The Bunny Day event is currently going on in Animal Crossing and the bunny day wand is the final reward. So players want to know how to get Zipper Toy in Animal Crossing during the Bunny day event.

Below, you can find out more about How to get zipper toy in Animal Crossing, have a look.

Animal Crossing is a popular game on many platforms but especially on Nintendo Switch. Players do want to miss any of the events and activities in the game. And developers have released a new event for all players which is called Bunny Day. During the bunny day, you can win some special rewards. Developers announced the Bunny Day event from their Twitter handle, here is the official tweet.

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Happy Bunny Day! Have you seen Zipper yet? I know he’s around here somewhere… Anyway, I hope you have fun collecting eggs and enjoying the festivities. See you around!

— Isabelle (@animalcrossing) April 4, 2021

Happy Bunny Day! Don’t forget to visit Zipper T at the town plaza … and be sure to bring plenty of eggs!

— Animal Crossing Community (@accommunity) April 4, 2021

The special reward for the Bunny Day event is the Wobbling Zipper Toy. But there is a condition to get this special rewards item, which you can find out below.

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The Bunny Day event is here and players will be rewarded with the Zipper Toy which is an exclusive item for this event. But please note that there is a condition to receive this special reward. Only Nintendo Switch users can avail this special time during this event and if you are not playing on Nintendo Switch then unfortunately you can’t get this special reward.

When it comes to getting this special reward item then to obtain this you will have to create all Bunny Day DIY recipes and after that, you will have to speak to the Zipper. If you are thinking about the selling price of Wobbling Zipper Toy then that is around 9600.

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The Bunny Day event is already active in Animal Crossing you will have to collect all of the Bunny Dat recipes during the event and after that create the DIY items. Then you have to speak to Zipper on April 12th, and you will get the recipe for this item.

So now you know How to get Zipper Toy in Animal Crossing. But if you are wondering about the Wobbling Zipper Toy recipe required material then you can find them below.

Material Require for Wobbling Zipper Toy Recipe: How to Get Zipper Toy in Animal Crossing?

The first thing you need for the Wobbling Zipper toy recipe is the Water Egg and you need a total of 4 water eggs, you need 4 Earth Eggs. 4 Stone Eggs, 4 Sky eggs, 4 Wood eggs, and 4 leaf eggs.

Now you have all the material, so let’s craft the Bunny Day Wand.

When it comes to Bunny Day recipes then you can get a lot of items but let us first understand how to craft the Bunny Day Wand. The Bunny day can be made out of some material such as the Wobbling Zipper Toy but you need some other material as well. And after you have used the recipe to build the Wobbling Zipper toy, then make sure to speak to Zipper again.

Animal Crossing is available to download on Nintendo Switch.

So this was all about How to Get Zipper Toy in Animal Crossing. Hopefully, you will like our approach.

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