Season of Splicer -Story explanations of current raids and dungeons for new players

Welcome to Season of the Splicer! This season, new players are treated to new and exciting raids and dungeons for their first taste of the game. During this season, we are looking to invite new players to join the game, and to make them feel at home. To help with this, we’ll be hosting a series of blog posts detailing the backstory and mechanics of certain raids and dungeons. These posts will be titled “Story explanations of current raids and dungeons for new players (as of Season of the Splicer)”, which is a title designed to be as informative as possible, and to answer questions asked by new players.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, we’ve been running a few new raid and dungeon events on the weekends recently. So far we’ve done Moratorium (Monday 12:00 – 15:00 PST), The Eternal Woods (Wednesday 12:00 – 15:00 PST), and Relic Orchard (Saturday 12:00 – 15:00 PST) but today we’re releasing a new dungeon event: The Splicer. In case you’re unfamiliar with the Splicer, he’s an NPC who appears in the Wanderer’s Palace and will offer you a quest once you reach level 45.

With the new season of Splicers, raids have gone from a 1-2-3 raid system to a 1-2-3-4 that actually makes you work for your loot. Season of the Splicer is a great time to get started. Season of the Splicer runs from June 22 to August 22, 2017. You can start right away by getting the new season of Splicers here.

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I had some free time, so here’s a rundown of what’s going on in raids and dungeons, which follows my rundown of what’s going on in Vanguard strikes. This provides context for (new) players who are lost, much as that list. I’m simplifying material whenever feasible to make it more palatable, as I always do.

Season of Splicer – Raids and Dungeons Explanation

What exactly are raids? Raids are six-player missions with a difficult “final boss” task. They are culminating events that typically bring a campaign’s narrative to a close and take place in some of the franchise’s most beautiful locales. Raids, on the other hand, have featured various degrees of narrative introduction throughout Destiny’s existence. Unfortunately, from a narrative standpoint, you aren’t always clear what the raid is about or why you’re doing it. I hope this summary clears up any misunderstandings about the game’s current operations, which span several time periods and campaigns. (I’m not going into detail about retired raids since this isn’t a complete lore review.)

What exactly are dungeons? Dungeons are mini-raids in Destiny that are designed for three players instead of six and have simpler rules. They’re also set in beautiful settings and include some of the finest PVE stuff in the game.

Finally, I’ve added links to other people’s video tutorials. 🙂

Content that is available for free (accessible by New Light players)

