The Bad Batch is a science-fiction story about a planet called Kamino that caters to a rich young clientele. In an effort to keep up with the trends of today’s youth, the clone troopers of Kamino decide to create a young boy clone that will be the ultimate fashion model. When this attempt fails, they decide to use the DNA of their most perfect clone, a boy named Jake.

In this episode, the group has to go to Kamino on a mission. Things don’t go as planned when they arrive to find the place deserted. What they find is the place is empty and abandoned as the Clones should have been trained from birth. The real question is, where are they? ————————————————————————————————————————————————————- ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

The Bad Batch is an excellent Netflix Original that has been compared to the likes of Z Nation and Terra Nova, and is a show about a group of criminals in a safe house on the run from the police who are trying to stay alive. Season 1 was a crazy ride, and Episode 16 was no different. We visited Kamino and met some interesting new characters. Episode 16 started off right where we left off, with Rodger making his way to the Kaminoan rebels and learning about their culture. It was a great episode, and a decent way to wrap the season.. Read more about bad batch episode 16 and let us know what you think.

REVIEW: “Kamino Lost” from Season 1 Episode 16 of The Bad Batch.

“Crosshair has always been a tough and uncompromising opponent. It’s in his blood. You can’t alter it, and he can’t change it either.”

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Admiral Rampart watches helplessly as his fleet fires on Kamino in “Kamino Lost.” Buildings are demolished one by one, casting Omega and the Batch into obscurity. In a flooded chamber, Omega and Crosshair get separated from the rest of the gang. In a panic, AZ awakens Omega, and she discovers Crosshair trapped under the debris. She uses the radio to contact Hunter, and Wrecker is soon slicing his way through the barrier that separates them. Crosshair is underwater, and Omega, with the aid of AZ, is attempting to rescue him. Wrecker bursts through the door when Crosshair is let go, rejoining the Batch. Hunter and the lads go, and he informs Crosshair that he may join them or remain and die if he so desires. 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

Omega devises a plan to return to the Marauder through the undersea tube system. Everyone else agrees, which irritates Crosshair, who believes Omega should not be making such important choices. When a sea monster threatens the tube, AZ uses the power to shock and scare it away. However, he does it at the expense of the system’s remaining power. When the Batch arrives to Nala Se’s lab, Tech reveals that Omega was there at the time the men were formed. She is technically older than the Batch, despite the fact that she is a kid. The men find themselves stuck once again, unable to approach the Marauder. To Hunter’s response that Omega has already done more for him than the Empire has or will, Crosshair criticizes Omega’s leadership. Omega follows Crosshair out on his own, telling him she understands how he feels about Nala Se’s lab. She is disappointed to learn that this was his personality at work all along, rather than the chip. The Batch all get inside protected pods, which AZ leads to the water’s surface. Omega’s pod sinks due to debris, but AZ slices through it and propels her higher. When AZ’s battery fails, Omega decides to pursue him. Crosshair executes a flawless shot, launching a harpoon at AZ and Omega and dragging them to safety. Hunter and Omega both make an attempt to persuade Crosshair to join the Batch. He stays still, alone on a shattered world. Nala Se and her soldiers arrive to an Imperial facility in the meanwhile. 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

“Kamino Lost” has a lot to prove as the first season’s last episode. This season has been a test run for characters we only saw briefly in The Clone Wars, as well as the perceptive but naïve Omega and the largely unspoiled post-war era of Imperial growth. As a result, “Kamino Lost” must continue these threads in a manner that both fulfills the season’s numerous setups and leaves the door open for the already-announced season 2. As an episode and a conclusion, it largely succeeds, but I have a number of concerns that are, sadly, very serious. For one thing, despite the fact that it is full of dangerous circumstances and takes place in a city on the verge of destruction, “Kamino Lost” lacks suspense. Except for AZ, I was never afraid of any of the characters; in fact, I believed he would kill himself to rescue Omega. After all, that’s what he was trying before Omega escaped her pod. However, we all know that being caught in “War-Mantle” was Hunter’s limit. Nobody was really concerned about Omega or Crosshair, much alone Wrecker, Tech, or Echo. The first three characters are the show’s emotional core, and I’m not sure how much they could accomplish without them moving forward. 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

Meanwhile, Wrecker is much too innocent and childish for me to see him dying, particularly so early in the story. Tech and Echo have barely been explored during the season, so killing any of them seems like a waste. It wouldn’t be as emotional, either, particularly if Tech was involved. We learned a lot about Echo in The Clone Wars, but since he’s one of the main characters in The Bad Batch, we’d want to know more about him. How did his imprisonment on Skako Minor affect him, apart from his physical deformity and righteous anger at the concept of slavery? What does he think of his new brothers and the fact that he is a “defective clone” (even if this isn’t true)? He’s finally found his place, but does he regret being a reg with Rex and the others? Is he having nightmares about Skako Minor, as Tup said he was regarding Order 66? Another issue I have is that Tech and Echo have been ignored this season. That’s more of a problem with the season as a whole, but the fact that “Kamino Lost” is the season finale exacerbates the problem. To generate suspense, I don’t believe anybody had to die, but the prospect of injury would have helped. I really believe that releasing “Return to Kamino” and “Kamino Lost” simultaneously would have worked better. I felt the same way about the Ryloth episodes, but breaking them apart kills the flow. So much of “Kamino Lost” seems like wasting time with pointless hurdles and difficulties that I thought they would escape at the conclusion of “Return to Kamino.” 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

