The Ascent Heavy Gunner Build Guide – Behemoth Tank, Skills

Tanks are one of the most fun and challenging tanks to play in World of Tanks. It is a valuable skill to understand how to grind them out. With this guide, you will learn the basics of the BEHEMOTH tank and what it takes to become a proficient BEHEMOTH tank driver.

The Ascent Heavy Gunner is a very powerful tank in the game. It can plow through enemies with ease, but must have some skills and training to truly succeed. This guide contains all the skills, strategies, and tips to help you master the Behemoth.

First off, I will just say this. I am not a tank player. Tank play is a very old-school style of play. I have played tanks, I have watched others tank and I have even tried to tank myself to death. However, these tanks are not the type of tanks I recommend to people. Tanks like the Challenger IIC and the IS-7 don’t fit the play style I recommend. These tanks are for people who are tanking for the sake of tanking. They don’t fit my style of play. They may be able to do it, but I personally don’t recommend it. So, what do I recommend? The Jenner is the perfect example of a tank that is viable in this style of play. It

The Ascent Heavy Gunner Build Guide – Behemoth Tank, Skills

We’ll teach you how to construct a Behemoth Tank heavy gunner in our Heavy Gunner Build Guide for Ascension. As the name implies, this heavy gunner construct is designed to rip opposing targets to shreds with a constant onslaught of gunfire.

This setup includes a mech suit that allows you to fire bullets at enemies while combining skills and abilities that increase damage. While the Shotgun Specialist is another build that enables you to get close, the Behemoth tank provides you with enough of ammunition and armor to absorb incoming damage while annihilating enemies at will.

The Ascent Heavy Gunner Build Guide

The heavy gunner build with the greatest skills, guns, armor, and augmentation abilities is described below.

Best Capabilities

This build requires the following four skills:

  • Handling of Weapons
  • Tactical Awareness
  • Crit Hit Percentage
  • Balance

Weapon Handling is a useful ability to have at the beginning of this build. Because you won’t have heavy weaponry to begin with, you’ll have to depend on ordinary weapons as you level up.

Critical Hit Rate and Tactical Sense are the other two abilities. For the miniguns you’ll be carrying in this setup, the Critical Hit Rate will be ideal. Because of their rapid rate of fire, miniguns aren’t very precise, yet scoring crit strikes on enemies may make all the difference while battling numerous opponents. Tactical Sense increases the rate at which your turrets and bots, as well as throwable grenades, recharge.

The last skill is Balance, which is likewise an essential talent to have given the mobility penalty imposed by heavy weapons.

Tactical Gear and Best Weapons

Along with the hefty weaponry you carry, the Pocket Mech is a mechanical outfit that most characterizes this construct. When you don the Mech suit, you get immunity and a large number of bullets to rain down on the targets.

While you won’t constantly be wearing your mech suit, you’ll require weapons that are more suited to this type of gameplay. The MG1000 Strikebreaker Minigun and the Strobos Minigun are these weapons. However, these miniguns will not be accessible right once, so you’ll have to depend on weapons that are close, if not identical. In this scenario, you may use the Dread or EBR Enforcer weapons until the merchant gives you the miniguns.

The Most Effective Augmentation Capabilities

Moving on to this build’s augmentations, you have two abilities that will actively assist you in battle. The first is the Stasis Stomp, which comes in handy when there are many opponents around or when there are too many targets for you to handle. The Stasis Stomp stops opponents when they enter a stasis effect, allowing you complete control over how you take down targets.

The Spiderbots are the second ability you’ll need to combine with the Stasis Stomp. These are buddy bots that will detonate after they have decided on a victim. The Spiderbots ability is there to make things work in your advantage, and the Behemoth Tank build is all about how you can destroy opponents.

More The Ascent guidelines may be found here:

This ends our Heavy Gunner Build Guide for The Ascent. Please leave your thoughts in the box below.

If you’ve been following our other guides you’ll know that this is our guide for the new behemoth tank, the behemoth. We’ve put together a few guide for the behemoth tank already, but this time it’s all about the skills that will help it to be the behemoth tank you want it to be.. Read more about the ascent best skills reddit and let us know what you think.

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