This week’s topic comes from one of my favorite decks: Yami Yugi’s Dark Magician deck. The deck is built around Dark Magician, a Rank 2 XYZ monster. The deck’s unique abilities, like the power to summon Dark Magician from your hand, and its effects, like the banishing power of Order to Charge, make it a monster that can make big plays in the game.

XYZ monsters are a staple of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and in this article series I will rank the best 2 of each type available. This update is the last in the series, as I’ve been playing a decent amount of Arena and seeing all of the XYZ monsters of the last week.

In this article, I’ll be going through the best Rank 2 monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh! to use in your Dueling! These monsters are all capable of taking out the top rank monsters in the game, and are in a decent enough position to be taken out by them.. Read more about best rank 1 xyz monsters and let us know what you think.

In Yu-Gi-Oh, level 2 monsters are hard to come by.

There aren’t many decks that can effectively use level 2 monsters, with the exception of frogs, who have been the flagship level 2 monster for as long as Yu-Gi-Oh has existed.

Those that can (and therefore have access to rank 2 XYZ monsters) have some pretty strong options at their disposal.

This rating will assist you in determining which of these rank 2 XYZ cards is the finest of the best.


Daigusto Phoenix (#10)

If you’re playing a wind deck, this man is a fantastic method to end games.

You may have a wind monster you control attack twice in the same round by detaching one XYZ material from Daigusto Pheonix.

You’ll be able to do a lot of damage if you have a wind monster that can strike your opponent straight.

The major disadvantage is that Daigusto’s attack stat is pitiful; to effectively utilize this man, you’ll need a stronger wind monster on your side of the field.


Sandayu Ronin Raccoon, Number 9

Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu YGO Card

Number 64 can only be summoned using beast monsters, therefore you’ll have to use him in a deck that focuses on beasts.

Making a beast deck featuring level 2 monsters has never been simpler thanks to Melffy’s arrival in Return of the Duelist.

You may special summon a token by detaching an XYZ material – this token is essentially a clone of the strongest monster on the field, with attack equal to the highest attack stat on the board.

This is fantastic for overcoming your opponent’s monster – no matter how powerful your opponent’s field is, Number 64’s handy little token will always equal it.


Shark Cat No. 8

Cat Shark Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Cat Shark is a must-have for your extra deck if you’re using an XYZ approach in your main deck.

This is why:

You may detach an XYZ material from this card and use it to double the attack and defense of any XYZ monster you control until the end of the round.

Yu-Gi-Oh already has enough of XYZ monsters with absurd attack stats.

Take a look at cards like Dark Rebellion XYZ Dragon or Number 99: Utopic Dragon to see how severely broken Cat Shark can be.


7. Mannequin Cat (number 29)

Number 29: Mannequin Cat YGO Card

Number 29: Mannequin Cat is one of the newest rank 2 XYZ monsters to enter the field, and it’s a great method to keep your opponent from special summoning from the graveyard.

If your opponent special summons a monster from the graveyard, Number 29: Mannequin Cat enables you to special summon a monster from your hand, deck, or graveyard, as long as it has the same type or attribute as your opponent’s monster.

Using Mannequin Cat’s other effect, you can speed up the process:

You may special summon a monster from your opponent’s graveyard to their side of the field by detaching an XYZ material from this card.

While this will provide them with an additional monster to protect against, it will also let you to get your best monsters out as quickly as possible. And that is definitely worth the money!


Centaurea, the Sky Cavalry

Sky Cavalry Centaurea Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This man has an incredible ability to deal with monsters from the extra deck.

This card is indestructible in battle since it contains XYZ material.

If this card fights an opponent’s monster, you may detach an XYZ material at the conclusion of the damage step to return the fought monster to your opponent’s hand.

This is particularly effective against monsters from the extra deck, since they will be returned to the extra deck, forcing your opponent to summon them all over again.


Number 45: Crumble Logos, the Demolition Prophet

Number 45: Crumble Logos the Prophet of Demolition YGO Card

In contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh, negating monster effects is critical.

You’ll be defeated before you can say “draw for turn?” if you don’t have the power to nullify these strong monster effects.

While Number 45 is on the field, it not only negates a monster forever, but it also stops your opponent from triggering additional duplicates of that monster effect!

This man may be extremely deadly to deal with if you know your opponent depends on a certain card in their deck to succeed.


