Our Wordoku review, what can we say about the word game that combines crossword and Sudoku. Players compete to form words with wooden letter tiles on a 4×4 grid and score points by cleverly combining all the symbols on the tiles to form a double word. The game is played in three rounds, and players earn rewards for scoring the most points – and for improving their personal best scores between rounds.

We looked at fun, replayability, player interaction, quality, graphics and style to come up with the overall conclusion of our Wordoku test. See the breakdown by category below.

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Fun (7 of 10)

For the fun part of the Wordoku test, we give an excellent 7 out of 10 points. Like Scrabble and Boggle, Wordoku is a word game designed specifically for the player who falls in love with it. If you like using your language skills to form words in a small space, this is a great experiment in the genre.

Wordoku combines crosswords and grid-based Sudoku games into one game that runs hot under a five-minute timer. You get a 4×4 letter grid, each letter contains four different characters. You start a timer and flip the letters. Now you have to make as many 3 or 4 letter words as you can in your grid, scoring the most points if you manage to make a word made up of letters each with a different character.

Reproducibility (7 of 10)

In the reproducibility part of the Wordoku evaluation, we give it a very good 7 out of 10. The games are quick and easy, and can change drastically from game to game depending on the letters that come in. This all adds to the replayability, but as with any game, it depends on your skill level and your opponents, and it can get boring if there isn’t enough excitement and interest.

What sets this title apart from others is the quick time limit. You have five minutes to line up the words, and everyone goes at the same time. If you have time to think, you can sit back and mull over your doubts, or the doubts of other players, about whether there is a move. This game forces you to get in and out. Just do it without thinking too much, and as anyone who has played Boggle can attest, this aspect helps.

Interaction between players (6 of 10)

For the player interaction section of our Wordoku review, we give it a solid 6 out of 10. You work on your own grid and use your own resources, so your actions are never synchronized with those of your opponent. The interaction between the players takes place one turn at a time. Unlike other titles, you don’t have to work to get a high score. Here you just need to build a score that beats your opponent. It forces you to keep your head in the game and always be alert to your opponents.

However, the pressure is on. Everything happens at the same time, and all you have to do is score a few more points than your opponents. You can see everything they are doing and have a very good idea of how far behind or ahead they are. This pressure cooker of emotions makes your heart race, and this psychological intimidation is exactly what you need for such an experience.

Quality (7 out of 10)

We give Wordoku an excellent score of 7 out of 10 for review quality. When you mix two mechanisms, you must not only do them justice, but also combine them in a balanced and exciting way. The combination of crosswords and Sudoku is in the spotlight here. It’s primarily a crossword puzzle, where you get rewards for cleverly put together words that work horizontally and vertically, but also for players with different symbols, as in the Sudoku puzzle.

The components and production are robust. Everything is done on a professional level, but there is nothing in this game. The box used and the resulting price tag could certainly have been lower, but you’ll be satisfied with everything you get.

Art and style (7 of 10)

For the Art and Style section of Wordoku magazine, we give it a very good 7 out of 10. There’s almost nothing in this game, but the plays you get have style. The game consists of wooden tiles with letters, a bag and victory tokens. The letters are made of wood in a nice color. The font and dark hue of the letters are bold and sharp; in each corner, a colored symbol indicates their grouping. You can see on the pictures how beautiful these tiles are.

The box logo and font seem very appropriate for the title. It’s a play on words, so it’s not art, it’s a canvas that makes the stones of those words sound real.


Wordoku Overview |

Wordoku claims to be fun, and they succeed. With this combination of crossword and Sudoku, you can make words in your personal grid in less than five minutes, not only by getting words of 3 or 4 letters, but also by using the right combination of symbols to get big points. Like Scrabble or Boggle, this game will appeal to fans of word building, but if you love the genre, this title manages to create a unique experience in this space. The tiles are beautiful and have a wood finish that is very pleasant to work with. This was our Wordoku review, we hope you enjoyed it!

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A full explanation of the evaluation criteria can be found here.

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