The other day, we got to see the first official gameplay footage of the highly-anticipated God of War game, and it was… well, it was a very old game. Kratos looked like a soldier in a suit. Ok, that’s harsh, but it is a bit jarring to see a game that is meant to be taken seriously, and to be so out of touch with the modern gaming culture. The game looks to be an action-adventure game with tactical elements, and if the footage is anything to go by, it seems like the action scenes will be more akin to Bayonetta than God of War.

The Ultimate Collection – is a series of articles I am writing about the best computer games. I will be giving you my opinions on the games, a little history on the games, and the best things to do when you play the games. I will not be reviewing the games; that will be left up to 9bit Studios.

That’s right, we’re back with another installment of our Ultimate Collection. So far, we’ve covered the greatest games ever made, and the greatest consoles that were ever made. Now, we’re going to look at the greatest games ever made on handheld gaming devices. This is going to be a tough one. We could do a lot of games with Mario and Sonic, but why not do them all at once?. Read more about the ultimate collection windows and let us know what you think.

For those Sims (and Simmers) that are naturally soft, tactile, and loving, this list is for you:

The finest Sims 4 posture packs I could find, including some of the sweetest, warmest, softest, most kindest hugs.

There are many different types of hugs: happy hugs, sorrowful hugs, fun embraces, family hugs, and so on.

There are a lot of stories you can make out of just one hug. Take a look!


1. Akuiyumi’s Hugs (Poses)

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

The name of the pose pack, as well as the poses included inside it, is simple.

If all you need are some basic cuddling postures, this is a great option.

There are a total of 7 postures, all of which are properly labeled in-game (read: Uncomfortable, Happy, Pervy-Angry, and so on), so you shouldn’t have any trouble locating the ones you want.

What I like about it is that each position expresses a unique feeling, and the models’ faces reflect this.

It’s not too dramatic, but it’s also not too muted.

I love tackling hugs since I’m a naturally emotional person (fifth pose, I believe).

As a result, it seemed realistic.

And as for the sixth posture, well, home folks are near enough that catching a cold isn’t a big deal, right?


Although the preview images feature male and female models, the postures are equally appropriate for same-gender units (and with the Male and Female models switched).


2. iSims1357’s Bestie’s Pose Pack

Bestie’s Pose Pack for TS4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Now, I understand that this doesn’t seem to be a specialized embracing posture set, but bear with me:

I think it counts when four of the eight positions include the models embracing, snuggling, or otherwise squeezing each other (even if it’s only for the gram).

In addition, all of the postures are very adorable.

You’ll thank me later.

The eighth posture was the first to catch my attention (since I’m a big K-pop fan and it seemed like something a female group would do).

All things considered, it’s a fairly unusual stance.

Definitely not something I came across a lot of when compiling this list.

However, it does not, fortunately, overwhelm the other things on this list.

The postures are all sweet and spicy to different degrees, with just the perfect amount of proximity to convey that “fun and fresh pictures” feel.


3. Beto ae0’s Family Hug (Pose Pack)

Family Hugs Pose Pack by Beto_ae0 / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover some family-oriented jewels in a sea of couple-y embrace positions.

This is for my fellow Simmers who like all of the Generations-style packs and family games in general.

There are four postures included in this collection, and they all work well in the game.

I experimented with several family arrangements and, dammit. They all provided me with photos worthy of a photo book.

You should also have little trouble figuring out which poses to assign to different models. The posture list is labeled simply (but clearly!).

You can get away with only one kid Sim for the first three postures.

With just one Sim spawn, the fourth position, on the other hand, seems a little odd. You can get away with that from certain angles, but they’re difficult to land.

If your Sims only have one kid, the final one should be avoided.


4. ClumsyAlien’s “More Hugs” Posepack

“More Hugs” Posepack by ClumsyAlien for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

ClumsyAlien’s Sims 4 posture collection is a fantastic blend of relationship and family vibes, and I’m all for it.

You receive 10 lovely postures, each with its own set of feelings that, on the surface, seem to be very profound.

They vary from “softly pleased” to “fond” to “seriously disturbed and clutching at life.”

(By the way, that final one is pose number two.)

There are also two positions for an Adult and a Child Sim, both of which exude the same low-key love and affection as the rest of the postures.

Overall, this pack exudes a kind of gentle, peaceful pleasure that I find quite appealing.

Exaggerated facial emotions and crazy animations are very much the Sims 4 trademark, and I adore how cheerful it makes the game.

However, I like subtlety in my stills and images.


5. Sense-Friend company’s Hug

Friend Hugs by sense-company / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack


To be quite honest, incidents like this do happen. Is it okay if they do? Nope. It’s a lose-lose situation for everyone concerned.

But aren’t they a part of the experience?