4. Melffys in a Good Mood

Joyous Melffys Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Melffys are the most recent beast archetype to appear in Yu-Gi-Oh, and they’re both strong and cute!

A picnic of small little woodland creatures has never been so cruel!

(At least, as far as card effects are concerned.) I’m hoping the picnic isn’t too harsh.)

By detaching an XYZ material from this card, Joyous Melffys enables all of your Melffy monsters to attack your opponent immediately.

Melffys are masters in swarming the field with a swarm of creatures. As a result, this effect is an excellent method to inflict a large amount of damage on your opponent.

In fact, this card contains a built-in mechanism for summoning a swarm of Melffys!

You may special summon level 2 or lower beast type monsters (AKA Melffys) to your side of the field by returning a beast-type XYZ monster you control from the field to the extra deck, up to the amount of XYZ materials the returned monster possessed.


3. Cursed Javelin’s Phantom Knights

The Phantom Knights of Cursed Javelin YGO Card

Phantom Knights are one of the most unique XYZ archetypes available. And this individual is a shining illustration of their might!

Here’s how it works:

You may decrease the attack of a monster on the field to 0 and completely negate its effects by detaching an XYZ material from this card.

This makes your opponent’s monsters totally worthless, allowing even a single Kuriboh to knock them out.

Phantom Knights also have access to a number of rank-up magic spells, so after you’ve used this guy’s ability, you’ll probably be able to use him to XYZ summon even more formidable monsters.


2. Opabinia (Paleozoic)

Palaeozoic Opabinia Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you asked me how good a deck would be if the main deck contained no monsters, I’d say it’d be very bad.

Palaeozoic takes that premise and flips it totally upside down, proving to be one of the greatest XYZ decks ever created.

Trap cards are used to create all of their creatures.

They special summon themselves as sort of pseudo-monsters when you activate these different traps, which you can then employ to attack your opponent or summon from the extra deck.

Palaeozoic Opabinia bestows upon you the power that every Yu-Gi-Oh player has wished for: the ability to activate trap cards directly from your hand!

If this card’s XYZ material is a trap monster, you may detach an XYZ material from it to search your deck for any Palaeozoic trap card and add it to your hand — meaning the trap cards you can activate right away will be the finest of the best.


1. Toadally Fantastic

Toadally Awesome YGO Card

The paradigm of the frog has always been one of competition.

They dominated the meta game in the early days of Yu-Gi-existence Oh’s by creating ridiculous tribute summons.

They make summoning all kinds of additional deck monsters a snap in contemporary Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s all because of Toadally Awesome.

You may detach an XYZ material from this card once per round to special summon any Frog monster from your deck directly to your side of the field.

Depending on whatever frog you call, this may trigger a variety of possible combo strings; with this effect, the world is really your oyster.

Toadally Awesome also enables you to negate any spell, trap, or monster effect, then steal that card and place it on your side of the field!

This is as near to stealing your opponent’s cards as you can go without being thrown out of the competition.

Finally, this froggy guy does not abandon you when he departs your field.

You may add any water monster in the graveyard to your hand when Toadally Awesome is put to the graveyard.

You might even conjure a new Toadally Awesome by picking up another frog!

The way I see it, there are a few ways to build a deck for Yu-Gi-Oh! with its current set of cards. You can build an all-heavy-spell deck, or an all-fusion deck (with a heavy focus on the new Synchro monsters), or you can build a hybrid of the two. You can also build a deck that focuses on Rank 2 XYZ monsters.. Read more about best rank 3 xyz monsters and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the strongest XYZ Monster in Yu-Gi-Oh?

The strongest XYZ Monster in Yu-Gi-Oh is currently Number 39: Utopia. Number 39: Utopia is the latest and strongest of the XYZ Monsters. It can be summoned with the Level 10 Number 39: Utopia Beyond, and it can also be summoned using Number

Are XYZ monsters Level 0?

XYZ monsters are a series of Level 0 monsters that have effects that can Special Summon XYZ monsters from the Extra Deck. Q: Can XYZ monsters be used in the XYZ summoning mechanic? No, the XYZ summoning mechanic is a card effect that Special Summons an

What are rank 4 XYZ monsters?

Rank 4 XYZ monsters are the strongest XYZ monsters in the game. They are usually played in decks that do not rely on summoning other monsters, such as an Ancient Gear deck. A Rank 4 XYZ monster is summoned by using 2 Level 4 monsters and 1 Level 4 XYZ monster as materials

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