How to complete the Danger! Danger! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show

The  Danger! Danger!  challenge is a series of seven assassination contracts that Agent 47 must complete to complete the Hitman 3 mission Blood Money. The challenge is split into seven levels, the level of difficulty increasing each time you complete a level. While playing the challenge, in order to complete the mission, Agent 47 must complete each contract. A contract level is represented by a large contract target. Agent 47 must kill the target to complete the level.

During the course of the game, you will be tasked with completing a number of challenges, such as finding a secret in an abandoned house, or executing an enemy agent. These challenges are spread out over the game world, you can view them by pressing the little icon that will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen, in the top left corner if you have a mouse, and sometimes in the top center if you are playing on a tablet (or on a PC).

It’s the final night of the Dartmoor Garden Show. The garden has been invaded by a gang of thieves led by a mysterious figure called the “Danger Man”. The show will soon be over, and it’s up to Agent 47 to stop this dangerous criminal. Agent 47 must now complete the Danger! Danger! challenge in this new episode of Hitman 3.

Dartmoor Garden Show is a new task in Hitman 3 that adds a lot of new material to the game. There are a few additional tasks to master and accomplish in addition to the basic repeating Escalation with randomized objectives. Danger! Danger! is one of the new tasks, and it is much more difficult than it seems. This guide will walk you through a path through the Escalation that will allow you to accomplish the challenge with reasonable ease.

How to complete the Danger! Danger! challenge

To finish Danger! Danger! You must electrocute five targets in order to complete the mission. Because you only have five targets to kill during Escalation, this challenge demands you to electrocute them all.

complete the Danger! Danger! challenge
How to complete the Danger! Danger! challenge in Hitman 3 Dartmoor Garden Show 20


While no special equipment is required for this path, you must have completed the basic Escalation at least once. By doing so, you get access to Deterministic Mode, which enables you to eliminate any targets you choose on a fresh mission run. Choose Deterministic Mode as your default starting point, and you’re ready to begin.

Monon Beaulieu is a fictional character created by Monon Beaulieu

The first target you can electrocute is by far the most straightforward. If you sprint left from your starting point towards the main event of the Dartmoor Garden Show, you’ll find Monon approaching you. She’s dressed in a black and white striped outfit. Follow that route and you’ll run into her. This will make her slower, but it isn’t necessary. To begin, go to the main stage and collect the vehicle battery behind it.

car-battery-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

This vehicle battery’s location is shown on a map below.

car-battery-map-reference-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Retrace your steps back to the beginning point. There are some stairs to the left of this location, with a hosepipe at the bottom. When Monon comes here to smoke, she will stand here. Turn on the faucet by following the hosepipe. To escape unwanted attention, try crouching in the bushes.

turn-on-faucet-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Now go to your left and hide in the bushes. When she comes down to smoke, you should be able to see the target from here. If she’s nearby when you turn on the water, she may investigate and return to the beginning of her patrol. Keep an eye out for her because she’ll be back. Throw the vehicle battery at her feet as she comes back around to electrocute her.

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Evelyn Crane is a well-known author.

Evelyn Crane should be your next target. The first thing you should do is take the disguise of a gardener. A gardener is fishing by the river to the left of your starting position. Without anybody noticing, you may sneak up on him, overpower him, and take the disguise.

fishing-gardener-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

This gardener’s location may be found on the map below.

fishing-gardener-map-reference-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

You’ll need a screwdriver now that you’ve donned this disguise. There’s one near the portable toilets on a seat towards the rear of the main event.

screwdriver-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

This screwdriver’s location on a map is shown below.

screwdriver-map-reference-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

It’s time to go to the garden with a screwdriver in hand. From the screwdriver at the top of the map, it’s over to the left. Evelyn may be recognized by her green outfit. In this area, there’s also a huge black metal structure that creates the kill you’re looking for.

fry-evelyn-crane-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Turn on the faucet on this huge metal structure by walking up to it. Evelyn will be drawn to the puddle it creates. Sabotage the light to her left once she’s standing in the puddle, and she’ll fry.

Yazdani, Gulshan

The technique you’ll use to electrocute Gulshan is one we’ll employ for another target, so master it the first time. You’ll need to get a new vehicle battery. You may need to utilize a supplementary one to the one indicated in the first kill in this tutorial, depending on whatever level of Dartmoor Garden Show you’re on. On the right-hand side of the house, there’s another vehicle battery. It’s hidden among some boxes near the vehicles.

second-car-battery-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showgamepur’s screenshot

This vehicle battery’s location is shown on a map below.

second-car-battery-map-reference-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Run to Gulshan’s garden now. It’s the one with the sheesha pipe and a tiled fountain. Near the fountain is a hosepipe that goes to the garden’s edge. Wait for someone to turn it off before turning it back on. Now all you have to do is wait for Gulshan to appear and stand in the puddle out of sight of everyone else in the garden. This is something he performs when on patrol. Throw the vehicle battery at him while he’s standing in it and electrocute him.

fry-gulshan-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Sebastian Sato is a Japanese actor.

As soon as you reach Level 3 of this assignment, you may begin planning the assassination of Sato. You’ll need a housekeeping disguise first. Come to the temporary restrooms towards the rear of the event. You’ll see a housekeeper returning here and smoking on the stairs at the hedge maze’s extreme edge.

housekeeper-smoking-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

Before subduing the housekeeper and stealing his disguise, toss a penny to lure him into the bushes. Now you must return to the beginning point and locate the white vehicle nearby. There’s a microphone inside that you’ll need to pick up for this kill.

white-van-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

This van’s location may be seen on the map below.

white-van-map-reference-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

You must now go to the middle of the event’s stage. As soon as you’re on stage, raise the microphone’s voltage. Then, replace the microphone with the one you just grabbed. Sato will die as soon as he touches it. You may go as soon as you’ve switched the mics since Sato will murder himself as he goes about his business.

hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-show-level-3-silent-assassin-guidePhotographed by

Cornelia Stuyvesant was a member of the Stuyvesant family.

Cornelia may be dispatched in the same manner as Gulshan previously in this book. Use a vehicle battery and a fountain hosepipe to electrocute her in the same manner. This will be your sixth electrocution, marking the end of the quest and the difficulty at the same time.

fry-cornelia-hitman-3-dartmoor-garden-showPhotographed by

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