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The Zodiac Age


In the world of games, there’s the Zodiac Age. It’s the name given to the idea that all games should be designed for a specific age range. So, for example, when it was released, Pokémon Go was designed for the Zodiac Age, and not everyone loved it. This got me thinking: What other games are designed for a certain age range?

The Zodiac Age is a new feature being introduced in Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s an optional quest that will be available after completing the main story on the main game. It will become available after clearing the game once. It will be added to the main menu, under the Story tab.

You’re born with a certain astrological birth date, and this age helps you understand how you’re going to grow up. Your “year of the dog” is a bit late — you’re definitely more of a bulldog than a poodle — but there are plenty of other things you can learn from the signs of the zodiac.

The classic Final Fantasy black mage is a typical damage mage class.

The same goes for FFXII.

So if you add a black mage to your party, be prepared for impressive firepower.

However, if you are expecting weapons other than sticks, this list may disappoint you. Because the most effective weapon for a black mage is a staff, with one possible exception.

Good equipment makes many battles easier. So, let’s look at the best weapons for a black mage.

And if you care enough to get the ultimate weapon here, your party will be unstoppable.

6. Golden Rod

zodiac age golden rod

We start with the weapon in the midgame, which already gives you +6 spell power.

The gold staff also has a mediocre offensive rating of 42.

There are not many special skills associated with this weapon, mainly because it is acquired relatively early.

But the dodge value of 8 makes him an excellent addition to your normally conservative magic damage dealers.

A permit is required: Dauben 4
How to get there: Located on the Path of Reason area in Miriam’s Stilshrine and on the Path of the Top in Mosphoran Highwaste. Bought from Mosforan Hiwast and Von Coast for 4,200 Gil. Also falls with a 1% chance of oil in the Miriam shrine.

5. Glacier bar

zodiac age glacier bar

Let’s move on to the next staff members!

The Ice Staff is a notable improvement over the Gold Staff.

His attack power is 38 and his spell power is +5.

Now you’re probably thinking: How is this an improvement over the golden stick? He has a lower statistic…

The biggest advantage of this staff is the increased power of the ice skills you gain with it.

Ice for strength can be incredibly useful.

Not to mention that this same power can take you through the entire game if you combine it with other power boosting magical items.

A permit is required: Dauben 4
How to get there : Located in Sector 5 of Special Operations in the Barheim Passage and at Junction B in the Paramina Trench. Bought in Mt. Bur-Omisas for 3,000 gil.

4. Makara

The Makara is perhaps the most surprising weapon on this list, as it is the only portable bomb.

makara zodiac age

To join him on the Black Mage License Board, you must unlock Hashmal.

This weapon is an improved version of the Vulcan hand bomb and is more powerful. He has tremendous offensive power 96.

But Makar is not easy to find in the game, so you will have to work hard to find him. But it’s certainly an acceptable option for a black mage who deals damage.

A permit is required: Makara
How to get there: Found in the Copania Phase 2 and Henne Phase 2 areas.

3. Prickly Pear

prickley pear zodiac age

As expected, the three most important weapons for black mages are staffs.

And the Rod of Judgment is a first-class weapon that will surprise no one.

The attack power of this weapon is 48 and the spread power is +7.

What sets this stick apart from the others is that it has a 15% chance of causing a block when hit. It can really save you if it works in a difficult situation.

This ability makes the Judge’s staff incredibly powerful. And it’s all the more useful if the staff are easily accessible.

A permit is required: Stavs 5
How to get there: Located in the Limatra Hills area of Phon Kost or in the Circle of Life garden in Tchita Heights. Bought from Fon Costa and Arhades for 5,300 gil.

2. Cloud staff

zodiac age cloud staff

This weapon is similar to the previous glacier staff in that it is primarily used to increase the element’s power.

Alone, he’s still very strong with 49 attack power and +7 spell power.

But the main reason why this stick won its place in our rankings is the combination of the power of the elements thunder, wind and water.

This can be an incredible long-term benefit that your Dark Mage can carry through the game.

And this is one of the two sticks that the three elements have for elemental power.

The flexibility you get with the Cloud Staff with this ability makes it an excellent choice for any Dark Mage build.

There are several ways to get this staff, but none of them are easy.

Your best bet is to go the bazaar route and buy it on the spot. And don’t forget that you can switch weapons if the fight calls for it, so it’s worth keeping that staff with you once you have it.

A permit is required: Stavs 5
How to get there: Found in the northern region of the Liawel Hills in the Serobi Steppe or in the Kaboni Jila’wa Pratii’wa in the Great Crystal. Can also be bought at the bazaar as a mystic staff.

1. Staff of the Magi

zodiac age staff of magi

And finally, we reach the top.

This staff is the best weapon of the Dark Magicians of the Zodiac Era.

With stats like 53 attack power and +8 spell power, it far surpasses all other Staves. It also gives +5 vitality.

Like the aforementioned cloud staff, this mage staff is the only other staff that has three elements for elemental power.

More specifically, these elements are ice, wind, and holiness.

The trick to using this staff for your black mage has to do with Sanctity damage.

Combining classes to give your Black Mage access to the Saint is the best way to maximize the damage of this weapon.

As you’d expect from an expensive weapon, it’s not easy to get either.

The ideal way to get it is through the Yacht Club.

And for such a powerful weapon, it’s worth it.

A permit is required: Staff of the Magi
How to get there: At the old road to Elanis in the Serobi steppe or at Sirhru Fullam Praavaa in the Great Crystal. He also has a 1% chance of falling off Oversouls. It’s also a Hunt Club award.You’ve probably heard of astrology, but the Zodiac Age is something different. It’s a theory that different ages follow different ways of life. In the Zodiac Age, people are born at different ages, and it’s during these years that they decide whether to follow a life of adventure and excitement, or to pursue a more relaxed, low-stress lifestyle.. Read more about final fantasy xii: the zodiac age pc sale and let us know what you think.