Pagodas can be a nice addition to your island. They have a really cool Asian aesthetic, and they go with almost everything!

Plus, they can be combined with many designs, from Zen gardens to full-blown temples – the possibilities are endless.

So why not take your island to the next level with one of these beautiful pagodas?

We change everything and really go all out on some of these ideas.

So grab some pagodas and let’s go!

10. Access to the pagoda

image source on fly1230

Where better to start than at the entrance of the island?

We’ve already shared a number of ideas for your entrance, but this pagoda idea could be the ultimate entrance to your island.

It’s also very easy to make!

First you have to build cliffs that lead to your island, and don’t forget to add waterfalls that also go down.

You can then place a few statues at the entrance to match the Asian theme.

Don’t forget to add lots of bamboo and pagodas to tie it all together.

9. Koi pond

Alien Image Source

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Is your island really complete if you don’t have a Zen garden with a koi pond?

I don’t think so.

Bring this beautiful design to your island in just a few steps.

First, you need to have a custom design made for your koi pond. And one on the stone floor of.

Make sure your garden is between rocks, and don’t forget to add lots of bamboo if you like the aesthetics of bamboo.

Then add a Zen bridge, bamboo elements and some butterfly motifs and finish the look by placing your pagoda wherever you want.

8. Temple Rouge

Image source Oshiri-Isle

word image 6983

I know it’s amazing, but you can build this incredible Japanese style neighborhood in your backyard!

The first thing you should do is build retaining walls behind your house. You can then beautify it by adding imperial beds and lots of bamboo.

To enhance the look, you can also add some imperial cuts around your garden.

Finally, add many pagodas and some imperial fences to mark your property.

7. Kaiserwald

image source without flash

word image 6984

This place would be perfect for an afternoon stroll.

And they go so well together when you go for a Japanese island design theme!

To turn this area into a quiet area, first add a rock with a waterfall to the back of the selected area.

You can then add lots of cedar and bamboo to continue the theme.

Complete the look with imperial fences, red flowers and shrubs.

Finally, add a stone arch and place the pagodas near the waterfall.

6. Pagoda Island

image source: tcn923

word image 6985

Anyone can make this show by plugging a mini-pagoda island. It’s not as complicated as it sounds!

First, you have to dig the river on your island so that a small island floats in the middle.

Around your creek, you should vegetate the ground with a mixture of cedar and hardwood trees. And don’t forget to add lots of flowers.

Then paths with a stone design appear, which are in accordance with the theme.

Complete the look by placing numerous pagodas on this central piece of land and complementing it with statues and shrubs.

5. Cherry Blossom Bridge

Image source by @demelza_acnh

word image 6986

Need an Instagram-worthy spot on your island?

So look no further, especially in the spring.

You must first build a cliff on the island and add a waterfall that comes down from the shore. It shouldn’t be too high either.

Then let the waterfall flow into the river. And you can add a bridge over the river to complete the theme.

To complete the picture, place your pagoda at the top of the cliff along with bamboo and cherry blossoms.

Don’t forget the cherry blossoms!

4. Zen Pagoda Garden

Image source: @oolongxing

word image 6987

Bring peace to your island with this Zen garden style pagoda.

You can do this yourself by building cliffs around the area you have chosen. Provide a series of waterfalls that connect to the rivers in the garden.

Fill this area with lots of bamboo and coconut palms, and you can even put in a custom stone floor.

Add a stone arch, shrubs, bonsai trees and lanterns to complete the look.

Of course, don’t forget to put many pagodas in the area to complete the look.

3. Street market

Image Source: Crossing

word image 6988

Each island deserves its own market.

And this could be your market dream come true!

To start implementing this idea, you first need to get some simple signs. You can then customize it with your favorite screen design to create the illusion of a wall on your island.

Then build a boulder and add stone steps to reach it.

Place your customizable screens on both levels, as well as some customizable booths. We want it to look like a market!

Then add a few statues at the bottom of the stairs to complete the look.

Finish the decoration by adding pagodas and flowers.

2. Display memory

image source by @foolyorcooly

word image 6989

Imagine walking up that hill every day.

It is clear that the pagoda here is something special!

And it’s easy enough to recreate.

You must first build a series of large rocks on the island with several stone stairs leading to each level.

Surrounded by several zen fences and numerous bamboos for an oriental aesthetic.

Finally, two lanterns at the edge of the cliff and a pagoda at the top.

Trust me: It’s going to be beautiful tonight.

1. Flowering pagodas

photo credit: hohulia_

word image 6990

If you are a real flower lover, you should definitely visit this magical area of the Pagoda Castle.

First you need to build some rocks around the island and build a river that flows through the area.

Then add lots of bamboo elements and a variety of flowers to complete the design.

You can add hammocks and many pagodas in the distance.

And to finish off these beautiful squares, you can add patterns or supports to suit your taste.

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