The bond system in Fate/Grand Order has been a controversial feature since its inception. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 best Bond Craft Essences and their rankings in FGO. The opinions expressed are our own and do not reflect those of other users or any institutions associated with Fate/Grand Order.

The “fgo best bond ce 2020” is a list of the top 5 best bond craft essences in FGO. The ranking includes the most popular and highest-rated ones, as well as those that are considered to be worth crafting.

When compared to gacha CEs, bond CEs don’t get nearly as much love.

These CEs are often too narrow for their own good — and only work in very restricted circumstances. Furthermore, these CEs may only be worn by a certain servant, and the majority of them only have additional benefits while that servant is on the battlefield.

It’s often easier to simply place five kaleidoscopes on each party member and go about your business.

However, there is a tiny group of bond CEs that have absolutely incredible power – some of which even outperform gacha CEs!


The Promised Moment — Artoria Pendragon (Caster)

Castoria will be at the bottom of this list since, as of this writing, she is yet to be released in the North American version of the game.

However, since everyone and their kouhai are now saving for her, preparing for her arrival is a requirement.

Castoria’s claim to fame is that by looping their NPs, a substantial subset of Arts-focused servants can three-turn farm.

Some slaves may easily complete this loop, while others need a bit more assistance.

Castoria’s kinship CE is designed to speed up this process by increasing your party’s attack and NP production rates by 10% while she’s on the field.

Consider this: increasing your team’s damage while also returning even more NP charge to loop the following wave.

To us, it seems like a farm support!


4. Georgios (Rider) – What Is It Possible To Leave Behind

Fate/Grand Order Georgios (Rider) screenshot

Georgios should not be overlooked due to his low rarity.

He’s a go-to for solo runs, and if given the right encouragement, he can also be a superb team player.

Georgios’ bond CE grants the team one-turn invincibility as well as a three-turn Damage Cut benefit (after he is destroyed).

This is fantastic, and it complements his taunting ability well.

Taunt, withstand some tremendous strikes, and when Georgios ultimately falls, he leaves a parting present in the shape of some significant boosts for the rest of your squad.


Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster) – Tamamo’s Fan Club 3. Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster) – Tamamo’s Fan Club

Fate/Grand Order Tamamo-no-Mae (Caster) screenshot

At first sight, Tamamo’s CE may be ignored.

“Is there a 15% Arts boost in the whole party?” Skip! “Where is my 2030?” says the narrator.

However, in certain situations, this 15% bonus is required for successful runs during Arts three-turn looping.

Arts looping requires a combination of Paracelsus, Nero Bride, and Tamamo armed with her bond CE before the arrival of Castoria.

These shackles will relax significantly after Castoria is released in North America.

Depending on your NP levels and the Gold Fous you’ve implanted, Tamamo’s CE might be exactly the thing to get your NP1 servant looping.


2. Berserker C Chulainn Alter – One-Man War

Fate/Grand Order Cú Chulainn Alter (Berserker) screenshot

Skadi’s poor man’s supporter is C Alter.

A three-turn loop is a skill that hardly everyone has. A support C Alter will be your greatest buddy if you’re merely attempting to speedrun through the early Singularities without having a well-defined squad.

C Alter’s bond CE, One-Man War, increases his NP damage by 30% and provides him a one-time Guts (which allows him to resurrect with 20% HP if he takes deadly damage).

This C Alter’s guts, together with his other “Protection from Arrows” talent, make him a sticky Berserker.


1. Berserker Heracles – Snow Castle

Fate/Grand Order Heracles (Berserker) screenshot

Everyone’s favorite reroll target is Herc (after they got sick and tired of trying to reroll for Waver, that is).

He can dole out the punishment and stay on the field for a long period as a Berserker with outstanding defensive abilities.

A fully maxed Heracles with a C Alter support will steamroll the early game of FGO until you get to Camelot, when things demand a little more thought than “me hit red button”!

Obtaining Herc as quickly as possible using this strategy also reduces the time it takes to get “Castle of Snow.”

Herc’s bond CE, like C Alter’s, provides him Guts (the ability to revive with a set amount of HP).

However, with Herc, he will be resurrected THREE TIMES!

This implies that if you mix and match his dodge and other abilities, this guy will never die.

Many Bond CEs seem underwhelming in comparison to gacha CEs, or better suited to certain servants.

Herc’s CE, on the other hand, is ideal for this reincarnating powerhouse.

The “fgo best craft essences to level” is a list of the top 5 best bondcraft essences in FGO. The list is ranked by how effective they are at leveling up your characters.

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