On a ship, one of the most important things to take care of is the figurehead; the person who is the captain, and the person who is the face on the ship. The best figureheads are those who can represent the ship, and represent the captain, through their actions.

The Galaga, the Space Invaders, the Pacman, the Donkey Kong, the Legend of Zelda—all of these games are synonymous with the arcade. You can play them with a joystick, a keyboard, or a video game controller, and often you compete against other people. The arcade game is an entertainment machine, but the arcade cabinet is more than just a cheap toy and a source of entertainment. The cabinet is also an icon, a signifier, a window into the past. Here, you can find history, nostalgia, and a glimpse into a past society.

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On a ship, the figurehead may reveal a lot about the crew.

It may demonstrate their accomplishments, their sense of style, or just that they are lazy since they didn’t wear one at all.

There’s a narrative for every team, no matter what it is you want to tell.

And with so many options, making a decision may be difficult – but let me help you out with this rating.


10. Figurehead of a Shark Hunter

Sharks may be among of the game’s most vexing animals. Particularly if you want to investigate a shipwreck in quiet.

This Figurehead is worth a shot if you want to make them think twice before assaulting you.

The Shark Hunter Figurehead is precisely how you’d expect it to be:

It’s a shark that’s been tied to the front of your ship as a warning to any deep-sea terrors that assaulting your crew would result in dire repercussions. It would be, at least, but I believe the sharks in this game see it as a challenge.


Figurehead of the Dark Warsmith

Dark Warsmith Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

The Dark Warsmith Figurehead is the only one on this list that costs Ancient Coins (the premium currency in Sea Of Thieves).

This places a prisoner’s cage in front of your ship, replete with the bones of a hapless scallywag inside.

This may be seen as an indication that your team is tense. I like to think of it as a warning to any pirates who try to stow away on your ship.


Figurehead of a Killer Whale

Killer Whale Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

This one is for all the expert fishermen out there!

An huge Swordfish fastened to the front of your ship is the best way to show off your fishing skills.

To obtain this figurehead, you must complete The Hunter’s Call all the way to Level 50.

This is a one-of-a-kind and immediately identifiable ship cosmetic, and it’s a fantastic reward for hours upon hours of fishing.

Instead, I wish they had gone all out and made it a real killer whale.


Figurehead of the legendary Reaper

Legendary Reaper Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

The Reaper boogeyman is said to wreck ships and take their loot, according to inexperienced sailors.

This goes on the front of your ship if that boogeyman is you.

Only individuals who have reached level 50 in the Reapers Bones faction are eligible for the Legendary Reaper Figurehead. So if you encounter a ship with it, it’s likely that they’ve been in battle before.

It’s also a very unusual figurehead, with a skeleton wearing a Reaper mask.

This is a suitable addition to your vessel if you’re roaming the waters for battle.


Figurehead of the Merchant Alliance

Merchant Alliance Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

Reaching Level 75 with any of the three major factions earns you a figurehead, and the Merchant Alliance figurehead is by far the finest.

The Merchant Alliance will offer you this magnificent eagle figurehead, while the Gold Hoarders will give you a stupid gold pot. It also looks great on any ship.

With its distinctive blue and gold color scheme, the whole Merchant Alliance set looks fantastic.

If that’s not enough, the Merchant Alliance Figurehead is the ideal finishing touch.


5. Iconic Figurehead

Legendary Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

I’m not sure what to say.

A unicorn is the most mythical creature on the planet!

A statue of a unicorn with a gold mane, brilliant glowing eyes, and a luminous horn, the Legendary Figurehead is just that.

Before you rush out to acquire it, keep in mind that you’ll need to be a Legend – a Pirate Legend, to be exact.

You’ll ultimately acquire this title by progressing through the factions. But be sure to save money along the road, since this figurehead costs a whopping 300,000 Gold.


4. Figurehead of the Gilded Phoenix

Gilded Phoenix Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

How would you like a Phoenix nesting under your bowsprit if you’re a lover of legendary beasts?

Sadly, despite its fantastic appearance, this figurehead was a Twitch drop. And, as of this writing, there is no other method to get it.

I’m crossing my fingers that the Shipwright will sell it at some point.

This Gilded Phoenix Figurehead graces the front of your ship with a magnificent majestic Phoenix and goes well with most ship decorations.

In Season 2, a flaming glowing version of this figurehead was available as a Plunder Pass prize, which was excellent. However, I would like not to have a beacon visible from space on the front of my spacecraft.


3. Figurehead in the Shadows

Ghost Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

You shouldn’t spend any longer time on the Ferry of the Damned than is absolutely necessary.

But there’s no disputing that it’s a fantastic ship.

The Ghost Figurehead, which comes complete with a black skeleton and a lantern with an eerie green flame, is a great way to bring a bit of something back from the afterlife.

The only drawback is that you must first become a Pirate Legend and reach Level 10 with Athena’s Fortune, which will take the typical crew hundreds of hours.

This is a long-term objective, so don’t expect to achieve it right immediately.

Just make sure you don’t work yourself into a puddle!


2. Figurehead of a Glorious Sea Dog

Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

If you wanted a medal to hang on the front of your ship, telling you how great you are… You can acquire one, believe it or not!

However, be prepared to pay a hefty price for this one.

The Glorious Sea Dog Figurehead serves as a visual reminder to everyone who sees it that you have reached Level 50 in the Sea Dog faction.

This implies you’ve seen more combat than the majority of the server’s crews combined.

This figurehead is absurd, yet the team that employs it is capable of supporting it.


Figurehead of the Dark Adventurers

Dark Adventurers Figurehead / Sea of Thieves

The Dark Adventurers set is notorious for being exorbitantly priced, and it is locked behind the Pirate Legend level.

The Dark Adventurers Figurehead is no exception, as it is one of the most valuable things in the game, costing more than 8 MILLION GOLD.

It takes a determined pirate to amass that much money, so any crews having this on board can anticipate a fierce battle!

The Figurehead, like the rest of the set, is dark and frightening, and any crew should be afraid of it.

Even if you aren’t looking for blood, having this aboard your ship indicates that you will be a misery to deal with.

As a result, you’ll be able to explore the oceans unhindered – and 8,000,000 Gold poorer!

As our industry grows and matures, we’re seeing more and more developers getting into the market, bringing with them new and exciting releases. But is it enough to simply release a game?  Well, if it isn’t then I feel that we should be trying to appeal to a wider audience with a more diverse range of titles.  That’s why I’ve decided to pick  The best figureheads for your ship.. Read more about hydra figurehead ac odyssey and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get ship figureheads in Assassins Creed Odyssey?

Ship figureheads are earned in the same way as other rewards for the contracts in Assassins Creed Odyssey, and are mostly earned by completing the contract itself. In order to be able to obtain these rewards, you must have completed the main story line and have reached a minimum overall level of 40. Q

How do you get legendary figureheads?

You can get legendary figureheads in the same way that you can get any other figurehead, you have to complete the quest line and defeat the final boss, the problem however is that the final boss is a pretty tough cookie and you will need a lot of luck and skill to beat him.

How do you get the best ship in Assassins Creed Odyssey?

The best ship in Assassins creed odyssey is the Nausicaa. This ship has the best stats and is the best ship to use for any and all activities in the game. Q: What are the best ninja weapons in Assassins Creed Odyssey? The best ninja weapons in

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