I’ve played hundreds of games. Friends have asked me what my favorite game is, so I thought I’d make a list of the games I’ve played that I enjoyed and that I thought were the best. The games aren’t in any particular order.

Every year, the Game Critics Awards and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences join forces to present the annual E3 Press Conference and Awards, a highly anticipated award ceremony that honors the best and brightest in the gaming industry. Gaming enthusiasts are anxiously waiting to see if their favorite game creators will be honored with awards—and the anticipation is only heightened in anticipation of the nominees’ inevitable snubs. This year’s E3 Awards is no exception, as the majority of our nominees have been announced, with the announcement of several new additions that are sure to make the event even more exciting.

The top 50 console games of 2010 is a difficult task, but I think I did a pretty good job with it. Every console and every genre has a better and worse game, and when you put those into an overall ranking the result is pretty good. I think I came up with a pretty fair representation of the best games of the past year. My top 5 would be:

Even the most ruthless pirates on the high seas must eat.

What you eat may be the difference between winning a battle and ending up in Davy Jones’ Locker with your ship.

In Sea Of Thieves, nutrition is crucial. You have a wide variety of foods to choose from, yet some are substantial meals, while others are little more than a candy bar.

In this list, I’ll go through each food item in the game and rank them to determine the greatest snacks for when your pirate is hungry.

We’ll also make sure you’re not fighting on an empty stomach!


Banana 12

We’ll have to start someplace with the list.

And the fact that your Pirate eats them with the skin on is a major reason why this is the worst meal in the game!

Bananas are widely available, however they should only be utilized as a last option since they only restore 20% of your health.

That’s right, if you’re on the verge of passing out, you’ll need to consume five of them to get back to 100 percent.

But it’s not all terrible news. The Merchant Alliance sells a box of 50 of these, and they’re excellent for self-healing in low-risk circumstances or when you fall out of your Crow’s Nest (I won’t tell).

If at all possible, avoid engaging in combat with them.


Coconut No. 11

Coconut Item / Sea of Thieves

Because your Pirate eats them whole, they probably don’t do anything for you.

These, on the other hand, are preferable to bananas and are worth eating if they’re beginning to build up.

Coconuts may restore 30% of your health. Which isn’t great, but it’ll suffice in a pinch.

You won’t be able to purchase them (or any other food on this list in the future), so look for them in barrels throughout the globe.


Pomegranate, no. 10

Pomegranate Item / Sea of Thieves

Pomegranates are the very least you should consider before embarking on a battle if you’re roaming the waters seeking for excitement.

Pomegranates may restore 40% of your health. This implies that if you consume two of them, you’ll be able to withstand any Flintlock or Eye Of Reach shot.

There are still a lot of good culinary choices out there.

However, in many instances, they will suffice, and they are ideal for island hopping and battling simple opponents.


9. Mango

Mango Item / Sea of Thieves

We’re getting close to the greatest healing you can receive from any fruit – but this one is particularly significant.

Mangoes may help you recover 50% of your health. This fits in well with the Flintlock’s damage.

Per shot, the Flintlock does 55% damage. So if you’re eating mangoes while being fired at, your opponent is likely to run out of ammunition before killing you.

If you’re going to try your hand at some real fighting, this is the absolute least you should bring.


Pineapple, number eight

Pineapple Item / Sea of Thieves

These are the game’s finest fruits.

And there’s a strong case to be made that they’re the greatest meals in general.

Pineapples restore your health bar to 100%, which is fantastic.

And since your Pirate only eats half of a pineapple each bite, if you have five pineapples, you can cure yourself ten times!

This is when you’ll begin to realize how crucial food is in Sea Of Thieves.

Five bananas will provide you with 100 percent health, whereas five pineapples would provide you with 1000 percent.

Nothing will kill you save a fortunate Blunderbuss shot or a cannonball if you remember to eat during battle.

This is the meal to use if you wish to send crews to the Ferry of the Damned on your own.


7. Shark

Shark Meat / Sea of Thieves

What could be more delicious than pineapples?

If you don’t mind putting in the effort, meat provides a strong boost that you won’t find anywhere else.

Just make sure you thoroughly prepare it beforehand!

Our meat selection begins with sharks.

Although the meal is delicious, you must risk your life to get it.

Cooked Shark restores 50% of your health bar and may be eaten twice. It also adds a 25% bonus to your health bar, which is shown around the skull – this automatically refills your health bar when it isn’t full.

This has a significant impact, particularly in battle.

Shark flesh is delicious and well worth the effort to prepare. I’d rather not have to go on a date with Jaws in order to obtain it.


6. Snake

Snake Food / Sea of Thieves

Snake is wonderful – but very unpleasant to deal with. Snake has the same stats as Shark flesh.

If you want Snake flesh, you’ll have to go to other islands.

And that’s OK if you don’t mind being bitten and poisoned in the process.

Fortunately, these deadly noodles aren’t very tough, and can be dispatched with a single gunshot or Cutlass cut.

Snakes, on the other hand, aren’t very dangerous. There are, however, better alternatives if you don’t want your food to fight back.


5. Fish

Fish Meat / Sea of Thieves

You can fish for your crew’s dinner if you consider yourself a Legendary Fisherman.

In Sea Of Thieves, there are a variety of fish that all replenish health and provide that crucial 25% health regeneration.

If you like fishing, this is an excellent method to get some of the game’s finest food items.

Just keep in mind that if you wish to advance in the Hunter’s Call faction, your fish would be better spent there.

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re in an Open Crew, your crewmates may not like it if you start eating their hard-earned Trophy fish without asking.


4. Poultry

Chicken Meat / Sea of Thieves

Chickens are simple to farm since they don’t fight back and don’t run very quickly, making them an excellent source of food for your crew.

They will be stopped by a single cut or gunshot, leaving just a single drumstick.

I’m curious as to what happens to the remainder of the chicken…

Chickens, like sharks, may be eaten twice. This, too, provides essential health regeneration.


3. Pork

Pork Meat / Sea of Thieves

In Sea Of Thieves, pork and chicken may be used interchangeably.

If you and your crew are gearing up for a lengthy session, it may be worth your time to find some.

These are particularly excellent since, unlike the last top items on our list, if you stop at an island, you’ll almost definitely discover some.


Megalodon is the second largest dinosaur.

Megalodon Meat / Sea of Thieves

You’re a serious Pirate, right?

If sharks aren’t enough to frighten you, how about the Megalodon?

This monster is a boss fight in and of itself.

If your team succeeds, you’ll be awarded with riches as well as the finest healing equipment in the game.

Cooking Megalodon flesh takes 2 minutes. However, it provides 100 percent health, may be eaten twice, and provides an additional 50 percent regenerating health.

However, defeating this monster may take a long time – particularly if you’re on a Galleon, which has greater health.

Certainly, the cuisine is excellent.

However, you must determine if the cannonballs are worth it.


1. Kraken

Kraken Meat / Sea of Thieves

Many a crew has perished at the hands of the Kraken.

Only if there are no current events does this great horror of the waters emerge.

So, if you don’t see any marks in the sky, you may want to reconsider sailing.

You’ll be awarded with Kraken flesh if you defeat the Kraken.

And, like Megalodon meat, this flesh provides 100 percent health with 50 percent regeneration health.

The main difference between the two is that a Megalodon may be chased and forced to leave you alone by cruising near to islands.

When the Kraken attacks, more often than not, only one of you will survive the battle.

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