Classic gaming is making a resurgence, with games like Gynoug pushing the envelope of nostalgic game design. Gamers are turning towards modern consoles for these retro gems, which has led to new projects developing their platforms in unique ways.

Gynoug is a retro game console that allows users to play games from the 1980s and 1990s. It is available for $59.99 on Amazon. Read more in detail here: best retro game console.

Gynoug was initially launched in 1991 for the Sega Genesis and was developed by Masaya and published by NCS Corporation. Gynoug, although receiving a positive response at the time, did not get any sequels or new entries in the series until a Wii Virtual Console release in 2008. Fast forward to 2021, and thanks to Ratalaika Games, a team responsible for the port of a slew of other vintage 90s games, this iconic side-scroller shooter is back. This is our review of the PS4 version of Gynoug, in which we battle swarms of demons and face off against some of the most powerful monsters we’ve ever seen in a side-scroller.

Gynoug chronicles the epic voyage of Wor, an angel who encounters the demons of Iccus, headed by The Destroyer. The game is designed as a side-scrolling shooter, which was a popular genre in the early 1990s. Wor soars in the air, shooting down demons and adversaries from all sides, following the same method.


The gameplay is a simple two-button and joystick game in which you guide Wor across the screen using the left joystick and fire his primary weapon with the X button. Wor also has magic at his disposal, but unlike his primary bullet strike, his magic attacks are restricted. Killing adversaries and then snatching their pickups on the screen is how you get these strong magic attacks. Later, you may switch to your preferred magical attack and utilize it until it runs out.

You may choose and store up to three different magical attacks at once, but you can only use one at a time. Switching to a different magic attack removes the one that is presently equipped and replaces it with the next in line. Each of these magical assaults is distinct and functions in a different manner. They are offensive in some cases and defensive in others. Some even blend the two, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds. You may see large energy balls blasting in various directions at high speeds, lightning bolts arching in front of you by your fellow angels, or two angels forming a shield to protect you. Each one is effective and allows you to pick between offensive and defense.


You may also pick up additional pickups that boost your two attacks in addition to your magic assaults. The blue pickups increase the strength of your primary strike, while the red orbs increase the power of your magical assaults. Apart from increasing the strength of your projectiles, you may also learn new attack patterns, such as one that fires both backwards and forwards or one that blasts in five different directions ahead. Each form of attack pattern has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the type of attack pattern you pick is entirely dependent on your gaming style.

For me, the five forward shots were preferable since they covered the whole space in front of me and there were few attackers approaching from behind. It did harm me in a few places, but after you figure out how all of the opponents in a level attack, you can pretty much use any combination and still beat the level. Because Gynoug believes in angels and devils, the game’s antagonists are based on that premise. Each level in the game is based on a different idea, and the adversaries in each level are also based on the level.


Each level features a mini-boss that appears halfway through the level, and you must defeat the final boss before moving on to the level’s final boss. Gynoug has some of the creepiest bosses I’ve ever seen in a side-scrolling shooter from the 1990s, in my opinion. The bosses are all humanoids, but they’re crafted in such a scary manner that they’ll give you shivers just looking at them. Each monster has a single weak spot that must be exploited in order to beat it. Because some of the monsters have changing weak spots, each one presents a unique challenge that you must solve in order to beat them all.

The last level, which is one of my favorites in the game, throws all of the mini-bosses at you before the ultimate boss battle. You can easily finish the game in under an hour, and if you want to make the game more enjoyable, go to the port menu and enable several great hacks. The game has a port menu where you can store the game’s state, alter controls, modify visual filters and settings like adding a CRT filter with various modifications, and activate cheats like limitless health, infinite magic, and invincibility. Simply activate some hacks and have some fun if you want to become the greatest angel and never die.


The PS4 version has complete trophy support, and all of the trophies are simple to acquire. I recall being in the fifth level when I was able to unlock all of the score-related awards, as well as the Platinum trophy, after I reached the final screen. This is a good adaptation of a classic game, but it seems a little short, and apart from boss fights, you’re largely just hanging about shooting opponents. Although the opponent design is fantastic, there are only a few times when you feel like the game is throwing everything at you. The stages are simple and short, but the boss fights more than make up for it. It’s a fantastic game that you should check out if you like vintage side-scrolling shooters.


The Bottom Line:

Gynoug is a fantastic game on its own, but when compared to other recent current versions in similar genre, it falls short in terms of playability and possibilities. The six levels are short, but what they lack in gameplay time they make up for in monster design and thrilling boss fights. Even if the main levels seem less competitive, it does not disappoint when it comes to boss battles. Even so, Gynoug is a fantastic version of a classic game, and if you’ve been enjoying the current blitz of side-scrollers being remastered and ported, Gynoug is a welcome addition to your collection on contemporary platforms. It’s ideal for quick gaming sessions, and with a few tricks, you may feel really unstoppable in the game. It’s also a simple platinum.

8.0/10 for the overall performance.

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