Last time I counted the number of characters that die in GTA 5. This time I’m going to count the number of characters from GTA 4 that appear in GTA 5. Let’s go.

  1. Johnny Klebitz. Appears to be on business, Mr Phillips. Status during the game : Death, delayed by Trevor)
  2. Ashley Butler. (Appears on business trip, Mr. Phillips.) Status behind the game: Died, either from an overdose or run over by Trevor).
  3. Terry and Clay. (Comes to business, Mr. Phillips) Status behind the game: Dead, shot by Trevor from the engines).
  4. Karen Daniels (Michelle) (appearing in the mission, there is company. Status after the game : Alive)
  5. United Liberty Paper Contact (Appears in Missions, Monkey Business, and Completion. Post-game status: Canonically alive, but can be killed by Michael or the F.I.B. firefighters in a sequel).
  6. Rocco Pelosi (Appears in Missions, Mr. Richards and the Ballad of Rocco. Status after the game : dead, killed by Michael)
  7. Packie McReary (Appears randomly at a pharmacy near Franklin’s old house and can be used as a gunman during robberies. Backgame Status: Canonically alive, but can be sold to an altruistic Trevor).
  8. Nico Bellick (Easter Egg) (Appears on a wanted poster outside an abandoned house in Blaine County, appears on the Life Invader page on Jimmy’s laptop in Michael’s house, appears in a picture frame in the bar next to Trevor’s trailer, His signature jacket also appears in the bar next to Trevor’s trailer, is mentioned by Lester during the Casing the Jewel Store mission, and is mentioned by Packy Macreary when you choose him as the shooter for the Paleto Score heist. In-game status: dead, killed by Trevor in the bar, which puts Trevor out of the game).
  9. Poppy Mitchell (Appears in Paparazzo – The Sex Tape and Paparazzo – The Meltdown missions. Status in the game : Alive)
  10. Marnie Allen (Appears in all Epsilon missions. Post-game status : Alive)
  11. Willie. (Speaking to Mission, Wynwood Memories – Willie. Status behind the game: Canonically alive, but possibly murdered in Vinewood Memories – by Willie Trevor.
  12. Kerry McIntosh. (Appears in the mission, Memories with Wine – Kerry. Status after the game : Alive)
  13. Al Di Napoli (Appears in Missions, Memories of Vinewood – Al Di Napoli and Memories of Vinewood – The Last Act. Post-game status: either dead and killed by Trevor, or alive).
  14. Bruce Kibbutz (Appears in Bull Shark Testosterone and appears as a contact in GTA Online. Status after the game : Alive)
  15. Tony Prince (appears as contact in GTA online. Post-game status : Alive)
  16. Lazlow (Appears in the missions Glory of Shame, Family Reunion, and Meltdown. Behind the game Status: Alive)
  17. Carl C.J. Johnson (Easter Egg) (Appears in the Hood Safari mission on a bicycle on Grove Street with two other guys. Status after the game: most likely alive and out of commission).

So, after looking at everything, 17 characters from GTA 4 appear in GTA 5. I was going to include Antonia Bottino, but decided not to because she doesn’t really appear with Sonny Bottino in GTA 4. But after collecting all the information and gameplay, most of the characters from GTA 4 appear to be alive after GTA 5, but there are a few big names like Johnny K, Ashley, Rocco, Pacqui and Nico (who I think is dead and was killed by Trevor) who could be or appear to be dead in GTA 5. Let me know if I missed anyone and I will add them.

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