Armorer & Blacksmith? – in the modern world, everyone is familiar with the term Armorer, but what is a Blacksmith? What’s the difference between the two? Today, we are going to answer that question and hopefully give you a better understanding about the two professions.

One of the things that makes the Elder Scrolls series so unique is the attention paid to the little details. The games are packed with little details that make them feel real, like the way there are different types of armor, or the way that your character’s stats are handled differently depending on what equipment they wear.

Blacksmiths can be considered a sub-type of armorers. They are an important part of medieval and medieval-style fantasy fiction and video games. They are the craftsman who makes the weapons in a fantasy world. The term blacksmith is often used interchangeably with weaponsmith.. Read more about blacksmith and let us know what you think.

Armorer and Blacksmith are two crafting professions with a lot of similarities in Final Fantasy XIV. They do, however, make various products:

Armorers make armor, shields, and frying pans that may be equipped (honestly).

Their equivalents are blacksmiths, who create weapons for a variety of classes.


How Do I Become A Blacksmith/Armorer?

You may start with any of these deals right now.

To get access to Limsa Lominsa, you must first reach level 10 on a Disciple of War or Magic.

You’ll be able to get them as soon as you reach level 10 if you began in Limsa. You’ll have to wait till you’ve advanced a little farther in the MSQ if you began in Ul’dah or Gridania.

Limsa Lominsa is home to the Armorer and Blacksmith guilds. Simply search for the missions on the map labeled “So You Want To Be An Armorer/Blacksmith” to find out where to go.


What are some of the things that blacksmiths can create?

Blacksmiths are primarily concerned with the manufacture of weapons, as well as the refining of raw metal into usable form.

Miners’ ore may be forged into ingots by Armorers and Blacksmiths.

Both professions will often need these ingots to create their products, but will have to find alternative ways to get the raw metal (usually leveling a miner themselves, or paying on the Market Board).

Pugilists and monks use fist weapons, paladins use swords, dragoons use spears, while newer classes like Samurai and Machinist use armament made by blacksmiths.

But it isn’t the end of their abilities.

They can also make various tools that may be used by other crafting and collecting classes.


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What Kinds of Armor Can Armorers Make?

Armorers mainly produce armor that can be worn by a variety of classes, although they can also build a few tools for other manufacturing professions.

Culinarians will need frying pans, Alchemists will need alembics, and professions that can utilize shields will need shields.

Armorers can hammer metal into useful shapes in the same manner as blacksmiths can.

As a result, no one has a clear edge in this situation.

Armorers may forge metal into ingots and then utilize those ingots to produce different grade metal plates and rivets, all of which can be sold on the Market Board for a profit.


Armorer Quest Level 20 Screenshot / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved. Image source: Okamoza / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


I’m not sure which one I should play.

That is all up to you!

Which of the following sounds better:

Do you want to make armor or weapons?

Personally, I find the Blacksmith to be more fun, and you have the added benefit of being able to create a wide variety of crafting tools in addition to your regular products.

You can essentially create your own things as a Blacksmith; all of the tools you’ll need are in your Blacksmith crafting record.

However, I believe that these two vocations should be pursued concurrently in order to cover the entire spectrum of equipment requirements on the Market Board.

It’s well worth your time if you have it.


Should I also level a Gatherer?


If you want to be a professional Armorer/Blacksmith, you’ll need to be able to collect the bulk of your resources yourself.

It’s a time drain, but it’s well worth the effort.

For optimal efficiency, you should take Mining and Botany.

If you can’t bear the idea of leveling all four of these professions, concentrate on mining.

The reason behind this is because it operates on two levels:

Mining provides material for your Armorer/Blacksmith projects, and Armorer/Blacksmith skill makes mining more lucrative (worked metals are generally more expensive on the Market Board than the raw versions, as these have yet to be processed into a usable state).

You’d have to level every craftsman and gatherer to become fully self-sufficient.

In Final Fantasy XIV, all of these occupations are linked.

You’ll often need a substance that can only be created by an Alchemist or a Goldsmith, for example.

You’ll still need to use the Market Board from time to time unless you level everything.

If you want to make things simpler, I suggest joining a good Free Company. These player-owned businesses tend to combine their resources, which may save you a lot of money in the long run.

To keep things even, be ready to give your skills whenever you can.

This blog will consist of guides, tips, tricks, and information about things such as survival, weaponry, and different strategies. It will be very informative, and will also provide tips and tricks on how to get better at your favorite game.. Read more about armorer school and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an armorer and a gunsmith?

The armorer is someone who makes weapons, while the gunsmith is someone who repairs and maintains them.

What did an armorer do?

An armorer is someone who makes and repairs weapons.

What do you need for a armorer?

You need a hammer, anvil, tongs, and a vise.

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