For every team in FIFA Ultimate Team, there is a player that makes them a really strong team. For the Atlanta Falcons, they have Julio Jones. For the Seattle Seahawks, they have Richard Sherman. But the most important position in football is the quarterback. It is the quarterback that makes you a championship contender, or an underdog. It is the quarterback that wins you games, and wins the Super Bowl.

We know this is a game, but the fact remains that there are some players out there that are better than others. It’s always been a headache to find the best defenders in FIFA games, but we have finally found the best defenders in FIFA 21. What makes them so amazing? And what does that mean for the rest of us?

Defenders  may be some of the most talked about players in FIFA 21, but if that’s the case, why aren’t they a bigger talking point? In fact, they are, but they’re not being played to the best of their ability. How you play the position has a huge impact on how many goals you concede, and when you do, as a defender, you’re most often at fault. That’s why we’ve collated the stats from our in-house testing and found the best defenders for each role in FIFA 21.

The best defenders in FIFA 21

Any football team’s defense is undoubtedly its backbone, but recruiting excellent and durable defenders is far from simple. Your center-backs are your final line of defense against attacking attackers, and full-backs have become more important in contemporary game. 

“Attack wins games,” declared Sir Alex Ferguson. Defense wins you titles.” That’s why we’ve done a thorough dive and compiled a list of the best defenders in FIFA 21 so you’ll be completely prepared to face up against the best and never be caught off guard. 

In FIFA 21, who are the greatest defenders?

The greatest defenders in FIFA 21 are ranked by position.


  1. Liverpool/Trent England’s Alexander-Arnold (87)
  2. Real Madrid/Dani Spain’s Carvajal (86)
  3. Kyle Walker (Manchester City/England) (85).
  4. Leicester City/Ricardo Portugal’s Pereira (85)
  5. Jesus Navas (84) was born in Sevilla, Spain.
  6. Chelsea/Azpilicueta Spain’s (84)
  7. Atletico Madrid/Kieran England’s Trippier (83)
  8. Manchester City/Joao Portugal’s Cancelo (83)
  9. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (83) is a Manchester United and England midfielder.
  10. Sergi Roberto (83) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona FC.
  11. Wolverhampton Wolves/Nelson Portugal’s Semedo (83) 
  12. Lars Bender (82) is a German footballer who plays for Bayer Leverkusen.
  13. Juan Cuadrado (81) – Colombia/Piemonte Calcio 
  14. Borussia Dortmund/Thomas Belgium’s Meunier (81)
  15. PSG/Alessandro Italy’s Florenzi (81)


  1. Virgil Van Dijk (90) – Liverpool/Netherlands Virgil Van Dijk (90) – Liverpool/Netherlands Virgil Van Dijk
  2. Real Madrid/Sergio Spain’s Ramos (89)
  3. Kalidou Koulibaly (88) – Senegal/Napoli
  4. Piemonte Calcio/Giorgio Italy’s Chiellini (87) 
  5. Manchester City/Aymeric France’s Laporte (87) 
  6. Raphael Varane (86) – France/Real Madrid 
  7. Barcelona FC/Gerard Spain’s Pique (86)
  8. Mats Hummels (86) is a German footballer who plays for Borussia Dortmund. 
  9. PSG/Marquinhos Brazil’s (85) 
  10. Chelsea/Thiago Brazil’s Silva (85) 
  11. Matthijs De Light (85) – Piemonte Calcio/Netherlands Matthijs De Light (85) – Piemonte Calcio/Netherlands Matthijs De Light (8
  12. Internazionale/Milan Slovakia’s Skrinier (85) 
  13. Leonardo Bonucci (85) is an Italian footballer who plays for Piemonte Calcio. 
  14. Tottenham Hotspur/Toby Belgium’s Alderweireld (85)
  15. Clement Lenglet (85) is a French footballer who plays for Barcelona FC.


  1. Liverpool/Andrew Scotland’s Robertson (87)
  2. Jordi Alba (86) is a Spanish footballer who plays for Barcelona FC.
  3. Piemonte Calcio/Alex Brazil’s Sandro (85)
  4. Alex Telles (84) is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Porto FC.
  5. Everton/Lucas France’s Digne (84) 
  6. Benfica/Alex Spain’s Grimaldo (84)
  7. Ajax/Nicolas Argentina’s Tagliafico (84)
  8. Real Madrid/Marcelo Brazil’s (83) 
  9. Ferland Mendy (83) is a French footballer who plays for Real Madrid. 
  10. PSG/Juan Spain’s Bernat (83)
  11. Marcos Acuna (83) – Argentina/Sevilla
  12. Yuri Berchiche (83) is a Spanish athlete who plays for Athletic Bilbao.
  13. Valencia/Jose Spain’s Gaya (83)
  14. Internazionale/Aleksander Serbia’s Kolarov (82) 
  15. Marcel Halstenberg (82) is a German footballer who plays for RB Leipzig. 

Aside from natural talent and general skill level, another important factor to consider while looking for the finest defender to strengthen your backfield is potential. 

Some players will have more ‘built-in’ development potential than others, so if you want to play for more than two seasons, potential will have a significant effect on your team. 

It’s also a fantastic method to get a good deal, since there are many of bright prospects you can buy for a low price and develop into worldwide football superstars. 

There are a number of things that can happen when you play any sports game, that make you perform above or below your normal level. The ability for these things to happen is down to a variety of factors such as the player, the game, the situation, the team and so on. If you want to become the best FIFA player you can, then you should be familiar with all of these things since they are all possible to affect your chances of scoring or saving a goal.. Read more about best right backs fifa 21 career mode and let us know what you think.

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