  • Raid for six players is the activity.
  • Location: Inside long-lost Vex buildings on Venus. The activity is started via the Director map’s Legends tab.
  • Vex is the main foe (time-traveling robots who contain canisters of intelligent microorganisms)
  • The activity’s premise is to break into an old Vex crypt and prevent them from altering the spacetime continuum.
  • Background: In the D1 base game’s campaign, you were led by the Exo Stranger (Beyond Light’s Elsie Bray) to explore the Vex presence across our solar system. This took you to an ancient human settlement on terraformed Venus, where you discovered research on the Vault of Glass, a potential Vex “temple.” You later discovered a bunch of Vex worshiping a black glob of pure Darkness on Mars. That was the only piece of information you had. I’m not going to summarize anything. Before you entered the raid, you only knew this. The Exo Stranger’s incomprehensible dialogue-turned-meme, “I don’t have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain,” typified this lack of knowledge. (Hence the unusual pulse rifle’s moniker.)
  • Connections to the D1 campaign 1: There is no overt link to the D1 campaign. After all, this is a long-lost Vex tomb with no one aware of its existence. The raid was transferred into D2 “as is,” with no relation to the D2 narrative. Because it is labeled as one of the “Legends,” consider it a throwback.
  • Campaign connections 2: The Vault of Glass’ final boss chamber is a throne room for a construct known as Atheon, who is both a huge guy with a big gun and a timeline intersection node (yes, I just wrote that sentence). The throne chamber contains portals to places the society refers to as “Mars” and “Venus.” This was understandable in D1 since D1 Mars resembled real-life Mars, albeit with a few dead trees. D1 Venus, on the other hand, was a lush, terraformed rainforest. As a result, when you entered those portals and observed a desert and a forest, you named them Mars and Venus. However, lore experts were able to explain that you are not seeing rooms on other worlds, but rather one room at various times. What seems to be “Mars” or “desert” is really Venus before it was terraformed (how it would appear in real life), while “Venus” or “jungle” is a future Venus that has been more terraformed.
  • Current events relevance: There’s no point, but keep in mind this essential lesson: “Guardians choose their own destiny.” Yes, absolutely.
  • Dungeon for three players is the kind of activity.
  • Alternate dimension of the cosmos (activity launched via a node on the Tower map)
  • The Taken are the main antagonists (slave soldiers made of glowy Darkness energy)
  • The activity’s premise is that you visit a strange realm to discover what the Darkness is, with a Darkness fleet ready to attack mankind. To make it through this trip we call life, you learn that you must use both the light and the dark. The more you know, the better.===*
  • Background: This event occurs during the Season of Arrivals (mid-2020), just before to the Beyond Light DLC. The solar system has been invaded by a fleet of terrifying Darkness spacecraft known as Pyramids. Except for the Drifter, no one has had direct touch with the Darkness until now. The Gambit NPC and cowboy scoundrel, to be precise. Your spacecraft land to a floating space sphere pulled by Drifter’s ship in the loading screen of every Gambit match. After that, he performs his cheesy coin-juggling routine and gives you a motivational talk to get the game started. That sphere, in any case, includes an alternative realm in which Drifter interacts with cosmic beings known as The Nine. It’s a different tale to figure out who the Nine are. To summarize, Drifter has learnt of the Darkness from the Nine.
  • Ghost, Drifter, and Eris Morn are on the phone (emo Moon sorceress and survivor of Hive attacks)
  • 1st campaign connection: Eramis, the primary villain of the Beyond Light DLC, may be the last boss, since he has gone to the Darkness. Her evil “echo” reverberates across the Nine Realms.
  • Beyond Light continues the story of Drifter and Eris as they go to Europa to discover more about the Darkness.
  • Current events relevance: Nothing specific, more of a general framework for accepting the Darkness for the greater good.

DLC for Forsaken (2018)

