The game is always evolving, but there’s something about the traditional RPG that has remained timeless. The old school tropes stay in style no matter how much times change. That doesn’t mean games like Wacky Wizards don’t need to evolve with their audience, though.

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Wacky Wizards Old Update

It’s Wacky Wednesday, which means it’s time for another installment of the Wacky Wizards. With the Old Wacky Wizards Update, the famous Roblox potion concocting game is back. There are two new elements this time: a Walking Cane and an Anime Sword. We’ll go over all you need to know about the Wacky Wizards Old Update in this tutorial.

Wacky Wizards Old Update

This week’s Wacky Wizards update is the Old Update, which includes the Walking Cane and Anime Sword items. Because the sword is a premium item, you’ll need to spend 2,300 Gems to get your hands on it. You’ll need to complete a secret quest in the latest update to earn the Walking Cane. It entails assisting Oz in the recovery of a lost object. We’ve got to help him out since he’s becoming elderly!

Where can I buy a Walking Cane?

  • Bring a steaming potion to the bushes near Oz’s home.
  • With the hot potion, burn the shrubs.
  • Make a dynamite potion and blast up the tunnel entrance under the charred shrubs with it.
  • Enter the portal by making an Oz potion.
  • Take Oz’s wallet and hand it over to him.

You may begin by preparing a Hot Potion to get the Walking Cane component in Wacky Wizards. You can produce one by putting a Chilli in your cauldron and producing a potion with it. Bring the fire potion to Oz’s cave and enter via the right door. You’ll come across a few shrubs, which you may burn with the Hot potion. A secret path will be revealed by the burning shrubs.

Return to your cauldron and use some dynamite to create an explosive potion. Return it to the spot where you left it and down the ladder. You’ll discover a locked door that you can open with the explosives.

You’ll need to prepare the Oz potion now that the door has been thrown wide open. Combine the skulls of Jandel and Foryxe in your cauldron to get this. Make the Oz potion and take it to the location where you used the dynamite to blow through the door. Take a sip of the potion and enter the portal.

On the table, you will locate Oz’s wallet. Try zooming in and concentrating on the table if you’re having problems picking it up. Bring it back to Oz’s home and give it over to him after you’ve picked it up. In exchange for finishing the quest, you’ll get the new Walking Cane ingredient. Return it to your cauldron and enjoy discovering new concoctions.

Old Update potions for Wacky Wizards

  • Walking Cane, an old potion
  • Walking Cane, Brain – Builders-club-hat potion
  • Flamingo-gf potion – Bird, Walking Cane
  • Builderman’s Potion – You, You, You, You, You, You, You, You, You, You, You
  • Walking Cane, Frog, and Domino-crown potion
  • Walking Cane, Ghost – Old-vision potion
  • Walking Cane, Pet Tags, Dog-vision potion
  • Walking Cane, Eggcano, Ninja-mask-of-awesome-potions
  • Walking Cane, Pool Noodle (guest potion)
  • Walking Cane, Giraffe Hoof – Studded-brick potion
  • Walking Cane, Pet Tags, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane, Walking Cane
  • Walking Cane, Corn, and Clash-sword potion
  • Walking Cane, Beans, and Winged-Bean Potion
  • Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux, Robux
  • Walking Cane, Witches Bew, Old-Glinda Potion
  • Oz’s Wallet – Old-oz potion

A complete list of Wacky Wizards potions may be found in our other site.

The Thanksgiving Update will be released next week, and it will include a new turkey component! Stay tuned for another update and tutorial next week.

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