Pokémon remains one of the most popular video games of all time. As the world-famous pocket monster are on the verge of 20th Anniversary, their popularity is more than ever. Part of this is due to their special stats. If you’re looking for a simple Pokémon stats list, it can be useful in certain situations.

Why not have a look at the stats on your favorite Pokémon and see where it stands in comparison to other Pokémon?

Pokémon is the world’s most popular game – and that’s really saying something. It’s definitely one of the most addictive, and you’ll find it in every corner of the world. As Pokémon GO has caused the game to take a backseat, here’s a look at just how popular the series really is.

In Pokémon UNITE, how do the various Pokémon stats work? Let’s look at the definitions of Offense, Endurance, Mobility, Scoring, and Support.

Pokémon UNITE – Pokémon stats explained

When I was a child, I didn’t really grasp how RPGs worked, thus stats were just gibberish to me. That’s why, in Red and Blue, none of my Pokémon understood any stat-altering moves; I felt they were useless. Of course, even in a non-RPG game like Pokémon UNITE, stats are essential. The following is a breakdown of how the stats in Pokémon UNITE operate. 

Let me explain something: for each Pokémon, there are two sets of stats: the stars you see on the pick screen and the statistics that function in the background. For the purpose of clarity, I’ll describe each of them individually.

Stats for Pokémon UNITE (Explained)

The strengths and weaknesses of each Pokémon are represented by star ratings. The higher the number of stars, the better, with five being the best. There are different star ratings for each Pokémon, but there are also raw numbers to consider. Here’s the difference.

Ratings (stars)

First, rather than concrete statistics, the stars indicate broad strokes of a Pokémon’s skills in the field. These star ratings are the result of a combination of factors. Here’s what each one means:

  • Attack and Special Attack attributes influence a Pokémon’s ability to deliver damage on offense.
  • Endurance refers to a Pokémon’s ability to take damage and not be knocked out, which is determined by its Defense and basic HP numbers.
  • Mobility refers to how fast a Pokémon can move about the field, either manually or via its Moves.
  • Scoring: A Pokémon’s ability to score goals is decided, once again, by how fast they move about and how effectively they protect themselves in enemy territory.
  • Support: A Pokémon’s ability to heal and protect comrades, as well as to obstruct opponents without fighting them directly.

Pokémon UNITE Star Ratings

Raw Stats

So, now that you’ve seen the ratings, how about the raw data? Seven hard numerical metrics define a Pokémon’s real powers, which progressively grow when they level up in a match. These are the figures:

  • Attack: The amount of damage done by a Pokémon’s physical attacks and moves, such as bites, kicks, and punches. This affects all normal attacks, regardless of Pokémon type, while Moves are only impacted if they are physical in character.
  • The amount of damage a Pokémon causes with non-physical attacks like projectiles and elemental damage is known as its special attack. This rule applies to Pokémon with “Special” Moves.
  • Defense refers to a Pokémon’s ability to withstand incoming harm. This attribute reduces the amount of physical damage a Pokémon takes in accordance to its level.
  • Special Defense: A Pokémon’s ability to withstand Special Attack damage. Defense is the same as defense, except it only applies to Special Attacks.
  • Critical Rate and Critical Damage: The chances of a Pokémon scoring a critical hit while attacking, as well as how much extra damage a critical hit does.
  • Movement Speed is the rate at which a Pokémon moves on its own or with the help (or hindrance) of a Speed Flux zone.

Pokémon UNITE Raw Stats

As you would expect, some Pokémon are much superior than others in attacking or defending. Our ranks may be seen on our Pokémon UNITE tier list.

In Pokémon UNITE, you may see all of your Pokémon’s stats.

In Pokémon UNITE, below is a list of all individual Pokémon stats at level 15:

Pokémon HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Specialized Defense
Absol 6000 620 259 117 180
Ninetales of Alolan 6299 289 175 955 135
Charizard 7700 463 350 112 269
Cinderace 5400 479 250 117 149
Cramorant 6301 286 300 737 200
Crustle 9900 344 580 115 400
Eldegoss 8002 310 200 670 149
Garchomp 7750 496 420 112 318
Gardevoir 6320 334 174 1000 138
Gengar 7200 364 260 667 189
Greninja 5400 482 250 117 149
Lucario 7249 440 390 115 300
Machamp 7650 479 490 112 320
Mr. Mime 9402 293 420 412 361
Pikachu 6300 290 175 952 135
Slowbro 9400 292 421 432 360
Snorlax 9899 345 580 115 400
Talonflame 6300 623 290 117 200
Venusaur 6321 293 174 962 137
Wigglytuff 9452 310 539 627 482
Zeraora 6319 649 300 117 200

Here you can view the current ‘best’ Pokémon stats and learn about some of the more interesting ones. The best stats for a Pokémon depend on the moveset a Pokémon has, so I will list each Pokémon’s current best stats and the moves they can learn, or how to evolve them.. Read more about pokemon unite scoring stat and let us know what you think.

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