  • Raid for six players is the kind of activity.
  • The Dreaming City is where you’ll find yourself (in the Asteroid Belt)
  • The Taken are the main antagonists.
  • The activity’s premise is to go to Rivendell in space and fight corrupt sorcerers, a shadow army, and a mad monster.
  • Background: The Forsaken campaign does a good job of setting up this raid, and there’s even a voice-over introduction during the loading screen (this should be adopted in all activities). We hear of a plan to break into the Dreaming City, a prohibited refuge for the Awoken, in the campaign (mystical pastel humans living in the Asteroid Belt). Petra Venj, one of the Awoken’s commanders, asks for your assistance in foiling this plan. You succeed in part, but the sanctuary’s doors have been unlocked, allowing humanity’s adversaries access to its mystical mysteries. Petra is eager to keep these secrets safe for her Queen.
  • The activity’s real concept is that we discover the Queen’s great secret. She’s caught an Ahamkara, a mythical “space dragon” capable of granting wishes by manipulating time and space. Riven aided the Queen for a long time before becoming corrupted (“taken”) at some point. Only the Hive’s ultimate leadership has the ability to “take” like this. Riven’s power means that this corruption may have catastrophic consequences for the Awoken, and eventually mankind. Unfortunately, the only way to kill the corrupted Awoken is to enter the forbidden sanctuary of the Awoken, fight all the corrupted Awoken there, and then locate and destroy the corrupted Riven.
  • Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riven Riv (speaking in the distorted voice of NPCs you know and trust)
  • Campaign Links 1: Savathun, the Witch Queen of the Hive, reveals the whole raid to be one huge shell game. You set off a curse intended by Savathun to alter spacetime and imprison the Dreaming City in a temporal loop by murdering Riven. Various adversaries attack the Dreaming City throughout this loop, which the Guardians resist. We slaughter the invaders again and over again as a result of this. Savathun harnesses the waves of all this time-looped slaughter, giving her incredible power. Riven gave this as his “final wish,” thus the raid’s name. This curse has persisted to this day, and the boss of the Season of the Splicer narrative may have had a role in it.
  • Campaign ties 2: In D1, the Ahamkara were mentioned in many lore lines and exotic goods (and some in D2). Many gamers went on a hunt for Ahamkara proof in playable regions, similar to the hunt for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. A “chef’s kiss” moment and a gift to that dedicated community was the discovery of a surviving and really awe-inspiring Ahamkara.
  • Relevance to current events: Last Wish and Forsaken are essential to Destiny’s long-term story, particularly as it leads up to the Witch Queen DLC in 2022.
  • Dungeon for three players is the kind of activity.
  • The Dreaming City is where you’ll find yourself (in the Asteroid Belt)
  • The Taken are the main antagonists.
  • The activity’s premise is to enter a hidden world in the Dreaming City that is being overrun by the Taken.
  • The Dreaming City was tainted by Riven’s “final desire,” which he fulfilled. The Taken and the Hive are looting the Dreaming City’s secrets and running wild.
  • First, major characters in the Destiny world have the capacity to live after death. To accomplish so, they construct a throne world, which is an alternative realm. Consider it a cloud backup for the soul after the body has been destroyed. This is the throne world that Mara Sov, Queen of the Awakened, constructed. When you arrive, though, the location is under assault and has been “shattered.” This is because Queen Mara, who died in D1, is now gallivanting throughout the cosmos on an unknown mission. Savathun has sent her spies to raid Mara’s royal planet while she is away. There may be a portal here to a kind of “heaven” where the Awoken have resided for millennia. Regardless, we must prevent the evil guys from gaining access to that portal.
  • Campaign links 2: Using a shattered Awoken talisman, we access the locked Dreaming City during the Forsaken campaign. The talisman is empowered and repaired by killing different bosses in the Shattered Throne. The restored talisman may be presented to a dungeon statue. This is a statue of Sjur Eido, a renowned Awoken warrior who is honored in Mara’s royal realm. The statue rewards you with a beautiful exotic bow named Wish-Ender when you return this mended talisman. You use it to eliminate corruption sources across the Dreaming City, putting a stop to the last wish’s consequences (to a degree).
  • Campaign ties 3: In the Season of the Splicer narrative, we meet Eido, a Fallen/Eliksni historian named for the famous Awoken warrior.
  • Relevance to current events: Queen Mara Sov is a prominent figure in Destiny, and she may make an appearance in future seasons. Aside from that, the Forsaken mythology is essential to the continuing plot. The Dreaming City’s curse has not yet been fully lifted.

DLC for Shadowkeep (2019)

