While grinding is not for everyone, everyone is a potential grindee. In fact, most players can grind an hour or two every now and then to get some AP and level up, even if they’re not in the mood for a full session. These are the top spots that every player should hit if they want to grind the maximum amount of time possible .

I’ve been playing the grindfest of my life recently, and I thought I’d share a few of my favorite places to find the best grinding spots for both AP (Action Points, a sort of experience used to level up) and leveling up.

The latest and greatest of the many games that are out there nowadays.

Making your team stronger is mainly accomplished via combat, as is customary in the Final Fantasy series.

Finding and fighting the world’s unique creatures awards you with not just experience points, but also points that may be used to acquire new skills and actions.

AP – or Ability Points – are Final Fantasy VIII’s growth currency, and they’re just as essential, if not more so, than experience.

You’ll be craving it the whole time you’re in its realm. So, let’s talk about the greatest locations in the game to harvest experience and AP.


Balamb Garden Training Center is number five.

The Garden’s training facility is an ideal location for gaining experience and AP.

It’s best used when you’ve gathered a large party, although it may also be done alone if you’re feeling brave.

There are just Grats to battle if you follow the left route from the entryway. These planetoid monsters are simple to dispatch and give 2 AP apiece, but you can do better.

Grats are just the first step.

Going straight through the door leads to the section of the training facility that houses the terrifying T-Rexaur foes.

These sharpteeth are difficult to overcome, particularly in the early stages of the game. But there’s a catch:

They can’t sleep because they’re too tired.

You may take an unlimited amount of sleeps from adjacent Grats and cast them on the T-Rexaurs, or better yet, junction them so that your assaults send them to sleep land.

If you can defeat the T-Rexaur, you’ll be awarded with 10 AP.

When you combine this with the Grats you’ll be battling in the meanwhile, you’ll be swimming in new skills in no time.


4. Shenandoah Valley

Shenand Hill / FFVIII HD Screenshot

Shenand Hill is located southwest of Timber (in the direction of Winhill).

In terms of adventure, there isn’t much here, but the true reward is the opponents.

The Vysage, a guy with a half-buried head and eerie disembodied hands, may be found in the Shenand Hill region.

While the Vysage are capable of putting up a good battle, they do have one major flaw:

They have the potential to become zombies.

If you use the zombie spell to make it undead, you may immediately destroy it with Life or a Phoenix Down.

This is an excellent approach to begin farming them until you are strong enough to fight them using traditional methods.

A Vysage, along with his two hands, grants the player 12 AP and approximately 1,000 experience, making them a worthy foe to spend time beating again and over.


3. The Beach in the vicinity of Balamb Garden

Beach near Balamb Garden / FFVIII HD Screenshot

The beaches around Balamb Garden are the most renowned early-to-mid game grinding location in Final Fantasy VIII.

These beaches are available as soon as you can leave the Garden (less than half an hour into the game), and they are completely inhabited by Fastitocalon-F opponents.

Each of these buried fish buddies is worth 3 AP.

Because you always battle them in pairs, that’s a total of 6 AP each fight.

The greatest part is that the Fastitocalon-F are lightning-resistant, and, lo and behold, Squall comes standard with Quetzalcoatl!

A fast method to clear the area is to summon the gigantic electric bird-boy.

Because you can clear a battle in under a minute, and even less as you gain strength, earning the AP required to acquire skills is simple.


2. The Island Closest to Heaven & The Island Closest to Hell

Island Closest To Heaven Battle / FFVIII HD Screenshot

The Island Closest to Hell was the trendiest location to be in 1999 just because it included the word hell.

Sure, it’s a stupid argument to choose a location.

There are, however, even more compelling reasons to like these airship-only islands.

These two islands, which are located on the west and east borders of the global map, are brimming with difficult monsters worth buckets of AP and experience.

Because you’ll need the airship, this is a late-game location.

Spending time running circles, on the other hand, can not only net you dozens of secret draw points, but also hundreds of AP by killing all enemies along the route.

Each opponent is worth a significant amount of AP, with the lowest being 6 and the most being 14.

They also provide a lot of experience!

Hanging out so near to heaven or hell will not only make you feel cool, but it will also make you so strong that you will be extremely cool at the conclusion of your stay there.


Cactuar Island is number one.

Cactuar Island Grind / FFVIII HD Screenshot

On the east edge of the Centra continent, there lies a desert island.

The Cactuar, one of the most famous Final Fantasy monsters, lives in this sandy environment.

These tiny green speed devils are known for being wellsprings of development, and Final Fantasy VIII is no different.

Cactuars are worth a whopping 20 AP each, the highest of any creature in the game.

Fighting Cactuars, on the other hand, is a difficult task.

They have ridiculously high evasion and a strong defense, thus those who don’t come prepared will lose a lot of battles.

Squall, on the other hand, has a natural 100% hit rate, making him an ideal choice for knocking Cactuars over.

It’s a good idea to keep Squall’s HP low and use his Renzokuken limit break to blast down Cactuars.

Cactuar Island’s residents aren’t confined to the island itself, which is a nice little secret.

You may also battle the tiny guys by running along the desert region immediately adjacent to the island, allowing you to begin your Cactuar grind as soon as you gain possession of Balamb Garden.

I’m going to show you the best spots in the game for grinding AP and leveling up. You don’t need to be in the guild, just go to a dungeon you’d normally go to (that is not full of people). You’ll have it all to yourself, no one will annoy you, and you can focus on leveling.. Read more about bdo grinding spots 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I grind in AP?

While the best grinding spot is the wall, there are several others. The most popular is probably the wall near the last checkpoint. Q: I dont know what to do, where can I find guides? There are several different guides, the most popular being: Q

Where can I grind at 220 ap?

There are multiple areas where you can grind for 220 AP. You can grind at the outdoor stage. You can also grind at the outer ring of the underground stage as well as the top of the outer ring and the top of the inner ring of the underground stage. Q: When is the next

Where do I grind at level 50?

Grind level 50 in the Practice map. And also in World 1 of the other maps. Q: How do I beat level 50? Beat level 50 in Practice. And also in World 1 of the other maps. Q: How do I beat level 50 easily?

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