Psychonauts 2 is the sequel to the original Psychonauts, a game that was released more than 10 years ago and tells the story of Razputin, a young psychic who is encouraged to enter a world of psychic adventures after discovering that his father’s psychic powers are much more powerful than his own.

The Psychonauts game series has always been a treat for the mind. With a nutty storyline and a ridiculous cast of characters, the games have been a cult classic since the first made an appearance in 2005. The latest game in the series, Psychonauts 2, is being released this year for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the game, and it’s easy to see why. The story is a lot more interesting than it was in the original, and the crazy characters and environments are just as memorable.

While Psychonauts 2 is still in development, we can already tell you the most important thing about it: it will be fully voiced, with the stars of the original series reprising their roles. The plot will follow the story of Raz and his new psychic abilities (and his ladyfriend!) as the pair investigate the mysterious disappearance of their friend Pontius.. Read more about psychonauts powers and let us know what you think.

What Powers are in Psychonauts 2?

Oh my goodness, I believe the wait for Psychonauts 2 is going to kill me. You’d think it wouldn’t be that difficult; after all, I’ve already waited 15 years; what’s another week? Well, it’s been a torturous week, and I despise it. Thankfully, Double Fine has started releasing brief interview snippets with some interesting information about the game, including one of its most significant features, psychic abilities. So, what are the new abilities in Psychonauts 2?

The developers have stated that five abilities from the original Psychonauts will remain, while three new powers will be included in Psychonauts 2. Let’s start with the resurrected abilities and what makes them unique.

What are the powers in Psychonauts 2?


A good idea may boost you up like nothing else! Levitation is the most comparable to its Psychonauts form, since it provides Raz with a thought balloon on which he may run, bounce, and float. It’s a handy way to travel quicker and leap higher, as well as a way to traverse across hazardous surfaces (excluding water, which Raz avoids owing to his hydrophobia).


Instead of going to counseling, channel your rage into firepower! Raz may use Psy-Blasting to fire a concussive bullet of pure psychic energy. It’s a standard ranged assault, similar to the original Psychonauts, but with the additional benefit of being able to move while firing rather than stopping and shooting.


To get a deeper understanding of the world around you, concentrate your thoughts. Telekinesis has improved dramatically since the previous game. You may now pick up any loose item on the ground and hurl it at opponents, as well as solve environmental puzzles, instead of just specified interactables. Objects picked up with TK may now be thrown straight with a targeting reticle, rather than in an arc. Finally, you may now grasp and toss items while moving, much like in Psy-Blast.


Consider some spicy ideas! Pyrokinesis enables you to burn opponents and things by concentrating on them for a short period of time, making it ideal for striking huge crowds of adversaries. Remember what Ford said: only use it when it’s really essential (or when it’s a lot of fun).


Look at the world through the eyes of someone else! Clairvoyance enables Raz to see through the eyes of surrounding NPCs, revealing clues and mysteries that Raz might otherwise miss. And don’t worry, Raz is still just a stupid picture to them.

Let’s move on to the three new abilities that appear in Psychonauts 2.

To make things clearer, gather your ideas. Raz can connect two thought balloons with Mental Connection. This may be used to change a person’s mental state, but it can also be used as a psychic grappling hook. Raz may use Mental Connection to drag opponents closer to him and pull himself into thought balloons to gain higher terrain (or him to them).

Bubble of Time

Perception is slow, and reality is slow. Raz can use Time Bubble to temporarily slow anything he’s aiming at to a crawl. It may be employed to bind fast-moving opponents and allow safe passage on fast-moving platforms.

Psychonauts 2 is a sequel to the PS2-era game Psychonauts, developed by Double Fine. It’s a story-driven adventure game that takes place in a setting inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. You play as an aspiring Psychonaut who has the ability to control minds. The game follows your adventures as you enter a training camp for aspiring Psychonauts, and work with a group of friends to solve a mystery.. Read more about psychonauts levels and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get powers in Psychonauts?

To get powers, you need to complete their respective challenges. Once you have completed them, you will be able to get them. Q: Are there any chocobos in FF15? Yes, there are chocobos in Final Fantasy XV. You can find them at Chocobo

How many levels are in Psychonauts 2?

Psychonauts 2 is a game which will be released sometime in 2019 according to the games Steam page. There is no word yet if Psychonauts 2 will be a one or two player game.

What will Psychonauts 2 be on?

Psychonauts 2 will be on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC/Mac. Q: What is Turok 2: Seeds of Evil? Turok 2: Seeds of Evil is a first-person shooter video game, and the second game of the Turo

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