ESO Crashes on Login Just One Day After Installing and Playing

ESO crashes just one day after installing and playing. The game has been down for over 9 hours in the past few days, with no word on when it will come back online. Players are demanding answers from developer Bethesda Softworks about what’s going on with their game so they can get back to playing.

The “eso crashing 2020” is a problem that has been present for a while. The most recent crash was just one day after installing and playing the game.

Last Saturday, I downloaded ESO. I played for for 6 hours, reaching level 9, falling in love with the game, and then falling asleep. When I tried to launch the game the following morning, it just failed at the loading screen after “Requesting Login.” I’ve been trying to solve this for a week and haven’t been successful. After requesting login, the game fails every time. I’m using Steam to play the game.

After my initial play, I didn’t make any changes to my PC. Nothing was changed, no drivers were downloaded, nothing. When I initially started playing the game, it ran quite well, with a steady FPS of 50-60.

Here’s the deal: I’m using a Lenovo Yoga C940, which has an integrated graphics card with 128MB of visual memory. This is a bummer since I can’t play many of the new games. (This is a work computer.) On low settings, though, I can play Mount and Blade Bannerlord. And when I originally got ESO, I played game on Medium graphics and had no problems with it.

The ESO Support Team declined to assist me since my system was inadequate.

To remedy this, I tried EVERYTHING on the list. I set up exceptions in my ESET Antivirus, updated my drivers, rolled back my PC to when I first played the game, repaired game files, uninstalled and reinstalled the game completely, erased the entire “Live” file in my Documents, tried starting from the EU server with no characters, and tried running the game in compatibility mode, admin mode, and everything else. At some time in the game’s history, I actually did everything I could to assist someone in solving an issue with it.

Now, if any of you have any experience with this, can you explain me how a game may run flawlessly one day and then fail to open entirely the next? Has anybody have a similar experience before? Please assist me!

At crash, the game throws the following at me:


eso is no longer functional.


0.01 version

eso is the product name. is the current version.

live = branch

*** char.account = *** char.account = ***

64 for client.executablebits

login = client.mode

D3D11 is the renderer type for the client.

client.session start timestamp = 2021-11-18T01:14:50.390-05:00 client.session start timestamp = 2021-11-18T01:14:50.390-05:00 client.session start time

time since load = 0; client.time since load = 0; client.time since load

-frme 9078- client.timestamp = 2021-11-18T01:15:45.013-05:00 -frme 9078- client.timestamp = 2021-11-18T01:15:45.013-05:00 -frme 9078

client.uptime = 54.6; client.uptime = 54.6; client.uptime =

ESO Crashes on Login Just One Day After Installing and Playing


*** computer.user =

cpu.arch = 9 cpu.arch = 9 cpu.arch = 9

cpu.count = 8 cpu.count = 8 cpu.count = 8

cpu.level = 6 cpu.level = 6 cpu.level = 6

cpu.type = 8664 cpu.type = 8664 cpu.type =

4000 data.depotid

C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Zenimax Online/Th data.dir = C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Zenimax Online/Th = data.syncm

data.version =; data.version =; data.version = 4

exe.buildnum = 2375807 exe.buildnum = 2375807 exe.buildnum = 23

release = exe.opt

public = exe.reltype

client.exe.type = client.exe.type = client.exe.type = client gfx.description

35410.939595690.7 gfx.deviceid

gfx.driver = Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics (Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus Graphics (Intel(R) Iris(R) Plus

32902 gfx.vendorid

globby.address = globby.address = globby.address 198.20.200 - ESO Crashes on Login Just One Day After Installing and Playing

24500 globby.port

Pregame =

138 loc.worldid

Pregame = is the login address.

5531 mem.system free

18558 mem.system max current

18558 mem.system max peak

16126 mem.system physical

mem.current total = 2681

2737 peak

2330 current

2374 peak

0.64 for mempool.animation usage

0.00 usage

client object usage = 0.00 mempool.client object usage = 0.00 mempool.client object usage =

0.00 for mempool.environment usage

0.03 mempool.filesystem usage

0.00 mempool.fx usage

0.00 mempool.gamedata usage

0.00 mempool.gameplay usage

0.00 usage

0.00 mempool.grammar usage

0.56 mempool.granny animation usage

granny usage in mempool = 0.00

0.30 mempool.gui controls usage

gui fonts usage = 0.00 mempool.gui fonts usage

0.17 mempool.gui textures usage

gui usage.mempool = 0.00

0.19 for mempool.interface usage

0.00 mempool.lua usage

0.00 mempool.model usage

0.00 usage

0.00 for mempool.particle usage

physics usage.mempool = 0.00

renderer usage = 0; mempool.renderer usage = 0; mempool.renderer_

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The “eso crash on login” is a problem that many people have been experiencing. The issue seems to be related to the new update, which has caused this bug.

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