Minecraft is one of the most popular video games of all time. While its graphical fidelity can be lacking, the game’s open-ended nature and lack of a player-vs-environment dynamic are usually enough to convert casual gamers into “crafters” and “builders,” who spend countless hours creating the elaborate and intricate structures that make up the game.

For those of you who love your mods, you’re probably looking forward to the Minecraft 1.6 update. It’s not coming out until late October, but the development team has been hard at work, making sure that it’s just as awesome as it was before. However, not everyone is impressed by the new update, seeing it as unnecessary.

Minecraft is a sandbox-style game that allows players to build—and explore—their own virtual world. With a new update out every few weeks, there is always new content and interesting things to do. If you can imagine it, Minecraft players can make it. If you have a mod installed, you can log into your Minecraft world and build it. These mods range from “normal” things like a new block to mine, to thing that completely change the game. Here are 20 of the strangest mods for the game, and the fact that they exist at all.

A game as moddable as Minecraft is destined to generate a plethora of modifications that alter the game in various ways.

To offer difficulty, most of us think of game-changing mechanisms and technological machinery, as well as additional creatures and biomes.

However, there are a plethora of really bizarre and amazing modifications, some of which may be helpful, but the most of them are not.

You can now twerk your way through your farm, become a vampire, and raise a chicken army all in one game, which is a real testimony to the Minecraft community’s ingenuity.

Do you want to know how to do it? Continue reading…


Twerk Sim 2k16 is number 20.

Take a Look At This Mod

We’re kicking things off with a mod with a name that’s as odd as its content!

Funwayguy’s mod, although not exactly a twerking simulator, enables you to twerk (spam the shift key) adjacent to crops to grow them.

It works on any crop or tree that would usually require bonemeal – thus it’s not just strange, but also helpful!


19. Canine Abilities

Doggy Talents / Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

You definitely don’t have time for pets if you’re playing modified Minecraft, but this mod addresses that issue.

Tame a wolf, give him the name Bob, feed him, take care of him, and play fetch with him.

Then dispatch it to fight Creepers.

Poor Bob.


18. Celestials with Enhanced Abilities

Enhanced Celestials / Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

Corgi taco’s patch adds random lunar occurrences – there are now two, but more will be added in the future.

A Harvest moon may appear at any time, causing all of your crops and plants to develop considerably faster. Nice!

Alternatively, you may encounter a Blood Moon, in which monsters spawn quicker, in larger numbers, and closer to the player, causing you to die often and preventing you from sleeping. Less appealing.

I’m sure the Blood Moon prizes are worthwhile, but only you can decide.


17. Morph

Morph Mod for Minecraft featuring Enderman

Take a Look At This Mod

Have you ever wished to be an Enderman?

You can now!

This Morph mod was developed by veteran mod creator iChun, and it allows you to morph into any creature you’ve slain, from Chickens to Bats, Endermen, and even Creepers.

If you’re feeling really sleazy, you can even utilize mob skills like flying and water breathing.


Dusting the Crops

Crop Dusting Minecraft Farting Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Just to make this list’s “strange” quota higher… This mod takes what Twerk Sim 2k16 accomplished and made it much better.

To be honest, it’s gone too far.

MrAmericanMike’s mod includes squatting close to crops to speed up their growth, however instead of a dance craze, fart sounds and animations are used.

Who says that modified Minecraft is just for adults?


The Erebus (15.)

The Erebus Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

Minecraft modders are constantly coming up with novel ways to die, and the Erebus is no exception.

This mod adds an entire world of strange and… well, simply crazy creatures that are trying to get you, and it’s called “The Dimension of the Arthropods.”

These have learnt a few more lessons than their Overworld and Nether counterparts.

There are several craftable things to aid you in your survival, but you’ll mainly need brains and guts.


Evil Wandering Trader (No. 14)

Evil Wandering Trader Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

While the standard Wandering Trader may be irritating, they at least attempt to be helpful.

If you don’t strike a deal with the Wandering Trader, he’ll assault you and take your goods, all before his wicked skeleton llamas fly away with it, according to Paralogoss’ mod.

You won’t realize he’s the bad version until you’re waving farewell to two skeleton llamas with all your hard-earned cash!


Vampirism is number thirteen.

Vampirism Mod / Minecraft Screenshot Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

Vampirism, which qualifies as both odd and strange, totally alters the way you play the game.

You may either hunt vampires or become one.

You’ll have your job cut out for you in any case.

You may level up and recruit minions to help you with your dirty job as you go down either route. So that you may get down to business as a Vampire Baron or Master Hunter.


Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo,

Bing Bing Wahoo Minecraft Mod Settings

Take a Look At This Mod

This is probably the newest mod on the list, but it’s strange none the less.

Tropheusj’s patch adds mechanics inspired by Super Mario 64 to Minecraft.

I’ll confess that I’ve never played Minecraft and thought to myself, “Not enough backflip.”

However, extra leaps may come in useful!


Trumpet Skeleton (No. 11)

Trumpet Skeleton Minecraft Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

The normal mob noises in Minecraft are quite scary, particularly that unexpected zombie moan in the middle of the night as you flee back to base.

Jamieswhiteshirt_ steps in to make matters worse by putting trumpets on skeletons.