Right. Okay.

So, although this single-position pose bundle is self-explanatory, I love how effectively the emotions reinforce the idea.

From afar, it seems to be a normal embrace. But if you zoom in on the expressions, you’ll see what I mean.

There was no warmth, no love, no affection.

This posture is ideal if your narrative is heading in the direction of “these two will never see each other again.”


6. ashes2ashes’ “Hug it Out”

Hug it Out Poses by ashes2ashes / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

The postures are a cross between Akuiyumi’s Hugs (Poses) pose pack (particularly the awkward hugs) and ClumsyAlien’s More Hugs Posepack.

It has a nice mix of situations in which hugging is either acceptable, improper, or completely unexpected.

I also have to point out that, of all the packs on this list, this one is the most faithful to The Sims 4 aesthetic.

It’s the most accurate representation of the vanilla game’s textures and dimensions.

If you’re just interested in Maxis Match mods, these postures will work well in-game.

If you like Alpha CC clothing, I did notice some clipping with my Sims’ (Alpha CC) outfits, but it was minor.

It’ll be perfect as rain if you adjust the angles a little.


7. simmireen’s Love Your Hugs Posepack

Love Your Hugs Posepack by simmireen for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Prepare yourselves, guys, because I’m about to show you five of (the. sweetest. hugs) I’ve ever seen in the Simsverse. There is no more to say.

I’m not sure whether it’s because of the face expressions or because of the idea itself, but these postures are overflowing with unrestrained love.

The type that gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside.

Also, bring out your tall and small partners, since these positions were designed specifically for couples with significant height disparities.

(And even if they don’t, the models have pre-set heights, so your Sims will shrink and grow appropriately.)

I also have to offer kudos for the overall quality.

I’m accustomed to clipping and warping since my modifications are a combination of Alpha CC and Clayified/Maxis Match parts.

But, lo and behold, when I put these postures to the test, they worked. Seamless. It’s completely seamless. I was also in Laptop Mode.


8. Simmerberlin’s Welcome Home

Welcome Home Poses by simmerberlin / The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

With simmerberlin’s Welcome Home position pack (which is combined with their Jingle Paws pose pack; just scroll down a little), the warm and fuzzy emotions continue.

This nine-position pack combines Beto ae0’s Family Hug (Pose Pack), ashes2ashes’s “Hug it Out” posture pack, and ClumsyAlien’s “More Hugs” pose pack into one lovely package.

Isn’t that a lot? Yes, it is.

This is the pack for you if you want a lovely mix of family hugs, friendly hugs, lovey hugs, and everything in between.

The face emotions are excellent (not too subtle, but not cartoonishly overdone), as are the stance lines.

I’d say the postures with the kids are also one-of-a-kind.

During my search of the community, I didn’t come across any other posture exactly like it.


9. simmerberlin’s moments

Moments Poses Preview by simmerberlin for The Sims 4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Maybe it’s just my dramatic theatrical nature, but these postures make me so happy.

They’re like beautifully caught snippets of cozy, home existence.

I have to give the author extra points since they nailed the postures based on reference pictures (which are provided in the main download article). 100% of the time.

For the postures (particularly stances #2, #4, and #6) to make sense, you’ll need a few items.

Unfortunately, two of the links in the main article go to sites that are no longer available. The third option (book accessory) is also functional.

Try this blanket from Novvvas’ Misc Conversions Set for the blanket.

The original fire escape from sssvitlans is no longer available, but you may replicate the look by constructing a balcony with fences or partial walls.

It may take some finagling with the teleporters, but the end effect is well worth it!


10. A Mini Gift to Commemorate the Occasion! Submitted by simmerberlin

Celebration Poses Set by simmerberlin / TS4

Take a Look At This Pose Pack

Last but not least, there’s simmerberlin’s extremely cheerful group-hug pose set.

Although the second position is clearly more of a hug than the first, the first has just as much proximity and chirpy enthusiasm to make for a nice photograph.

I’d also want to point out that excellent group hug positions for The Sims 4 are hard to come by, so I’m grateful that the developer chose to offer them.

(Yes, this author didn’t want to make them accessible for download at first; thank you, everyone!)

The first position accommodates six Sims, while the second accommodates seven Sims.

I experimented with various group sizes, like I do with most group poses, to see how much variety I could get away with.

The first position can be achieved with only three Sims, while the second is considerably more difficult to achieve. I couldn’t obtain a decent enough perspective or location for anything less than seven, so I went with seven. For this one, it’s best to adhere to the suggested count.

Aside than that, both postures made me very pleased.

This collection certainly has a happy conclusion.

The following is a list of (all) of my favourite games, no matter how old or how new.. Read more about black sabbath – the ultimate collection songs and let us know what you think.

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