of three poses absolutely designed for summer. All poses – thanks to the incredibly detailed facial expressions – exude a casual, laid-back glamour reminiscent of rich women lounging by the pool or in the hot tub. Believe me: It’s not just about the stickers. There’s something about the way the designer made the facial expressions that made my cold, female simulations ten times richer. And more elegant.

6. Pose Dump: So tired of Simmerberlin

word-image-9710 Check out this AC. I realize that this set of custom poses is a far cry from the happy, happy Yay, girlfriends! Actually, it’s a little different. But what is a best friend, if not someone who sits next to you and smokes a cigarette (or not) when you are at your worst? Again: I love the story. And Drama. So Tired of Simmerberlin is a great game for me. The facial expressions and gestures are reminiscent of a conversation at three in the morning on the balcony, where you express all your doubts about your best friend. If you don’t like that, don’t worry: the other sets here are pretty positive. But I thought I’d add this just in case, for those who want it. P.S. The cigarette accessory the designer refers to in his notes only works for men, but the models they use are for female sims. These custom poses are pretty gender neutral (except for the first pose, maybe), so using male sims shouldn’t be a problem. Of course it is. But if you need a cigarette accessory that suits all genders, I recommend this one from A3ru.

7. Besties Pose Pack by Katverse

word-image-9711 Check out this AC. I am convinced that Katverse makes some of the best and highest quality custom poses in the Sims 4 CC community. They are by far one of my best helpers when I want to do a Sims photo shoot. Everything about his poses, from concept to execution to detail, is first-rate. And when size differences are needed, their poses usually include a grid that automatically lengthens (or shrinks) your sims accordingly. I appreciate that, as I’m not a big fan of loading mods at high altitude. And this Besties installation package is no different. The concept can be simple – just let the buttons hang, rest, pose. But the custom poses are really fun! I especially like the first pose.

8. Bestfriend Group Pose Package by Simmerdanicc

word-image-9712 Check out this AC. Four cute poses for four cute friends? Sure, why not? Simmerdanicc’s Bestfriend group pose set follows the principle that girls just want to have fun! And I mean that in the best possible way. This set contains simple and uncomplicated poses that are not difficult to achieve (just stack all the teleporters on top of each other. everything). And they produce some pretty photogenic results. The arms and limbs are largely well matched. But be careful with the third pose. If the third sim on the left is wearing loose or slouchy clothing (i.e., clothing that doesn’t stick to the body like paint), the second sim’s arm may be visible. But there’s nothing wrong with that, unless a little clever angle and framing fixes it.

9. Cookware Set Real Friendship

word-image-9713 Check out this AC. This set of individual couquette poses captures the atmosphere of summer in the city so well that you can’t help but be enchanted. I recommend it for the most optimistic and cheerful sims. Big smiles, half smiles and playful poses are the order of the day! The first option may seem awkward (especially if there is a large height/weight difference between the Sims). But I am happy to report that this is not the case. Either way, custom poses are perfectly transferable to the game. I have to admit: Of the three poses, my favorite is the one with the ice cream (marked 3-male and 3-woman in the pose list). Unfortunately, the creator didn’t give a link to the CC he used in the description, but I found this ice cream accessory from JenniSims that fits the pose well.

10. Zepeto Poses #1 & #2 by nemisims

word-image-9714 Zepeto Poses #1 word-image-9715 Zepeto Poses #2 Let’s end this list with two fun cartoon poses, offered by nemisims and Zepeto. Personally, I don’t have the app, and YouTube videos featuring Zepeto models drive me crazy, but those poses? These poses are incredibly cute. And they are surprisingly well implemented in The Sims 4. Either way, the facial expressions and gestures fit well with Maxi’s cartoon and clay texture. I haven’t tried it with Sims with an Alpha CC photo skin yet, but I’m sure the poses work just as well! Zepeto #2 is a fun group selfie taken for up to three friends. Zepeto poses can place up to six Sims in a single frame. But what’s interesting is that it also works with less than six. I only tested it with four sims and the result was beautiful!The Ultimate List, that’s what we’re calling it. A list of the greatest, most influential games of all time. From the golden age of arcade games, to the latest console generation, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest games of all time. We started with a shortlist of over 250 titles, and then asked gamers to vote for their favourites. In total, over 100,000 votes were cast. Finally, we ranked every game on the list using a specially designed algorithm. The result is an incredibly accurate list of the greatest games of all time. It’s the ultimate list.. Read more about ultimate philosopher danganronpa and let us know what you think.

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