There’s an old saying about “I have fallen in love, but there is no one to love me back”, well this is exactly what happens to some of the monsters in this game. There are a lot of Boyfriend Dungeon fans who love the game, but only a few who love their Boyfriend as much as they love the game. Some of the fans are so crazy for the game that they even send fan fiction to their Boyfriends, and some have even found it hard to take it back when they have found an even better Boyfriend Dungeon.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a free online visual novel created by “SpicySoft” in Japan. It received a Western release on October 15, 2016, and it is available on Steam and Boyfriend Dungeon Wiki:  This is the wiki for Boyfriend Dungeon. It’s not a game per se, but it is still a wiki. The wiki is primarily used to list all of the CG and ending images, as well as character profiles and information about the game’s mechanics.

Your advancement in Boyfriend Dungeon is based on both diving the dunj and going on dates with your weapon buddies and partners, with more of both activities raising your Love Rank. Going through each dunj’s floors will fill up your Love Rank bar until it reaches a certain level, allowing you to embark on a date with them later and earn a new, unique benefit. Each weapon has six Love Ranks, some of which enable you to select between two distinct benefits. It’s entirely up to you what sort of construction you want for your most powerful weapons, so use your time and resources carefully.

Isaac the Estoc is a fictional character.

  1. Holding Roll, when performed just before an oncoming strike, allows you to counter-attack!
    1. Riposte’s timing is a little more forgiving.
    2. Disengage: Riposte pushes opponents farther back.
  2. Allez: Charge up any heavy strike into a more powerful move by holding it.
    1. Concentrate: Charge time for heavy strikes is reduced.
    2. Wider finisher damage area, according to the director.
  3. Riposte causes greater harm than right of way.
    1. Wide Stance: Enemies who are struck by Riposte may get Frightened.
    2. Pierce: Enemies who are struck by Riposte may bleed.

Separate the Talwars

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  1. Cut: Finishers make your opponents bleed.
    1. When you’re encircled on the dance floor, you can do greater harm.
    2. Finishers have a wider attack area than Swingers.
  2. Deep Cut: Bleeding inflicts greater harm.
    1. Sticky: Bleeding opponents take longer to move.
    2. Drain: Enemies that are bleeding take less damage.
  3. Enemies who die while bleeding may become shrapnel.
    1. To put it simply, heavy finishers temporarily stun opponents.
    2. Heavy finishers are thirsty as well.

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Valeria the Dagger is a fictional character.

  1. When you roll out of sight, enemies around get confused.
    1. Enemies are more confused for longer.
    2. Traveler: Keep rolling.
  2. Backstab: Confused opponents take Critical damage from attacks.
    1. Open-Minded: Heavy finishers do more damage across a larger area.
    2. Heavy finishers, like as Pommel Strike, confuse opponents.
  3. Impatient: Has the ability to attack while in the midst of a roll.
    1. Rolling inflicts damage to surrounding opponents.
    2. Sweep: At the conclusion of a roll, do damage to an area automatically.

Rowan the Scythe is a scythe-wielding

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  1. Heavy Finishers: Heavy finishers generate a brief gravity well that attracts opponents to the center.
    1. Dread: Gravity wells do harm to an opponent who is impacted by them over time.
    2. Finale: When gravity wells reach the end of their life cycle, they burst and cause harm.
  2. When an opponent dies, you’ll receive a temporary damage increase that may stack up to three times.
    1. Gravity is implacable. It will endure for a long time.
    2. Gravity wells have a larger presence.
  3. Fatal Attraction: When an opponent is killed by a gravity well, you receive three stacks of the boost automatically.
    1. Acceptance: You can stack Deadly Momentum up to five times.
    2. Deadly Momentum lasts a little longer than Eternal Momentum.

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The Lasersaber is number seven.

  1. When a combination is completed, an energy bolt hits a nearby opponent from the first enemy struck.
    1. Long Distance: Chain Lightning has a longer range.
    2. Chain Lightning paralyzes opponents.
  2. Chain Lightning has been forked, allowing it to hit two more foes (total of 3).
    1. When Chain Lightning doesn’t fork, it causes greater damage.
    2. Chain Lightning is ruthless, preferring to attack opponents with the lowest health.
  3. Catchy: Chain Lightning has a chance to fire a second time when it strikes an enemy.
    1. Survivor: Chain Lightning has a chance to fire a second time after hitting an enemy.
    2. Chain Lightning has a burst effect that impacts two additional opponents (total of 5).

Sawyer the Glaive is a character in the game Sawyer the Glaive


  1. Glaive is a heavy strike that immobilizes opponents (they can still attack).
    1. When Glaive returns after being thrown, do damage to all opponents in the vicinity.
    2. Glaive throws and returns quicker since he is in a hurry.
  2. Intense: All finishers immobilize & knockback.
    1. Immobilize lasts longer than overwhelm.
    2. Glaive’s toss is more enthusiastic.
  3. High-Heat Finishers: All finishers burn opponents ablaze.
    1. Throw also stuns opponents, preventing them from attacking.
    2. Prepared: On the return, the throw inflicts more damage.

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Keep the Brass Knuckles in your pocket.

  1. Finishers paralyze opponents (but they can still attack).
    1. When enemies are struck while immobilized, they suffer more damage.
    2. Enemies are shocked for a short period of time while immobilized.
  2. Finishers are territorial, causing opponents to retreat even farther.
    1. Immobilize is more persistent than immobilize.
    2. Scaredy: After a finisher, you’ll become invulnerable for a short time.
  3. After a finisher, you’ll become invulnerable for a short time.
    1. Sulky: After you’ve been injured, the following assault will inflict greater harm and render you immobile.
    2. Nine Lives: Get a speed boost after you’ve been wounded.

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