With FIFA 22’s release this week, players are already finding a lot of ways to get PlayStation 5s and €1000 PS Store vouchers. In particular, there is an official prize for the winner of any online tournament that includes a match on the new EA Sports title with Sony Interactive Entertainment as its sponsor.

FIFA 22 is back and with it comes a new tournament mode. The PlayStation tournaments will be held in the next few weeks, starting on October 18th until November 1st 2018 at midnight CET/CEST. In this article we’ll tell you everything about the FIFA 22 PS5 Tournament including how to enter, prizes up for grabs and all of the details from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Srl.The “fifa 21 tournament ps5” is a competition that will take place on FIFA 22. The winner will receive a PlayStation 5 or a €1000 PS Store Voucher!

The virtual competition is set to start: the PlayStation Tournaments in FIFA 22 are about to begin, and there will be plenty of prizes up for grabs!



FIFA 22 is now available. Virtual tournaments and championships have become a tradition for gamers in the latest installment of EA Sports’ popular football game. We know that the most ardent fans of the football simulator have been waiting impatiently for the opportunity to begin their digital football careers in the next installment. So, the FIFA 22 PS4 Open Series is underway: here is your opportunity to win some fantastic prizes, including a variety of PS Store credits, a PS5 and a variety of other surprises, while also putting your abilities and ability to the test on the field.

Anyone who wishes to compete for rewards is welcome to enter. To enter, just register using the link at the bottom of this post if you are over 16, have an active PlayStation Plus account, and reside in one of the countries included by the offer. The qualifiers will begin on November 22nd, but if you don’t register in time, you may still participate in the subsequent rounds, which will give you the opportunity to qualify for the final and earn more prizes.


What can we expect from the Open Series tournaments?

These events are fascinating since they are accessible to everyone, so you don’t have to be a FIFA 22 pro to participate. You may be the one to make it to the final and grab the prize from the veterans if you have the necessary talents. All you have to do now is signup and show that you’re one of the finest!

How many matches must I win to be eligible for the awards?

It’s not easy to qualify for the Open Championship: the competition is fierce, and the prizes are substantial, but with a little talent and dedication, you may win big. Each day of the group stage will include a tournament in which participants choose a team, with six events per group totaling 48 tournaments. You may find yourself competing against professional teams, so keep your wits about you if you want to participate in the competitive world of eSports!


What are the benefits of participating in the Open Series?

The awards grow as you move farther in the competition. In the early stages, you’ll be eligible for special themes and avatars, but the best finishers in each tournament will win a spot in the 48-man final and €100 in PlayStation Store credits, with the runner-up earning €50.

The most lucrative prizes will be awarded in the group finals, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and tournament finals, ranging from €50 PS Store credits to a PS5 and up to €1,000 PS Store credits. The top 8 players in the UCL tournament final will earn €1,000 PS Store credits and a PS5 in a grand final in May 2022, which will be televised on PlayStation’s YouTube and Twitch platforms.

When will the Open Series be available to register for?

The PS4 Open Series, which begins on November 22nd, is already accepting registrations! But don’t worry if you don’t get in now; there will be plenty more chances later this month to show off your FIFA abilities! The bar is set high, but you have a chance to become a genuine FIFA pro, and who knows… this may be the start of a professional e-Sports career.

EA Sports is the source.

The “fifa 21 tournament online” is a competition that will take place on the PlayStation 4. The prize includes a PS5 and a €1000 PS Store Voucher!

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