The FPS is a genre that’s always been lacking, despite the fact that FPSes have long been the staple for most genres that involve ‘shooting’ something. While a great FPS is a good thing for a genre to have, there are some things that scream out for improvement in this genre, and quite a few things that just need to be changed.

I am sure some of you have been waiting for this patch since the first day of the expansion. After all, the patch is not going to make the game better. It is going to make it easier to play. Sounds great, right? Wrong! Not everyone is going to be a fan of this patch.

Patch Notes are a big deal in the game world. Blizzards are a bit different in the sense that they are typically very small, but some are sizable and impactful. This week I would like to talk about the two big ones, of which there are only three: 1) Nazeebo the Terror of the Deep, 2) Nazeebo the Terror of the Deep (Heart of Darkness), and 3) Nazeebo the Terror of the Deep (Rise of Nazeebo).

I could smell the changes coming to everyone’s favorite unsanitary doctor after Zag’s patch. Both received overbuffs to their Qs, lost their generic Fury of the Storm talent, but retained their generic lvl13 sustain talent. I’m going to look into several things and give some opinions and suggestions.

TL;DR: Nazeebo’s modifications are both powerful and delicious, and they go well with his disgusting summoning. Without abilities, Toads seem like a weaker ability, and Voodoo Ritual is still an issue.

The Important Information

Utility! Lvl1 was okay, but nothing special when compared to lvl7. Let’s take a moment to enjoy that. Despite the fact that it is pure damage:

  1. Flavorful. Toads bloat up with venom, spiders become more swarmy, and zombies scream and charge at enemies.
  2. It has an impact on how people utilize their abilities. Qs can strike a single target, uprooting Zombies adds a non-static aspect to W, and Toads may optimize their damage and zone control by spacing properly.

Longer-lasting Spiders, on the other hand, seem swarmier, and their sluggish pace matches the concept of webs slowing you down while also assisting Zombies in landing. Toads are even more repulsive since they decrease the amount of harm they do. It’s strange how Thing of the Deep is suddenly the least fascinating, yet it still has range.

SUPERSTITUOUS TO THE MAXIMUM EXTENT! Such a useful, delicious, and amusing addition to Superstition. Spiders have taken up residence on the filthy ol’ Naz. When said house is invaded, a brave little soldier courageously goes up to the danger and defeats it alone. It also suits a magey Q build where you want to maintain a safe distance.

Buffs in the Storm! Butler Garry is missed, but the boost complements his zoning character well and improves the accuracy of all your skills. With the stacking dps increase, Spirit became much more frightening. When you add in the hps decrease, you have a specter that makes you powerless in the hopes of escaping its vengeance. Bad Medicine is a fantastic twist on a Diablo passive that offers a defensive alternative, thanks to its stack consumption. A duplicate of Zul’Jin’s lvl20, with the addition of A Surprise For Ya to a sustain storm tier.

Opportunities squandered

Toads are completely unclothed! While wearing small hats might help, I’m referring about the ability feeling incomplete without Hugeness. The feeling of strength as Toads develop, as well as the element of properly spacing them, characterizes an ability that is otherwise tiny, sluggish missiles that do a little damage over time. Also taken into account is the extra 10% speed that all heroes received a while ago.

Poorly Designed Voodoo Ritual! Aside from not poisoning Heroes being… strange… There’s nothing more antiquated than an uncapped, PvE-only quest that makes you map-dependent and gives you strength late in the game. Azmodan, who stacks his globe both in PvE and PvP, and receives additional, interactive methods to do so, is someone Naz should learn from.

Soul Harvest isn’t the only game with shoddy design.

It’s a good match for the Diablo talent, although it’s best used in a lane… also strange… It may function off of a redesigned Voodoo Ritual poisoning Heroes. Dunno.

Take a walk with the spirits! A common proposal for a replacement for the generic (and completely inappropriate) Ice Block. So it’s strange that we have a storm skill that works similarly. 2 seconds of unrestricted mobility Plus a 50% decrease in damage? In fact, Bad Medicine is a good match for Pandemic’s dps decrease. The major problems would be 1) the necessity for fresh aesthetics rather than just making Naz invincible. 2) Wraith Walk is similar to Spirit Walk. Because you abandon your body. You don’t go on a stroll for free!

Changes that have been suggested

Rough ideas to ponder, intended to aid variety and design.

  • Grant a portion of the Hugeness baseline, say 10% each leap, to Plague of Toads. It’s even possible to limit yourself to three leaps. Hugeness would, of course, need a boost, even if Toads start with +1 size.
  • Enter stasis and become invisible for up to 3 seconds (replaces Ice Block). Passive: You can walk through the Zombie Wall — A simple concept that doesn’t need new graphics, doesn’t resemble Wraith Walk, and doesn’t conflict with Bad Medicine. Perhaps something along the lines of Tass’s Shadow Walk might be more appropriate.
  • Apply Voodoo Ritual to all surrounding foes to harvest their souls. Gain 2% Health and Spell Power each enemy impacted, with a 10% boost against Heroes and a 40% increase vs Heroes.
  • If Toads strike an opposing Hero, they produce a Corpse Spider. Infestation (New lvl20): If Toads hit an enemy Hero, they make a Corpse Spider. Every third Basic Attack, a Toad is launched towards the victim. – Toads infested by members?

Weird Ideas That Haven’t Been Suggested

  • Rain of Toads (lvl7): After.75 seconds, a full-sized Toad appears near Corpse Spider’s Jar and Zombie Wall.
  • Toads with Piercing Toads (level 7) do 50% less damage but pass through opponents. They jump three times toward Nazeebo once they’ve reached maximum range.
  • Gain 1 Basic Attack range with Big Bag of Voodoo (lvl20). Every third Basic Attack summons a fully skilled Corpse Spider, Zombie, or Toad, in that sequence, to attack the victim. – Unusual Infestation

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