A few years ago, a small studio called REMIMORY released a parody called RemiLore : A girl lost to Laura. It was an isometric slasher hack with good elements, likable characters and a ridiculously bad story. Two years later, REMIMORY decided to release its newest game, Ruvato : The Original Set exclusively on the Xbox One console. What a surprise when I discovered it was an isometric hack’n slash with cute characters and a ridiculously bad story! At least this time it’s not a joke.

The more enemies you kill, the easier it is to kill more enemies. A perfect vicious circle.

I’m trying to talk to you about the Ruwato conspiracy: The original complex is complicated, not because there is no plot, but because it is completely uninteresting. The presentation is so fluid that you can’t help but hit the skip button to go straight to the next action scene. In this game you control Ria, a former bounty hunter who works for a shady organization and was almost killed after she tried to save a mysterious girl from her former colleagues. She is reborn as a cyborg and begins to seek revenge. It may sound exciting, but the countless silent dialogues, ridiculous script and dull music make these story sections an exercise in frustration.

Fortunately, the same cannot be said for the gameplay. Just like the previous REMIMORI ride, Ruwato: The original complex shines with its combat mechanism. This is a standard isometric hack slash that focuses on hit-and-run techniques (attacking the enemy and then running away from danger). You can also unlock some special techniques, such as. For example, the area pulse, which slows down enemies, or the kinetic impact, which can push them away from you. This will give you a few extra seconds to rebuild your limited dashboard.

It’s a difficult game because you have a minimum amount of health per mission, but there’s a catch: Each time you kill an enemy or parry one of their attacks, the attack counter at the top of the screen increases by one point for a few seconds. This greatly increases the attack power and makes it easier to kill all the enemies on the screen. The more people you kill, the stronger you become, allowing you to kill more people and thus become more powerful. It’s a vicious cycle that works brilliantly, but unfortunately some design decisions go completely against the game’s combat philosophy.

These sections of the platform are a breach of contract.

The first problem is that the levels are incredibly short. You can beat most of them in less than a minute, especially if you have access to the combat mechanics. Another problem that can easily be attributed to the failure of the deal is the excessive number of platform components. The vast majority of the Ruwato plains: An original series of platform puzzles that should be solved brilliantly, but they are clunky and unresponsive. You die often, often without knowing what you did wrong. Platforms in isometric games have never worked, even in the 16-bit generation. I find it confusing that developers are still trying to do this.

Finally, the game’s graphics are a bit uninspired and very repetitive, sometimes featuring the same exact background for twenty consecutive levels. Ruvato: The original complex quickly becomes boring. Thankfully, the level design is laconic, the characters are well designed and the game still achieves a very high frame rate, with few hiccups.

Ruwato : The original resort is a history-based experience. Unfortunately, his story is as boring as it gets.

I really liked Ruvato: The original combat mechanics of the Cathartic Complex, but unfortunately that’s not the main thrust of the game. A lot of time is wasted with boring platform sections (which never work in isometric perspective) and a mostly forgettable story. It’s presented in such a hurry that it’s almost impossible to care at all. It’s not exactly the kind of console-exclusive game that pops up daily in the Xbox One library and adds an extra dose of novelty to the mix, but it certainly won’t be one of the most memorable.

His background is bland and overdone, but his character models and shots are actually pretty decent. Goodbye, Ruvato: Original Complex’s combat mechanics and controls are absolutely brilliant, but the emphasis on the clunky platforming style is very clunky.
There are almost no sound effects, and the overall soundtrack is bland, uninspired and very repetitive. This is a game that would benefit from a solid rock soundtrack to accompany the fast-paced action. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Ruvato: The original complex is an incredibly boring story, which is unfortunately one of its strongest points. However, you can completely ignore it in favor of competent combat mechanics. It should be noted that it is also quite short.
Last block : 6.0

Ruvato: The Original Complex is available now on Xbox One and PC.

Xbox One review.

A copy of Ruvato: The original complex was provided by the publisher.


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