  • Raid for six persons is the kind of activity.
  • On Mars, there is a Vex garden sanctuary (but the activity is launched from the Moon).
  • Vex is one of Vex’s enemies.
  • The activity’s premise is to defeat a robot army that worships an evil force that is threatening Earth.
  • Background: In the D2 base game’s (2017) final cinematic, we witnessed a frightening fleet of Darkness ships known as Pyramids approaching our solar system. The wreckage of one such spacecraft is found on the Moon in the Shadowkeep DLC for 2019. In the Shadowkeep campaign, we discovered a strange shrouded statue and a Darkness relic as we boarded the ship. This artifact transmitted a signal to Mars, particularly to the Black Garden, which we had previously seen in D1. We believe this communication is part of a Darkness trap, but the stakes are too high not to look into it. Unfortunately, none of these monsters (Vex or Darkness) appear throughout the Shadowkeep campaign, so the raid seems a little out of place.
  • The real concept of the activity: We go to the Black Garden through a gateway on the Moon to examine the transmission. We fight a fanatical Vex group there, whom we encountered in the Black Garden in D1. This group is a subset of the Vex collective as a whole. Unlike the main collective, which is more mathematical, this group has learnt to rely on faith and worship. That’s excellent. Regrettably, they revere the Darkness. That’s not good.
  • Connections to the campaign: At the conclusion of the raid, we find another another Darkness statue and an item. This one communicates directly with the Darkness. Those letters reveal more about the Black Garden, as well as a long-ago battle between Light and Darkness that dates back to the beginning of time.
  • Relevance to current events: The messages may provide valuable context for future DLCs and the larger “Light versus Dark” story.
  • Dungeon for three players is the kind of activity.
  • Subterranean Hive temples on the Moon
  • Hive is the main enemy (creepy zombie-bug aliens in bony armor)
  • The activity’s premise is to enter a Dark Souls-style subterranean stronghold and kill a Hive champion there.
  • Background: The Pit of Heresy, a gladiator pit situated under the enormous red castle on the Moon, is revealed through story cards in the Shadowkeep DLC. A new Hive champion will emerge from this Pit, leading the Hive to victory in the battle against the Light. That would be a disaster.
  • 1: This was a side mission in the Shadowkeep DLC that had nothing to do with the campaign other than being another interesting Hive site on the Moon. The Pit of Heresy, like everything else in Destiny right now, is linked to Savathun, who altered events in the Pit to aid the Hive in learning terrifying abilities.
  • Campaign links 2: The term “heresy” in the title alludes to efforts to go around the Hive’s “sword logic” doctrine. According to this view, whomever dies deserves to die, while whoever kills deserves to live. The Hive, on the other hand, are utilizing dark magic to transfer souls, revive vanquished fighters, and utilize cunning instead of violence in the Pit of Heresy—all of which go against sword logic’s purity.
  • Current events relevance: The lore cards perpetuate the “Savathun all along” cliche. Various legends, both here and abroad, claim Savathun is attempting to circumvent the Hive’s sword logic beliefs. This is one of the reasons why some members of the community think she will eventually become a sympathetic figure pitted against a much more powerful adversary. Do you trust a liar who claims, “I’m not lying,” every time?

DLC (2020) From Beyond Light

  • Raid for six persons is the kind of activity.
  • Europa research facilities are located.
  • Fallen Enemies (a.k.a. Eliksni, the vaguely Predator-looking aliens)
  • Stop the Fallen from stealing technology from a research center, according to the activity’s premise.
  • Background: Humanity established sophisticated research institutions across the solar system hundreds of years ago. One of these facilities was on Jupiter’s moon Europa. It becomes a target for the House of Salvation, a Fallen/Eliksni group seeking for anything that may help them rise from the ruins of their civilisation. They’re even willing to utilize Darkness-given abilities, since the Darkness has a presence on Europa. In the Beyond Light campaign, you take on House of Salvation and defeat the majority of its leadership. Prior to the last battle with Eramis, she sent several of her lieutenants to “the crypt” to “prepare the corpse.” The fabled Deep Stone Crypt, the source of the Exo program that produced artificial people, is revealed to be “the crypt” (one of the character types you can create when you start the game). For years, the lore community looked for the Deep Stone Crypt and had numerous ideas about where it might be found.
  • The goal of the activity is to find the entrance to the Deep Stone Crypt, then enter there and prevent the House of Salvation from obtaining Exo technology, which would render them almost unstoppable. The desperate House of Salvation attempts to bomb Europa and even crashes a huge space station to prevent others from accessing the Deep Stone Crypt, and things get worse from there.
  • 1st campaign connection: The Beyond Light campaign has come to a close. The community’s accomplishment of the raid also opened new places on Europa.
  • Campaign ties 2: Eramis instructed her agents to prepare the corpse of Taniks, the last raid monster. He’s a “body” since we’ve previously slain him twice in D1.
  • Current events relevance: So yet, nothing has been revealed other than the end of Beyond Light’s narrative. Eramis, the campaign’s leader, may return at some point in the future. And who knows, maybe Taniks may show up once again. “You! “How many times do I have to murder you, boy?” says the narrator.

This is an avenue I’ve been taking for a long time, where I’ll review, explain, and provide a post-mortem of where a popular raid or dungeon goes wrong in the context of the current season.. Read more about destiny season of the splicer and let us know what you think.

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