In this stream, we managed to set up a discord server for the group and also discuss a new game that we will be trying out soon, which is focused on teaching people how to play and get better at games. We went over some of the upcoming updates and talked about how we will balance them out.

It’s been a month of updates and changes! Since the beginning of the month, we’ve been working hard to balance the game to correct the issues it was having. Right now the game has over 50,000 players, and we’re happy to say we’re starting to see the numbers increase! As I mentioned last week, we’re getting close to the point where we can start focusing more on the player experience, and that’s what we’ve been working on in the last week. We’ve been making some big changes to the UI, which should help streamline the game and make it a lot easier to play. We’ve also been working on the new achievements system, which is looking great!

Greetings. The past few weeks we have been putting out some major updates in terms of new content, features, and fixes to our game. We apologize for the delays, but we wanted to get everything done correctly. We are also continuing to work on a few features that have been suggested by the community, and we hope to have more information about those soon.. Read more about world of tanks console update preview and let us know what you think.

Good day, everyone!

Wow, that was a fantastic stream. It’s wonderful to see some work on some major issues that the community cares about, such as RNG and WW2 balancing. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Thank you to everyone who responded to my last article with questions. Next week, I’ll devote some time to going through them. I recapped the responses below for those of you who were able to respond live on stream.

From our WoTConsole Twitch broadcast, here is the most recent Community Update Stream summary.

This Week/Last Week:

  • With or without Randy Macho Man Savage, T42 US tier 8 medium
  • Commanders in 3D (WWE)
    • Becky Lynch, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Sgt Slaughter, and Macho Man are some of the most well-known wrestlers in the world.
  • Key Cards for the Summer Slam
    • Rowdy Roddy Piper, Roman Reigns, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels
    • 5 WWE tanks with WWE logos
  • All weekend, +1/-1 MM, live now
  • Throughout the weekend, HWK 30 earn challenge
  • Updates to the IS-4 line’s balance, mostly accuracy and a minor armor upgrades (KV-3, KV-4, ST-I and IS-4)
    • Daily fights have increased by approximately 4X.
    • IS-4’s victory percentage has steadily increased to 51.7 percent.
    • Consistent damage reductions 1499-2163 IS-4
    • IS-4 1618 – 1915 Damage Blocked Increase (armor buff)
    • IS-4 accuracy improves by 75-79 percent.
    • Through the 30th, everything is on track.

The next week:

  • Arms Race for the New Season:
    • The T55A German tier 9 medium tank, as well as two additional tanks, are available in the free pass.
    • Season pass includes Object 934 Escalation Lt and skin, as well as two additional tanks.
    • T-72M1 Escalation with thick skin and Phantom of Falun 3D commander are the ultimate passes.
  • Eastern Lights (CW):
    • Détente Light (BMP-3) (Missile)
    • Escalation Light (BMP-2) (Missile)
    • Escalation Light (BMP-1) (Missile)
    • Escalation TD Object 120
    • Obj. 268 ’56 – TD after the war
    • Post-War Light (PT-76)
    • Postwar TD SU-122-54 ’56
  • With almost 70 tanks in levels 8-10, Legendary Tanks Reforged is a blitzkrieg of balancing adjustments in WWII.
    • After that, Tanks Reforged will be repeated every two weeks.
  • Charts of WW2 RNG change outcomes may be seen here.
    • Penetrating shots and average damage per shot have been increased.
    • Heavy tanks, on the other hand, had a lower survival rate.
    • Thank you for your input; effective of Tuesday, we will be switching to a +/- 20% damage and penetration tolerance.
    • The risk of a fire remains at 25%.
  • The Tank Commander Event has come to an end.

Work in progress/discussed (no ETA unless specified):

  • Week of August 31st, 2021:
    • The Japanese Type 5 heavy tank series has been updated in Tanks Reforged.
    • Mercenaries earn a challenge for the commanders of the Deadbolt and Thunder Bot 2D.
    • T95/FV4201 T95/FV4201 T95/FV4201 T95/FV4201 T95/
    • A fantastic tank chase with a plethora of rewards and vehicles.
  • There are a lot of WW2 tank skins in the bank. However, we’d want to hear from you!
  • 3D GI Joe Commanders are still available for recruitment until August 31st.
  • Clan features are still too far away to discuss right now.
  • Pirates. After today’s webcast, it’s clear that this isn’t the season. Pirates, on the other hand.
    • What are your thoughts on my pirate accent?

Community Questions asked & answered:


  • FBPrime: Will 30 versus 30 game types be introduced on the console, similar to what the PC offers with Frontlines and Grand Battles?
    • At this time, it isn’t in our priorities. We are considering it, but we haven’t made a decision yet.
  • Sir Lancelot62: Are we considering increasing or making it possible to increase the size of the in-game text?
    • Yes. We are looking into a way of introducing a way for players to customize their experience.
  • Will this next update include additional achievements/trophies? Haukkis: Is there any intention to introduce more achievements/trophies in the future if not?
    • Yes, we’re working on them right now. However, we can only handle so many at once.


  • Gambit: Will the spectator HUD be updated and fixed with version 7.1.1?
    • No, not in this update. But we are nearly there now.
  • Steve: Will there be any more sponsored seasons, or will everything remain “regular” for the rest of the year?
    • There are no licensed seasons planned for the immediate future.
    • We realize that gamers prefer a more traditional WoTConsole experience.
  • Lasered: Are there any plans to add the Auto Reloading compensating mechanism to the Italian heavy tanks?
    • No, there are no plans for this, at this time.
  • A Comics: Which of the changes in 7.1.1 are your favorites?
  • DanteSSVK: Do you have any updates on the WW2 commander and voice customization?
    • Not in this update, but this will return for 2D, and be introduced for 3D Commanders really soon.


  • Bringtheheat21: Will there be any balancing to Matchmaking/light tanks? Especially CW. Era 1 & 2 are overrun with light tanks.
    • At this time no. We will continue to monitor. It should improve with more tank lines introduced in the near future.
    • We’re also working on improving the matchmaker, which will assist with class parity.
  • Piriper0: Will the tech tree’s UI be altered in any way?
    • Not in this update. But we are returning to a horizontal Tech Tree. Close to having this finished now.
  • Atrium268: When will the Green Thumb and Muffled Shot issues be fixed? Maybe it’s a question for Max Chaos to answer.
    • This has been identified as a bug and is being investigated. We will update you as soon as we are able to.


  • Will there be a significant artillery balance at the start of the next season? Dave:
    • There are SPG’s which are balanced in the balancing initiative, but not a wholescale balance of the class.
    • This is being considered, however it is just a debate at this moment.
    • We discussed a few concepts that are currently being discussed, but nothing is definite at this moment.


All of the other pictures may be viewed here.

Twitch Streams from WoTConsole – 1400 CDT (1900 UTC):

  • Monday 23rd August – Insider Information with MintoVimto – 7.1.1 Gameplay & Balancing Preview – Giveaway
  • Friday 27th August – Community Update with PainGod – New Tank First Look & Giveaway

DISCLAIMER: I have done my best to translate these notes. These notes, like the Update Preview Notes, are subject to change. Prior to each upgrade, complete and final notes will be made accessible.

Best wishes, MV

Original source: link

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For the game World of Tanks, write “Community Update Stream Recap! RNG / Balancing and more!”

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