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The International 2018 is the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year, so it makes sense that many teams did not qualify, right? These teams will find new teams to replace them, which means that new players will be needed to fill the spots. The teams that qualified for The International are not the only ones that are competing for a spot in the tournament—we see many teams that did not qualify, but will still play to try to get in the tournament.

There are some teams that didn’t make it to the Worlds next year, that could have! The World Champions are the only teams that will be back again next year, and there are 10 other teams that will attend the Worlds, for the first time ever. we will also have the World Champions at the Games. We will have some players back again, and some new players, and some other teams, with some players that will be new to the team.

Hello, everyone. I know I just posted an update on Saturday morning, but 10 more teams have now been ruled out of Worlds, so I decided to post another.

And if you’re wondering why I didn’t do it over the week, it’s because if I had, two more LCO teams would have joined, and ten teams is already too many.

Anyway, owing to the large number of teams, I’ll try to keep things brief for everyone, so please forgive me if I don’t give them the attention they deserve. Feel free to discuss it in the comments section!


-Team #30 from the CBLOL: LOUD (LLL). The first team to be knocked out of contention for the 2021 Worlds after losing in the Playoffs (woohoo?).

With two 5-6th Playoffs completed in both splits, I’d say the newly formed Brazilian squad is off to a fantastic start. As I previously said, a yearly record of 21W-15L in the Regular Split and 2-5 in the Playoffs may not be the greatest, but I believe they are deserving of credit for their accomplishments.


-Team #31 from the LJL, Crest Gaming Act (CGA), with a 13W-15L annual record and two clean sweeps in the first round of the Playoffs. Certainly not as excellent as their two third-place results in the 2019 Playoffs, but this has been a typical finish for this organization.


-From the TCL, 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports (FB) is team #32. Even though they were up against JP and LMS, the squad with the strange, lengthy name was the first from a small area to win their Play-ins group. That, too, came from Leaguepedia).

I’m going to take a chance and call this organization “famous” in their area. With a 2nd place result in Winter 2021, 1st place finishes in Winter 2019-20 and Summer 2017, they have represented their area internationally at Rift Rivals and Worlds 2017 as well as MSI 2019 and 2020. (technically).

It’s disappointing to see how quickly this team fell from 1-3 finals to one victory away from reaching the playoffs in only one split, and I hope they do better next year.


-From the PCS, Team #33: Impunity (IMP). In its debut year in the PCS, this formerly LST squad did not anticipate a 4W-14L record in the summer and did not make the playoffs, but hey, at least they got into the PCS.

Spring was somewhat better, but only barely, with a 6th place finish in the Regular Split and a 7-8th place finish in the Playoffs. Best of luck in the upcoming split.


-Team #34 from the LCL: Dragon Army (DA). This club, formerly known as the Dolphins, has had little success in its four seasons in the league (CIS CL does not count). Their lone above-average performance was a second-place finish in the Summer 2018 Playoffs, which was their first and only appearance in the Playoffs.

When you combine their Summer record with their Spring record, they went 4W-10L and 10W-18L. Have a better year next year? By the way, I like their team logo.


-From the LCL, RoX (ROX) is team #35. In 2014, a veteran’s group was established. They’ve only had a smidgeon of success in the LCL, finishing first and second in one Regular Split and second twice in Playoffs.

However, they have had a particularly poor year, with a 7W-21L record. Let’s see what they have in store for us the next year.


-Team #36: The TCL’s 5 Ronin (5R). Until late 2019, Bursasport Esports was the second most renowned team with a 5 in their name (source: believe me dude).

With the exception of the 2020 Summer Playoffs, when they were one win away from defeating SUP in the finals and qualifying for Worlds, 5R has not had a good time in the past four years, regardless of their moniker. However, they often finish near the bottom of the standings, missing out on the Playoffs.

They’ve had an ordinary year, going 6-12 in the spring and 8-10 in the summer, and are just a tiebreaker away from reaching the playoffs.


-The TCL’s fastPay Istanbul Wildcats (IW) are team #37. When it comes to MSI 2021 burnout, most people refer to C9, RNG, or MAD, but it seems that the Turkish team was the most affected. It’s a bummer going from a winning Winter to an 8-10 Summer record and being one tiebreaker game away from the Playoffs.

This squad, once known as HWA Gaming, has had its ups and downs, but they’ve also had their fair share of successes. Some second-place results, a LOT of third-place finishes, a first-place finish in Regular Split Summer 2020, and, of course, qualifying for MSI 2021.

Why did this team’s fortunes plummet so drastically this split? Are Beşiktaş informing HolyPhoenix that he has to check his PayPal account right now? Sorry, but I haven’t a clue.


Flamengo Esports (FLA) from the CBLOL is team #38. One of the four organizations in Brazil that I refer to as the “Big Brazilian Four” (the BB4s for short). With a 12-6 record in the summer, FLA lost their tiebreaker for second place against Vorax, relegating them to the Playoffs Quarterfinals, where they were swept by the 6th seed team, much to my surprise.

In the four years since its inception, they’ve finished second in Playoffs three times, first in Regular Split three times, and won it all once, in Summer 2019, when they represented their region at Worlds.

In the spring of this year, they won the Regular Split and only lost in the semifinals to the eventual winners in a hard-fought 2-3 series, so I’m not sure what happened in the summer, but the players simply didn’t seem to connect.

It’s worth noting that brTT has previously worked with this organization.


-Team #39 from the LLA is Rainbow 7 (RT). The LLA’s Pentagon of Death is over, as the arcoiris squad was the only one to miss out on the Playoffs.

This organization may be unfamiliar to some, but those who have followed the Latin scene more carefully will recall that they were previously known as Lyon Gaming, the uncontested Kings of the North. Since 2013, this group has won not one, not two, but ten Regional Titles, an unprecedented level of local supremacy, and has represented its area at many international competitions.

This is the club that gave birth to the player with the most domestic championships, 11, surpassing Faker: Seiya, who began his career with Lyon Gaming as an adc under the moniker Seeiya.

It’s disappointing to see what happened to this squad this year, since they finished fourth in the Spring Playoffs and didn’t even make it to the Summer Playoffs. Despite the loss of Josedeodo, this squad still featured the renowned jungler Oddie, as well as other well-known personalities in Shadow and Alone, who had returned from retirement.

Next year, I really hope the rainbow shines brightly once again.


Thank you for bearing with my obnoxious material, and I hope to see you all next Saturday.

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The first team to be eliminated from the World Championships in 2021.

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This week, the four teams that didn’t qualify for Worlds 2021 in a 4-team format of Top 4 from WCQ, Top 3 from WU, and the winner of the WCQ Regionals.. Read more about lol worlds 2021 schedule and let us know what you think.

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