Of course, not all of them.

However, the sound of a nearby trumpet will give you the creeps – at least until you kill the skeleton and take its trumpet.

Doot doot, doot doot, doot doot,


10. Chaos Mod: Entropy

Entropy: Chaos Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

Im JC52’s offering isn’t a mod for lengthy, complicated survival builds, but it does trigger random occurrences every 30 seconds.

These may range from the seemingly innocuous, such as teleporting the player a short distance or degrading the visuals, to the more serious, such as meteor showers and inverted gravity.

It’s ideal for broadcasters who want to let their audience vote on the next event…

Which puts a lot of faith in strangers on the internet.


9. Cubes of Chance

Chance Cubes / Minecraft Mod Screenshot

Take a Look At This Mod

TurkeyDev’s Chance Cubes are gigantic dice that, when opened, offer a random “prize” anywhere around the globe.

The variety of prizes is really remarkable, with some of the more desired ones being useful/rare goods, a new town or home for the player to claim, and so on.

Of course, you might be rewarded with a deluge of TNT bricks from above… best of luck!


Chickens (nine)

Chickens Inventory Screenshot / Minecraft Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

This is one of the most “abnormally helpful” modifications on the list.

This Chickens mod allows you to (obviously) breed chickens with a variety of stats and colors.

All kinds of outcomes may be obtained here with a complete crossbreeding scheme.

From hens laying colors to metals and even diamonds, there’s something for everyone!

You may even build a henhouse for your prized pet hens to reside in while collecting their eggs. For the complete chicken experience, to be sure.


Pandemic No. 7

Pandemic GooVID Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

You may now try surviving a pandemic in Minecraft if you need a little more experience.

The mod by HellFirePvP adds a spreadable effect named ‘GooVID-20’ (just in case you forgot about 2020).

And, of course, the only way to stop this spreadable mod is to use sanitizer.

Thankfully, sanitizer is craftable in the mod, so you won’t have to worry about the Creeper from across the corner panicking and purchasing it all (though the creeper may still explode in your face, they haven’t gone completely insane).


The King of the Villagers is number six.

King of the Villagers Minecraft Mod

Take a Look At This Mod

Who knew that all you needed to be royalty was a diamond-encrusted throne?

After being installed, a villager will take the throne and become King.

Then he may exchange emeralds for part of his enormous personal wealth (which he allegedly discovered under the throne) and lounge about looking nice.


5. Endermen are a group of people that get along.

Endermen are Friends Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

Endermen, it turns out, are just misunderstood, and all they truly want is a flower.

AlkyaLy, a mod developer, converted a Tumblr post into a mod here, and it’s weird:

If you offer an enderman a flower, they will get pacified almost instantly — if you can get near enough!


SquidMilk is number four on the list.

SquidMilk / Black Squid in Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

I’m not sure what the strangest aspect of this mod is:

Its existence, or the fact that it was formerly a component of Minecraft (before it was “bug-fixed”).

It allows you to milk squids, as the name implies.

If you’re interested in that kind of stuff.


DireGoo (#3)

DireGoo Goo Mod for Minecraft

Take a Look At This Mod

“For those who want goo to devour their worlds”

To be honest, I think that eliminates most of us, but what do I know?

Direwolf20’s mod adds a goo block that spreads across the game. Quite a bit.

As a result, neighboring blocks become goo.

There are other things added here that assist you in fighting the goo, so if you’re ready for a battle, this mod is worth checking out.


Pixelmon is number two.

Pixelmon Mod for Minecraft / Preview Screenshot

Take a Look At This Mod

This is the crossover mod you didn’t realize you needed or want.

Let’s suppose you’ve had enough of Pokémon and want to try your hand at Minecraft instead… However, in order to play your game, you must be acquainted with Pokémon.

This is the mod for you!

This mod successfully integrates the entire Pokémon experience (albeit not every Pokémon) into Minecraft, including Pokémarts in towns, fighting, trading, breeding, and capturing Pokémon.

You may choose to finish the Pokedex or join a server for PvP fights, and you can set your own objectives and play your own way.

As a result, there is something for everyone.

Plus, if you’re looking for more ideas, check out our comprehensive collection of Pokémon-themed Minecraft modifications.


1. Rats

Rats in Minecraft / Mod Preview

Take a Look At This Mod

The top position on our list is once again in the category of “weirdly helpful”… if you can handle all the rats.

Install this mod to have a swarm of rats attack your crops and take your food at night, exactly as in the real world.

While they are usually afraid of players, they may be a real pain… Unless, of course, you tame them.

Okay, so it’s not exactly like the actual world.

Rats that have been tamed may carry goods, gather crops, fight monsters, and even create for you.

You may also breed rats to get different colors and raise your own army of rats.

Just keep an eye out for the Pied Piper, who is said to be in charge of a horde of deadly rats ready to attack gamers!

One of the most amazing, and rewarding, things about the gaming community is the diversity of modders. Some of the strangest mods are done by ordinary people who took the time to learn how to code, while others are the work of the most dedicated and talented individuals. We’ve been lucky enough to get a chance to check out the best mods created by the best Minecraft modders on the planet.. Read more about weird fish found and let us know what you think.

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