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On December 2, 2015, the Lost Ark servers were closed. A year has passed, and many of the mods and players are still active. Some of them have joined together and created a new server, Lost Ark Reborn, which is about to launch. This server is based on the original Lost Ark 1.7.7.x mod, which has been improved with many new features, including:

What happens when you create an RPG that has a lot of characters? What happens when you decide that the characters have a lot of abilities? Well, that is exactly what happened when Lost Ark was created. Out of the many classes that were created, the most notable are the classes that have been given special abilities. The Druids are the main healer of the Lost Ark community. They are able to heal other characters and help them recover from taking damage. The Knights are the main tank class and they are able to absorb damage, as well as being able to shield other characters. The Wizards are the main damage dealer of the community. They are able to do a lot of damage to other characters. The Explorers are the only class that is not

For those of you that don’t know, Lost Ark is an MMORPG that is currently in development. It is a crafting game mixed with action RPG where players delve deep into the dungeons to get loot and level up. The game is set to come out in the second half of 2017.

One of the game’s most notable features is its in-depth class system, which enables players to customize their skills in three stages: first by selecting one of the five basic classes, then by specializing into an advanced class, and finally by customizing powers within that class. Here’s a list of all the courses available:


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Warriors are the melee using main tanks of Lost Ark. Though they have some ability to inflict damage using their massive weapons and buffs, their real strength is being able to survive in the frontlines and shrug off blows.

  • Berserkers do much more damage than other warrior specialties, and they’re especially good at clearing crowds with explosive strikes that require precise placement and timing.
  • Paladins are adaptable, having offensive, defensive, and supporting abilities to suit any position required by the group. They are especially unstoppable when it comes to finding ideal placement, utilizing Flash Slash to enter into the heart of a throng, and then executing a perfectly timed Execution of Justice to escape damage and destroy the opponents in their immediate vicinity.
  • Gunlancers have the greatest protection of any character in Lost Ark, making them perfect for serving as the party’s main tank while utilizing their unique Gunlance weaponry. Many of their abilities, such as an artillery unit that strikes a specific area repeatedly, a hook that drags opponents into position, and a shield that shields friends from damage and debuffs, require practice to perfect.

Martial Arts Expert

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Martial artists use their bodies as weapons, inflicting tremendous amounts of harm at close range using intricate combinations and precise placement.

  • Wardancers use elemental augmentations to enhance their assaults, enabling them to get through even the toughest opponents’ protections. Their powers have been enhanced, making them particularly adept in destroying big crowds.
  • Scrappers keep the battle going with long combos, agility, and endurance, allowing them to easily sweep up seemingly unending hordes of opponents. Because several of their abilities include knockback or other crowd control effects, they may be used as primary or secondary tanks.
  • Soulfists alternate between melee and ranged combat, finishing off weaker or paralyzed opponents. Their agility, knockdown, and ranged skills allow them to create unique setups and combinations to defeat their opponents.


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Gunslingers enter the fray, distracting opponents and inflicting tremendous damage on a single victim. Gunners that are good at what they do can take out the most deadly enemies before they have a chance to attack.

  • Artillerists wield the most powerful weapons of any character, mowing down huge crowds with cannons, flamethrowers, and machine guns. They have more armor than other gunners, and their AOE damage is the best of any character.
  • Deadeyes utilize a combo-driven playstyle to deliver maximum DPS with a high risk, high reward playstyle that demands them to dominate the battlefield utilizing AOE assaults and precisely timed strikes. They wield a pistol, shotgun, and rifle in combination.
  • Sharpshooters have the greatest range of any character, allowing them to affect the battlefield from afar with wit and cunning via sneaky assaults and diverse abilities.


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Mages command the battlefield with a variety of spells and abilities, making them strategic masters capable of bending the world to their will from afar with strong AOE skills.

  • Bards are ideal support characters, combining buffs that boost friends with debuffs that harm enemies. They have the ability to stun opponents and render them susceptible to critical blows, which makes them very useful when teamed with Assassins and Gunners.
  • Summoners assemble friends with strong AOE damage and crowd control skills to help them dominate the battlefield. Summoners are skilled in a wide range of circumstances and nearly always have the appropriate tool for the task.


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Assassins use twin blades to chop down opponents in a high-octane, adrenaline-fueled game of rapid attacks at close range. They can do the greatest damage of any class in the game, but they are also the most susceptible.

  • Shadowhunters rush into battle, weaving between blows and squeezing the life out of their opponents with their swords. This class is best suited to players that like a fast-paced, brutal playstyle in which they must continuously inflict damage at all costs.
  • Deathblades use a variety of weapons and abilities, amassing masses from afar before changing and dispatching the weaker enemies. This class is great for novices due of its flexibility and mobility, despite its distinctive playstyle.

A new game is coming out next month, and we all know what that means: we’ll have to go back to school. Don’t worry though, because the classes are fun, and there’s never a dull moment. That’s what the Lost Ark devs have promised, and they’ve even gathered some of the best teachers for this school year.. Read more about lost ark russia and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes in Lost Ark gender locked?


Is there a healer class in Lost Ark?

There is not a healer class in Lost Ark.

Will Lost Ark come to NA?

We are not sure yet.

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