Despite this, there was a lot in “Kamino Lost” that I liked. Despite what I just stated, Tech has a fantastic scene in this episode when he explains to the others why Crosshair is the way it is. This follows Omega’s probing and an open confrontation with Wrecker, who chastises Crosshair for making no attempt at reconciliation and declares that they would still accept him back. When Crosshair inquires as to why he supported him, the ever-analytical Tech responds that comprehension does not imply agreement. Throughout “Kamino Lost,” the back-and-forth between Crosshair and his old family is fantastic, and it’s definitely my favorite part of the show. I’m also pleased with how things turned out, with the Batch being forced to abandon Crosshair once again, this time of his own will. The interplay between Crosshair and Hunter’s opposing views has an underlying sorrow to it. Crosshair being alone on a desolate planet reminded me of a moment from “Replacements” in which he sat alone in the Imperial barracks. He’s put himself in this position (unless he really still has his chip, which may be the case). However, seeing someone so lonely is still sad. 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

I hate to draw this connection, but Crosshair in this finale reminded me of Zuko. I’ve been expecting him to die or reunite with his brothers. In “Kamino Lost,” though, he rejects both, opting for a lonely life in service to those who don’t care about him at all. One of my favorite fictional characters is Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender, who has the greatest redemption character arc I’ve ever seen. He astounds the audience at the conclusion of Book 2: Earth (and the other characters). He continues in his path of violence and rage, all the while claiming to have changed. Crosshair reminded me of this because, although he isn’t as developed (at least not yet), he makes comparable decisions. He’s doing what he believes is right, and he’ll probably have to learn the hard way, like Zuko, that his masters aren’t his friends. I particularly like the moment in which the Batch was forced to walk through their former chamber, emphasizing how sterile and unfamiliar everything had become.

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

Similarly, the moment in which the clone soldier tells Admiral Rampart of the Kamino assaults’ success is heartbreaking. Dee Bradley Baker is often praised by myself and others for his ability to create unique voices and characteristics for many clones, and he deserves it! This may be the last time we see or hear this clone, but I felt bad for him. Regardless of how the clones feel about Kamino, it was their only home, and it is now gone. Nothing lives there any more, and nothing will grow there in the future. It’s simply a shambles of filthy water and burning ash, the womb of a pointless war with just one victor and a galaxy full of losers. In “Kamino Lost,” the animation and Kevin Kiner’s soundtrack both get high marks. The abandoned, eerie halls of the Kamino facility in “Return to Kamino” were the calm before the storm of “Kamino Lost,” with its explosions and falling structures. Kiner’s music, which properly swings back and forth between terrified adrenaline and the sadness of a long-awaited goodbye, highlights this wonderfully. 

Bad Batch, Kamino Lost

“Kamino Lost” was a highlight for me, and I loved season 1 of The Bad Batch generally. This season has its flaws, but I believe it works better than the first seasons of The Clone Wars and Rebels, and it handles its kid protagonist better than any of those series did as initially. Even their greatest admirers acknowledge they began out irritating. I adore Ahsoka and can understand Ezra, but even their strongest fans confess they started out grating. In future seasons, I’d want to see greater balance between Omega and the rest of the Batch, but she isn’t perfect and struggles with her energy bow and strategic choices. Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair have all been handled well, and I hope Echo and Tech are given more attention in the future. Within the world of television animation, The Bad Batch’s animation, voice acting, and soundtrack are unrivaled. I’m simply relieved that there will be more seasons. I believe that the program may develop with time, but many shows (even the greatest ones) struggle to find their footing at first. I’m prepared to wait for a show with such a strong first season, since The Clone Wars peaked around season 3 and Rebels towards the conclusion of season 2. I enjoyed it, I’d want to see more, and I’m looking forward to season 2. 

Plot – 5
Acting (10 points)
5 – Progression
10 Production Design
ten animations



“Kamino Lost” is both aesthetically stunning and endlessly depressing. It could have used more suspense and greater character balance, but it’s a solid conclusion to an above-average season.

In this episode, the crew continues their pursuit of the time-lost Kaminoans, and investigates the planet’s history and culture. They discover that the planet was, in fact, destroyed by the same eye-stealing virus that wiped out the rest of the clones (who, coincidentally, were also originally from Kamino). But why do they worship the same false god as the clones? And what does it say about the Kaminoans that they exiled themselves to another galaxy to worship a false god?. Read more about azi bad batch voice actor and let us know what you think.

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