An anime series can be a rich source of anime fans, but the same can’t be said for anime reference sites. Mainly because we can’t be bothered to sift through the dozens of bad, boring, or incomplete articles that are dominated by translations, comparisons, and “reviews” of anime to find a decent one. That’s why I’ve decided to provide you with a list of the best anime warriors of all time, and why they’re the best.

Anime Warriors Tier List – who is the best? The title of this blog post is the same as the one that we have put on our own website, but this time we will present it in a different way. Therefore, let’s take a look at the different tiers of Anime Warriors, and see who will be the best.

Anime Warriors is a game for android that allows you to build your own team of warriors from the biggest anime characters. Build, upgrade & train your team of heroes to become the most powerful warriors. Come join the epic battle of anime warriors in this highly addictive game.. Read more about anime warriors codes and let us know what you think.

BlockZone created the Roblox game Anime Warriors. Gacha features are included into a conventional wave clearing combat game. The objective is to assemble the most strong three-character team possible and smoothly switch between them in combat. To unlock anime characters, players must roll on banners, and the greatest ones will need a lot of luck or money. We put up this Anime Warriors tier chart for you since there are so many heroes to play.

Anime Warriors characters depend heavily on IFrames as a wave clearing dungeon game. You can’t be struck while casting these frames since they’re invincible. That has a big impact on how we evaluate these characters and decide who is the greatest. It will also be necessary when the game’s creators add PvP. You will be able to clear waves more easily if you have enough time to cast your move without getting struck or stopped.

We’ve clearly left out all of the 1-stars, since they’re just filler. As long as you have enough extra Yen on hand, you may feed them to high-tier heroes to level them up. The list below contains all in-game names, but if you know anything about anime, you can figure out who they’re based on.

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Tier List for Anime Warriors

Tier Characters
S Broky, Mihoku, Uraha, Broky, Mihoku, Uraha, Broky, Mihoku, Uraha, Broky
A Pikkoro, Bejitom, Kashidori, Sanjuro, Zabuzo, Goora, Bejita, Zorui, Pikkoro, Bejitom, Kashidori, Sanjuro, Zabuzo, Pikkoro, Bejitom, Kashidori, Sanjuro,
B Ruffy, Ruyu, Ichigara, Son, Nadda
C Chef, Kid Goran, Kid Sassy, Master, Kurrin, Tion, Raditsu, Axe-Hand Morgan, Naruto, Usopiem, Kurrin, Tion, Raditsu, Axe-Hand Morgan, Naruto, Usopiem, Naruto, Usopiem, Naruto, Usopiem, Nar

That’s all there is to the Anime Warriors tier list. Some of the rankings are based on input from the Anime Warriors Discord group. I fully tested these characters and their powers, with the exception of Mihoku and Uraha.

Breakdown of the S-Tier

Broky has the greatest AoE techniques in the game, making it simple to clear waves and complete infinite adventure objectives. The Saiyan Rage ability provides a large area of impact, and the Trap Shooter ability lifts you into the air for three seconds or more, showering damage down on your foes. You may use this to extend the duration of your other cooldowns while remaining fully unaffected.

Mihawk deals a lot of damage straight away, even without eating. Hawk Hunt is more of a mobility damage dealer, enabling you to rush at opponents. Blade Barrage is the main destructive AoE ability. Eviscerate is comparable to Eviscerate, except it has a much larger AoE. Ravenger is well-suited to dealing with single targets or clumped-up troops in a tight line. 

Uraha, like all other S-Tier characters, has four abilities. The majority of the abilities are straight-up damage dealers. Haien is a frontal cone fire technique that does a lot of damage to the person in front of you. Senju Koten Taiho is a powerful AoE ability with a wide range. Benihime is awakened, and the Shikai is activated, making the blade shine and doing crazy damage. Rikkujokoro unleashes a swarm of tiny yellow energy beams that smash into the targets and temporarily paralyze them.

Anime Warriors tier list - The 4th

The 4th is a highly mobile character with two high-damaging abilities that may inflict harm on a large number of opponents. With the flash teleport move, he can kite opponents and then charge in with the two AoE techniques. He also possesses a secondary teleport that damages any opponents in his path.

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